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Crochet Cosplayers exist! And I got to meet her...

Sometimes it gets lonely being one of the few crochet cosplayers (that I know of) down in Atlanta. That's why I drove up to All Star Comic Con in Tysons, VA to meet Scarlet Stitch—another amazing crochet cosplayer! Check out my interview with her as we discuss how she got into crocheting and what led her to make crochet cosplays!

*This article has been transcribed from the Facebook live video that is published above.*

Crochet Cosplay: "Hey, you guys, it's Crochet Cosplay and I'm here with Scarlet Stitch! As you all already know, I'm from Atlanta and there's not many other crochet cosplayers besides ah_dorkable - did you see her Star vs. The Forces of evil cosplay?"

Scarlet Stitch: "Yes!"

"I ran into her in person and I was like, 'Oh my god! OH MY GOD' then I realized it was her and was like, Oh. My. God. It's YOU' and she was like, "Oh my god IT'S YOU." We were both geeking out over meeting each other. It was great to see her cosplay in person. But yeah, this whole weekend has been pretty fun and I don't know about your experience but I've been behind my booth all weekend in the Atrium area. How has it been for you so far?"

"I haven't actually gone to any panels yet. I think I'm going to one a little bit later on the Marvel Universe and the MCU. Other than that I've just been chilling and looking to do some shopping—which I shouldn't be doing because I'm a broke college student. I've been doing some cosplay stuff and I did some shoots and stuff and just chilling. We went to the after party Saturday night. Friday we kinda just went to bed so it was like the reverse, but yeah it's been a fun con."

"Yeah, I know Friday night I went to one of their parties and Saturday night I was like, "I'm going to party again!" and it just didn't happen, so it was the reverse. So, I'm going to ask you a couple questions—when did you crochet, how did you get into it and everything, and hopefully we'll keep this video about 30-ish minutes long, so let's get started!"

"So, first question is when or did you learn how to crochet from someone or did you use Youtube videos?"

"I was introduced to the concept of crochet when I was in a Girl Scout troop. We were working on our silver award which is a service project—there is a bronze, silver, and gold award, silver being the second highest cause that's how those colors work—and it's a 50-hr service project where you make an impact on a community. We were making stuff for a children's hospital and they needed baby blankets and the moms were like, "Oh well, we all have sewing machines because we live in suburbia, so here are the really expensive sewing machines and you can just use it." and I'm like, "I don't understand it..." so one of the grandmas volunteered and she came in and she was like, "Here, we'll like crochet" and I was like, "What is that? I don't—you're a grandma, that's what you do—I don't know how to do this..." My sewing machine at home was broken so I had no other options. She (grandmother) introduced it to me and I didn't get it but I was like, "It's crochet or nothing 'cause I can't sew." So I taught myself through Youtube mostly, then I was introduced through the troop leader and after that it just stuck. I was 'hooked.'"

"What was your first crochet cosplay?"

"My first crochet cosplay was back in 2014, so I had been crocheting for 2 years, on and off, trying to get into some like nerdy stuff. If you count my Hercules hat that I made in my Latin class as like a 'cosplay thing' cause my teacher encouraged us to dress up for presentations. I had made the mean lion which Hercules slays and wears so I made a little hat. But what I consider my first crochet cosplay—like full costume—was in 2014 Awesome Con in DC. They were trying to break the Guinness World Record for most costumes of superheroes in the same place. Spoiler—we didn't break it, we didn't come close, but it was really fun! It was on Capitol Hill, so I have pictures of me on Capitol Hill in my first 'scarlet stitch' cosplay—it was the whole classic look with the leotard and everything. I had even made her little mask thing—I had, like, cut up little pieces of cardboard and it wasn't even like consistently the shape, so it, like, flopped around and the cape just tied up and um... it was a time LOL. That was it—I didn't even go to Awesome Con itself. It was during my Spring break for school but it was Easter weekend and my mom is like, "Ya not... going to that con instead of a holiday with your family?" And I'm like, "Then let me be a nerd in front of our nation's capital please..."

"That's awesome! Do you still have the scarlet stitch cosplay or...?"

"I have it but I'm in the process of moving there to live at the end of summer for the next 3 years—maybe 5 years, we're seeing how it goes—I might continue some cosplay while I'm in school. I'm completely moving my stuff out of the house 'cause I don't want my old room to be a storage room. I want my mom to be able to use the room and I'm like looking at stuff and I can bring old costumes for the nostalgia I can also frog them and use them for other projects. So, she's in a box ready to be frogged with a bunch of other stuff. I frogged my Doctor Strange cape to make my cape for this weekend for my revamped Scarlet Witch."

"How many crochet cosplays have you made since Scarlet Witch?"

"I have no idea. I try to make a new cosplay for every day of the con. Say, well, in 2016 I think I made 16 cosplays and most of them had some crochet element if not completely crocheted. I would say it's at least the 20s maybe 30s. I'll have to count when I go home."

"Last question: do you have any future cosplay plans?"

"I have a lot, I want to work on Brigitte from Overwatch. I saw her and I was like, 'I want to do something insane' and make a full armor crochet cosplay. I'm thinking of making a foam base and crochet on top of it cause it's hard making sharp corners when you stuff it. I'm going to document the entire process so you can watch me be insane and cry over things not working."

"It was great talking with you and meeting up with another crochet cosplayer!"

"No problem! This was great!"

You can follow Scarlet Stitch on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Etsy! For more info, you can go to her website at

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