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Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds And Hugh Jackman Trolling Fans With Teasers

Reynolds' recent social media posts have fueled speculation on what the next Deadpool movie holds. What's really happening, though?

By Allie Z.Published 2 years ago 4 min read
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To recap. All of the promos thus far have had comedic vibes to them. Jackman and Reynolds even Rickrolled us by playing music over their discussion of Deadpool 3 moments before telling us about the movie. In all honesty, the social media post feels like a work to get fans tuned in. Of course, the lighthearted approach suggests something else.

With Disney bringing Hugh Jackman to the MCU as Wolverine, the studio has set the bar extraordinarily high. The announcement sounds like the actor is on board with a second tenure as the clawed mutant. This change, however, defies everything Jackman has said about closing the book on his most iconic movie character. Now, he may have reversed course. Nothing is preventing him from doing so. Although, the likelier answer is Jackman is back for a small cameo — one that concludes with Wolverine dead — and Wilson standing over his corpse.

One thing worth mentioning is that the duo promoting Jackman this early on seems premature, especially when news breaks of this magnitude tend to leak while movies are in production, not beforehand. The whole thing Reynolds advertised in his social media post reeks of a trolling.

The other reason a trolling gag sounds believable is the entire post-credits sequence in Deadpool 2 was Reynolds joking about different versions of himself. He shot the X-Men Origins version before Wolverine could decapitate him, put a bullet in the past Ryan Reynolds as he was reading the script for Green Lantern, and then in a deleted clip, insinuates killing Baby Hitler. Yeah, that one.

The point is that Reynolds is known for having fun with audiences. Hugh Jackman, too. Neither is a grump or stranger to positive fan engagement. So, the notion that the actors are hyping fans up for a joke sounds believable.

Deadpool Vs. Wolverine

Image Copyright: Marvel Comics

In all likelihood, Wolverine and DP will probably meet at the X-Mansion, likely in the kitchen. An argument ensuing over a tiny dilemma leads to an endless fight. Both possess healing factors, so the fight goes on and on. When the exchange feels like it will never end, the central antagonist shows up to blow up the mansion, disintegrating Wolverine in the process. Capping things off that way would suffice in introducing the clawed mutant to the MCU and allows Jackman to depart if his choice is that.

A bit of proof to back up such a bold claim lies in the joint video recorded by Reynolds and Jackman. They cut the audio to their dialogue, but a simple lip reading can determine they talk about an explosion happening and the two mutants fighting it out. That means an attack on the X-Mansion may be the motivating force behind Wolverine and Deadpool becoming allies.

Again, Jackman returning in a permanent capacity seems doubtful. The veteran actor is confirmed at least for one appearance in Deadpool 3, but the future is up in the air. Remember, Brad Pitt was the talk of the town when word got out of his secret cameo in the second movie. His character, unfortunately, met a swift death before getting to be in a single scene, ruling out any future reprisals.

Image Copyright: 20th Century Studios

Since the same may happen with Jackman when he returns, fans should take the promos with a grain of salt. They also need to consider the possibility that the actor will only cameo, similar to his First Class spot, which lasted five seconds.

The celeb pair could also be yanking our chains in another way. For all we know, Deadpool meets Hugh Jackman in a fourth wall break. One theory is the renowned mercenary wanders upon the premiere of a movie Jackman is promoting. Wilson fanboys out and approaches the actor mid-walk up the red carpet. That interaction could end in various ways, but Deadpool impaling him seems like a bit of dark humor right up their alley.


Image Copyright: Marvel Comics

On the off chance that Jackman is a full-fledged X-Man in the upcoming movie, audiences are in for a treat. The chemistry Jackman and Reynolds have offscreen is legendary. Their pranks on each other more than anything suggest that they will play well on a long journey. The question is, what is Wolverine doing there? The most predictable answer is as a member of X-Force. Multiple comics have featured Wolverine as an occasional teammate, alongside Wade Wilson, making the theory sound plausible. A more intriguing setup would be as follows, though.

In case anyone forgot, Colossus mentioned that the X-Mansion blows up every few years. He speaks of it casually as though death is of no consequence to him. Assuming a similar situation happens at the mutant home, Deadpool may be the sole survivor of an attack. Wilson would, however, find one other survivor: Wolverine. They could then be at odds or become allies to find the people responsible. The latter would lend credence to the claims of X-Force actually assembling this time around.

Still, the question mark surrounding their adventure is worth delving into further. But to avoid traveling down the rabbit hole, only one other direction suits the pair.


Image Copyright: 20th Century Studios

The Weapon-X program was the experiment responsible for creating Wolverine. Scientists working on the project set out to harness mutant abilities, inevitably finding the ideal subject in James Howlett. His healing factor gave him the tools needed to survive the adamantium graphing. He went through the process, transforming into an unstoppable force. The success with Wolverine then led to other experiments, including turning Wade Wilson into the leader of Weapon PRIME for Department K.

Since the pair of mutants have ties to the clandestine group, it makes sense that their first mission together involves stopping Weapon X. Said scenario opens the door for fan-favorites yet to grace the big screen, as well. Characters like Omega Red and Mister Sinister, and potentially Sabretooth as well. All of whom would put satisfying to watch go head-to-head with the titular heroes.

Hopefully, one of those plots plays out in Deadpool 3. Of course, we wouldn’t be adverse to Wolverine hunting down the merc with a mouth or offering him sanctuary from authorities. Either scenario sounds like a laugh riot with Jackman and Reynolds partnering up for the ride.

Deadpool 3 releases on September 6, 2024.


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