Chained by Social Flaws

by Monique Star 11 months ago in fan fiction

Maybe first impressions count, but it can put pressure on someone.

Chained by Social Flaws

I don't always socialize with people, but when I do, I'm the least sophisticated person out there. To other students who don't know me that well, that would seem uncharacteristic of me to imply. Wanna know a secret, though? I only appear what people call "emo" so I'd be less likely to be placed in uncomfortable social situations. What can I say? It's easier than explaining that I have a mild IDD (intellectual developmental disability).

Unfortunately, I can't escape everything. Case in point, three of my classes in school are classes that I share with this really smart student with glasses and a blue necktie. Logan, I think his name is. Maybe it's his intellect, maybe it's his good looks, maybe it's my curiosity about him as a whole, but he just stands out to me so much that it even reached the point where I feel this intense feeling in my chest whenever I walk past him. As you can imagine, I've developed an issue where I stare at him for too long at times when I think he's not looking.

It's not like it'd be easy for me to approach him, though. I'm not good at ice breakers, those who only know me by the emo reputation would get the wrong idea if I opened up to him, and he'd probably see less of a book-smarts person and more of comic-relief within me if I wasn't careful. Also, to make matters worse, he and his brothers live in the house next door to mine, but our schedules cause us to not see each other long enough to communicate if at all, so I know that he lives next to me, but he doesn't know I live next to him.

One day, I grew sick of being a coward, so I thought it would be a decent idea to talk to him since we both had school holiday. As expected, I was so nervous approaching the house that it felt like I was taking two steps back with every step forward. Since I was nervous, I brought a notebook and pen with me as a Plan B in case I fumble over my words. Once I finally approached the house, I took some breaths before ringing the doorbell. I was considering the idea that he wasn't home and that I should just run home. I don't know if it was fortunate or unfortunate, but I saw the door open and I caught the sight of the familiar nerd I had been thinking about for half a year.

"Excuse me, miss/sir/etc., was there something you needed?"

I was completely caught off guard, so I blurted out random stuff from my head: "Hi, I'm your neighborhood emo nerd who's obsessive over Disney and could really go with a slice of cake or a cookie right now."

I noticed an expression on his face I couldn't identify. I was almost certain he was considering spraying me with mace or calling the police or something. Quickly, I opened my notebook, pulled out the page I wrote on, and extended my hand to him before I looked away with a red face. I felt the page being snatched from my fingers and I heard him reading, which caused me to cringe a little.

"If you are reading this, chances are the introduction was far from pleasant. I don't blame you if you don't recognize me, but my name is y/n l/n. We share some classes and I live next door. I'm not the best with emotions or socializing, so I apologize if I seem worse than a clown. If you're not too creeped out, it would mean a great amount to me if we could at least get to know each other a little more. I must warn you, though, I tend to lose control of myself or remain quiet. Maybe I'll explain if I'm bold enough."

When I heard him reach the end, I slowly opened my eyes and saw him slowly grab my extended hand and shake it.

"My name is Logan Sanders and if being a people person was a class, it would be the only class I'd fail at. Also, I've had a silent fascination for a certain 'neighborhood emo nerd.' Maybe one who would hopefully have time to go to the bakery down the street with me today?"

I saw a smirk on his face and noticed he lacked signs of lying. I nervously nodded before he smiled at me and we started to walk down the street.

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Monique Star
Monique Star
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