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Doctor Who

By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

David Tennant is one of the best Doctors to ever hold the title now that means that he has many incredible episodes during his run of Doctor Who. But of course I have some favorites so here we go with my favorite David Tennant episodes of Doctor Who.

2.3 School Reunion

I mean this one is one the list for obvious reasons. If you have been a Doctor Who fan for a long time then having Sarah Jane and K9 in the episode was nostalgic and wonderful. And if you are a newer member of the fandom then really just watching Rose interact with a past companion was really emotional. You get to see more of the Doctor's depth and emotions when he has to leave someone behind and you also really get to see 10s love for Rose.

2.4 The Girl in the Fireplace

Watching Rose be super jealous is actually a great watch. I really love this episode, the story is so well crafted and it is a lot more about the magic and hope that the Doctor brings than anything else. Yes we know he flies around saving people through time and space but in this episode (long before Amy) we see a young girl holding onto the hope of the Doctor and I think that is really important.

2.8/2.9 The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit

Talk about the Doctor’s love for Rose. This two parter shows their affection for each other I think more than any other episodes do. Including their reunion, including him not saying I Love You. These episodes are where we see their fire for each other. “Oh she knows” is so much more heartbreaking to me than hearing TenTwo whisper to her.

2.12/2.13 Army of Ghosts/Doomsday

Incredible. Heartbreaking. Wildly upsetting.

3.2 The Shakespeare Code

Now on my first watch through and also on my rewatch, I really wasn’t a fan of Martha. The audience is still grieving Rose and Martha is trying to make moves on the Doctor, I’ve just always hated it. That said I really love this episode, his love for Rose is so prevalent here and I love the episodes where they visit iconic people of history.

3.10 Blink

Our first encounter with the weeping angels is actually terrifying. This episode is very interesting because it doesn’t actually center the Doctor. He’s definitely in it and we get plenty of him but the episode actually centers on Sally Sparrow. She is the focal point and The Doctor acts as kind of a narrator to help her (and us) understand this new villain.

4.2 The Fires of Pompeii

We finally get to Donna (who is definitely 10s best companion) and we come out the gate very emotional. Now obviously we know this episode is going to be devastating from the beginning, but watching it unfold is seriously well done. Anytime we see the Doctor have to reconcile with the fact that he can’t save everyone it's a great reflection of the writing.

4.12/4.13 The Stolen Earth/Journey’s End

Doctor Donna! Rose! So many amazing things happen in this episode. It is so beautiful and a wildly heartbreaking goodbye to Donna, a bittersweet goodbye to Rose and an even more heartbreaking goodbye to the tenth Doctor. These are definitely two of the most wonderfully written episodes of the new Who series.

David Tennant is definitely one of my favorite Doctors, I would definitely rewatch more if his storylines didn’t rip me apart inside every single time I watched them. The writing is good for the most part, but I feel like this era of Doctor Who had a lot more mediocre and straight up bad episodes than some of the other Doctors.

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