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Captain Marvel v Scarlet Witch

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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Okay so we know that I am a very bitter person especially when it comes to debates about whose more powerful...literally name any hero vs Scarlet Witch, the answer more often than not for anyone with a shred of common sense is Scarlet Witch. But I thought I’d try to appeal to the rest of you with logic and reason...I will preface this with, we haven’t seen very much of Captain Marvel and I am aware that she will play a bigger part in phase 4, however so will Scarlet Witch so my statements at the end of this article stand.

Wanda didn’t have much screen time in her first appearance, in Age of Ultron she may have had a grand total of 10 minutes of screen time. In that 10 minutes she manipulated the minds of all but one of the original 6 Avengers, she ripped apart Ultron bots, and in a pang of grief wiped out dozens of Ultron bots with one energy blast powered by the pain of feeling her brother die.

What I hate very much about the MCU’s version of Captain Marvel is her arrogance. You have to earn an attitude like that and she just hasn’t earned it yet, I believe the intention was “well mediocre men are arrogant all the time so why not an actually powerful woman”...the problem with that is 1) shes not that powerful, and 2) that’s a level of forced feminism that’s just unnecessary. Her film certainly had good moments, and good femenist moments at that, it was just something that wasn’t necessary to the story line or to her character, and it just makes her unlikable.

Let’s take a moment to talk about Wanda’s performance in Infinity War, not only did she come flying to the rescue wiping out lots of ugly aliens, but she destroyed the stone that gave her, her powers (she proved in Civil War that her powers had outgrown the stone when she put Vision through 20 floors).

Nothing Captain Marvel has ever done (either comics or screen) or ever will do will be NEARLY as badass as Scarlet Witch tearing Thanos apart cell by cell. Feige himself said my Wanda could have single handedly killed Thanos. And just to preempt all the “but Feige said Captain Marvel is the most Overpowered hero in the MCU” ass kissers; he said this way before her movie was even released, ideas change guys also it was an easy way to get people hyped for her movie (or at least try). And absolutely nothing that comes out of his face is as important as what we actually see on screen. What we’ve SEEN is Scarlet Witch FAR overpowering Captain Marvel (sorry but headbutting your way through a spaceship isn’t nearly as impressive as forcing a being that is basically a God to rain fire on his own troops)

Here is the biggest issue, they failed Captain Marvel because they started her, in her very first appearance, at what they thought was overpowered. But the simple fact is Captain Marvel’s have no range or depth in either ability or intensity. They started with Binary and know there is nowhere for her to go, no room at all to grow. They made a mediocre comic book character an extremely boring film character. On the other hand since Age of Ultron they have slowly grown Wanda’s powers in both ability and intensity as well as giving her character depth and development, from her very first appearance. In her maybe 10 minutes of total screen time in Age of Ultron she had more emotion, depth, growth, and power then Carol displayed in her entire solo movie.


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