Book Review: 'A Throne for Sisters' by Morgan Rice

by Ashley Wentz about a year ago in literature

Alert: May Contain Spoilers

Book Review: 'A Throne for Sisters' by Morgan Rice

This book is just the beginning of a most intriguing series written by Morgan Rice, an author that I had never heard of before seeing this book pop up in an email from BookBub and downloaded after reading the synopsis and of course the mysterious beauty of the cover.

The story is based in the city of Ashton following twins Kate and Sophia they may look practically identical but their personalities are polar opposites. Trapped in the House of the Unclaimed, an orphanage of cruelty, they hold the dream of one day escaping. Starting the book, it doesn't take very long to get to where the escape happens and a grand chase for them commences with boys from the orphanage working to catch them, not only under the order from the nuns but also the sheer pleasure of grabbing the girls and dragging them back to be put under punishment—more than the usual cruelty. You also quickly see that the twins have unusual powers: telepathy. They send messages to each other so they can run and hide in sync and also read the minds of others to be sure no one was going to round a corner and catch them. They are able to hide for a while till they try to figure out their life paths in life.

Sophia hopes to get into a ball that was happening soon and hoped to find a not necessarily royal, but still higher class of man to take care of her and hopefully protect her from the House of the Unclaimed. And she quickly develops a plan to get into the ball, no fairy godmother needed! She gets into the ball with a new identity and does indeed find someone that fits her plan and hopefully, it will all work out. We hope that she finds the safety she hopes for and it does work out for a while until she forgets to hide the mark of the House of the Unclaimed and is sent away. She is punished by the orphanage for running away and sold to the highest bidder to pay off the debt of her life.

Kate has a very different plan for life. At first, she goes to try and join the soldier forces but is turned away for being a female. She hears of a warrior that found ultimate strength from a fountain in a forest and she sets off to find it. Caught trying to steal a knife from a blacksmith's shop, she has to stay to pay off the debt of a broken window and actually does enjoy the work thinking of being an apprentice to the blacksmith. She still tries to find the fountain, and does find it though unexpectedly. It is under the watch of a dark witch woman who strikes a bargain with Kate to help her become powerful, more than she ever dreamed, and to be a deadly weapon never to again feel helpless. Kate agrees and moves forward with the witch to train.

The sisters do still find each other periodically and have the ultimate plan to inevitably end their paths together, even though the journey to the end takes them apart. You feel a soul and ache for the sisters as they make friends and more enemies. You find yourself rooting for them at every turn.

The writing of the book is very well done and though it isn't a very long book in itself. I am pleased with the beginning of this interesting series and I will definitely be continuing this series. And I will definitely take a chance on other writings from Morgan Rice.

Ashley Wentz
Ashley Wentz
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