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by Katie Hammerbeck 6 months ago in comics



Rebecca gritted her teeth and squirmed futilely in Colin’s iron grip, her heart pounding heavily in her chest. He tightened his grip, nearly suffocating her. “Now now, don’t make this worse than it has to be.” Looking back at Jacob he said, “You know, you really should be more careful Jacob. Even the most beautiful creatures can be dangerous.”

“Get your hands off her Colin.” Jacob ordered. Without flinching Colin drew a switchblade out and held it at Rebecca’s throat.

“Not one more step.” He threatened. Rebecca whimpered softly.

“Alright, just…let her go Colin.” Jacob pleaded.

“Are you always this protective of girls? Even if they are the evil spawn of a murderer?”

Jacob stilled. So that’s why everyone hated her! Rebecca gave a small cry of despair.

“Aw, don’t tell me you hadn’t told him yet.” Colin taunted cruelly. Rebecca sobbed slightly and he laughed. “Sorry sweetheart, no one wants an evil creature like you.” Colin whispered in her ear. She cringed at his voice and stared at the ground, not wanting to look at Jacob and see the disgust in his eyes.

“Rebecca, don’t listen to him!” She looked at him in surprise and a weary smile tugged at her lips. “She never did anything to you Colin. She doesn’t deserve…” Colin’s eyes flared in anger and pressed the knife harder, making a small cut and making Rebecca cry out.


“Never did anything? Her father killed dozens of women, and because of her one of them was my mother!” he spat. Jacob looked at Rebecca; she obviously never wanted him to know who she really was, nor get hurt from it. “She even tried to finish his work by trying to get to me!”

“No…” Rebecca sobbed only to have him twist her arm more.

“What her father did has nothing to do with her. She’s kind and beautiful and would never hurt anyone!” Jacob screamed. Rebecca was shocked at his words.

“You’re as blind as everyone else. Justice demands she dies!” Colin sneered.

“If you dare hurt her,” Jacob said in a dark tone, his blue eyes nearly black with anger. But he wasn’t able to finish his threat. Rebecca refused to be helpless again and she bit down hard on Colin’s hand. As he yelled in anger and pain, the knife came away and she was able to slam her elbow back into Colin’s nose. He grunted, losing his focus and his grip. As soon as she was out of the way, Jacob took his chance and leaped at Colin, knocking him to the ground.

Jacob landed on Colin, pinning him to the cold gravel. He turned his head toward Rebecca and tossed her the keys shouting,

“Get in the car and get out of here!”

“I can’t just leave you here!” she protested.

“Go!” he ordered. She nodded and ran to the car.

The two young men wrestled each other, both determined to defeat his opponent. Finally Jacob managed to pin Colin to the wooden fence, hoping to hold on until Rebecca was safe. Colin’s eyes were hostel with rage as he snarled like a beast, furious that he couldn’t overpower Jacob. His gaze moved toward Rebecca as she ran for the car. He had come all this way and he was not going to let his quarry escape.

“Sileo!” he grunted.

Jacob yelled in agony and surprise as the dark magic pressed hundreds of pounds down on him, made him crumple to the ground, leaving him helpless.

Colin tore off after Rebecca as she was trying to get it started. But the engine wouldn’t turn over. Colin ripped open the door, grabbed her arm. Rebecca kicked at him only to have him grab her leg and twist it. The sickening crack and instant white hot pain made her scream, only to be cut off when he slammed her to the ground, her head cracking on the pavement. He then wrapped his hands around her throat.

Her world faded to black as she clawed desperately, crying out for Jacob.


Katie Hammerbeck

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Katie Hammerbeck
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