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Brittany Runs a Marathon - A Movie Review

'Brittany Runs and Marathon' incorporates several positive messages.

By Marielle SabbagPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Don’t give up now. Keep running to the finish line.

Running its way into theaters, Brittany Runs and Marathon is a 2019 film. A young woman decides to make changes in her life. Taking up running, Brittany doesn’t realize how much of a positive impact it has on her life.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is the right motivational film everyone needs to see. Watching this film made me proud. I started my running journey five years ago. The film’s subject matter was relatable. Give yourself goals and work to make a better you.

Jillian Bell conquered high achievements in her role as Brittany. Like her character, Bell lost 40 pounds from all the running. Brittany is a role model. There were some moments when I didn’t clash with her ideas. In retrospect, that’s the whole point of her character. Every viewer sees themself in Brittany. We can all make a difference.

The supporting cast has essential roles. Find people who are worth your time. You never know who you will meet when embracing new passions. I liked the bond Brittany grows with Catherine and Seth (Michaela Watkins and Micah Stock). While running, they find they’re not so different. Nobody ever knows what battles people face.

Lil Rel Howery makes a fun appearance. I like the roles Howery has garnered in movies since his breakout role in Get Out. He’s silly but has a good heart. Demetrius gives Brittany a memorable speech.

This film is not just about running. It’s about relationships. Brittany Runs a Marathon is about making life what you want. Bell and Utkarsh Ambudkay (Jern) were excellent in their interactions, sarcasm and all. Figuring out relationships is a whole different section of life. Find someone you respect.

To help evolve her running style, Bell practiced with a marathon trainer. Doing so made the running scenes appear genuine. Speaking of which, Brittany Runs a Marathon is the first film to allow a non-documentary film crew to shoot scenes in the New York City race.

Believing that Bell was competing in the marathon, runners kindly stopped to help Bell through the race when she was filming the climax’s complicated scenes.

Brittany Runs and Marathon incorporates several positive messages. Granted, we have seen these themes in other films. In his directorial debut, Paul Downs Colaizzo presents with a refreshing touch. He established the mood, making the screen brighter or darker to correlate with Brittany’s mental state.

Colaizzo enforced how to achieve goals with a positive mindset. The film portrays mental health as a top priority. Not happy with herself, Brittany makes decisions that improve her lifestyle. I cheered for Brittany when she finally stood up to her snobby roommate.

All body types are beautiful. That is the best quote from the film. Be happy with your body. We should all mind our own business instead of shaming others.

I used to hate running. Ten years ago, if I told myself that someday I’d like running, I’d laugh at the idea. Not now. I started running five years ago. I run almost every day on the treadmill or outside. Finding a passion is another essential priority. I never realized how happy I’d be following a run.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is based on true events. The actual Brittany O'Neill was satisfied with the finished film. The film is funny, incorporating a great mix of comedy and drama.

Brittany Runs a Marathon is now on my list of new favorite movies. It’s a feel-good movie. I highly recommend that you watch it on Amazon Prime.

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