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Best Funko Pop! Collectibles

by Geeks Staff 7 years ago in list / collectibles / product review / pop culture
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The best Funko Pop! figurines can make or break any collection.

Funko LLC sells over $30 million worth of Pop! action figures a year. Some action figures and collectibles trade for over 10 times their original cost in the secondary market. Funko was founded as a Bobblehead company in 1998 by Mike Becker. In 2005, Becker sold Funko to its current owner, Brian Mariotti, who set his sights toward rapid growth in the licensed gift and novelty world. Funko currently holds more than 150 licenses including, but not limited to: Marvel, Hasbro, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, DC Comics, and Disney. Designed for fans of all ages, Funko Pop! has something for every geek.

Part of a collection of exceptionally designed characters, this 3 3/4 inch figure will be happy to join your family. The “self-proclaimed girlfriend of Batman’s most maniacal nemesis” can be displayed for all to see. Adorned in her red and black ensemble, with weapon in hand, this former psychiatrist is ready for some new patients, but beware!

This adorable figurine stands 3 3/4 inches tall and is perfect for any fan of A Clockwork Orange. It comes in a window display box so any admirers can look, but not touch. Cleverly designed with a stylish bowler hat and matching black cane, this wide-eyed character is part of the A Clockwork Orange Funko collection and a welcomed addition to your personal collection.

If you want to bring home some of the awesome horror from the film Saw, this Billy vinyl figure is the perfect way to do it. Jigsaw’s creepy creation is meticulously dressed in his black tuxedo, stylish red bow tie; with red eyes blazing, he is sure to enhance your nightmares. Standing proud at 3 3/4 inches tall, this little guy is a perfect gift for anyone who loved the movie. Good for ages five and up, he is guaranteed to give the creeps to all those who meet him. Just make sure he doesn’t come to life!

This frightening figure looks like she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Artistically created with life-like vomit adorning her face and nightgown, she is a creepy addition to your collection. The Exorcist is just as scary today as when it first came out in 1973 and now she has been given the Funko treatment; every fan and collector is certainly happy about that.

No true collection is complete without the Mother of Dragons. From the Game of Thrones series at FunKo comes the Daenerys Targaryen figure. This figurine expertly depicts the Khaleesi's unique appearance, from the braids in her hair to her Dothraki gear. She even comes with her fiercely detailed green dragon Rhaegal, who sits perched on her right arm. This figure is a must own for FunKo collectors and Game of Thrones fans alike.

Inspired by Disney and the exciting Marvel comic series comes this large and in charge Big Hero 6 Funko Pop! This Baymax figure is one of the rare Funkos that have been granted the larger 6" treatment. He’s well-made and durable, making him perfect for young fans of the movie to play with and enjoy. Also, this figure is skillfully painted with an awesome pearlescent coat, which gives it a cool, shiny finish. This figure looks fantastic on its own or makes a cool addition to your Funko Pop! figure collection. It's perfect for the Disney or Marvel fan in your life.

Funko brings to sci-fi thriller fans the Alien vs. Predator edition of Pop! vinyl figures. As all true fans know, Alien vs. Predator focuses on a team of scientists caught up in a battle between the two species in which only the strongest will survive. No matter what side you find yourself rooting for, it's a lose-lose situation for mankind. But at least you can have your very own Predator Funko. The detail on Predator is first-rate—Funko really outdid themselves this time! The paint job is marvelous. The blending and detail on his face and head are near perfection, his body and stance are true to form, and his dreadlock-like hair adds the perfect finishing touch.

The Predator Funko wouldn’t be complete without his nemesis, Alien. This figure, also from the Alien vs. Predator edition of Funko Pop!, features the endoparasitoid extraterrestrial, looking like a true replica with scary teeth and frightening attack stance. Very well detailed, this is one of the most unique Funkos out there. If you're a fan of Alien vs. Predator, you can't go wrong. Funko has risen to the challenge of making a spine-chilling fiend like Alien into a cute vinyl figure for you to scare your family or coworkers.

The bride from the award-winning Quentin Tarantino movie Kill Bill, one of the greatest action movies to come out of the last 10 years, is now available in Pop! Vinyl form. This Beatrix figure, based on a character that embarks on a course of revenge against her mentor turned fiancé, has an authentic look. She possesses large, wide-set eyes, her signature yellow and black jumpsuit, and wields a well-detailed sword. When you see just how cool Beatrix, aka the Black Mamba, looks highly trained in martial arts and advanced sword fighting, you'll want to collect the rest of the Kill Bill line from Funko.

The Sheldon Cooper Funko Pop! vinyl figure is an instant ace to any Funko collection. This figure is especially unique because it’s inspired by the most popular character on the most viewed sitcom in America. This Sheldon Funko, the ultimate genius, comes in a "nerd-chic" Green Lantern t shirt, displaying his well-known adoration for the Justice League. He also comes with a yellow and red-striped long sleeve shirt, brown pants, and brown shoes. His head turns and looks like a genuine cartoon version of the real thing. Sheldon would be an awesome addition to supervise the rest of your Funko collection because as we all know, he is a vastly superior life form.

Based on Stephen King’s It, the scariest clown in horror movie history has been recreated by FunKo Pop! as a vinyl figure. As any true horror movie fanatic knows, Pennywise lures children in with the promise of balloons and then sprouts claws and fangs to devour them. The demented killer clown looks true to form with his scary teeth, freaky eyebrows, and scary clown costume, including the crazy red hair. With its 360 degree rotating head, Pennywise is sure to evoke nightmares. From the pointy teeth and clown makeup to the all white eyes and menacing pose standing ready to attack, FunKo nailed their version of Pennywise. Pennywise is cute in a creepy kind of way and a must-have.

Who doesn’t love Silent Bob? A man of few words who speaks volumes. The Silent Bob vinyl figure features an incredible likeness of the character created and perfected by the actor, writer, and director Kevin Smith. Silent Bob is the brains of the Jay and Silent Bob duo, and an endearing character. This figure bears a striking resembles Kevin Smith with the facial hair, jacket, pants, and shoes. FunKo proves again and again that they are experts in creating the perfect likeness to a character. Featured in cult classic movies like Dogma, Clerks, Mallrats, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and more, this figure is essential for all Kevin Smith fans.

Straight out of The Walking Dead TV show on AMC comes the Injured Daryl Dixon Pop! figure. This detailed rendition of actor Norman Reedus' character in an injured hunter mode highlights the moment where Daryl falls off a horse and down the side of a cliff. As with all FunKos, the detail in this figure does not disappoint—his facial wounds/blood, the necklace of walker ears, and the arrow that goes through his side all add an authentic touch. Fans of the TV show and even the original comic book series won't want to miss out on this FunKo figure.

Samuel L. Jackson's Jules Winnfield from the award-winning Tarantino movie Pulp Fiction has been given the Pop! vinyl treatment! Standing 3.75" tall, the contract killer is an excellent rendition with his signature black suit. The picture does no justice to how cool the figure is in person. From the afro to the sideburns, they nailed Jules Winnfield. Even the gun is beautifully detailed. When you see just how cool the Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield Pop! vinyl figure looks you'll want to collect the rest in the Pulp Fiction line from FunKo!

Add this FunKo Pop! Marvel Deadpool figure to your crew of villains and heroes. The hilariously intimidating mercenary does not look anywhere nearly as vicious in FunKo form, but he still leaves his mark. This figure is equipped with a gun in his right hand and a ninja sword in his left. Deadpool also features a red suit, body armor, wide stylized eyes, and amazing accents in his belt and holster. Collect this FunKo Pop! vinyl figure with other members of the Marvel universe. He is made from colorful and durable material, so he will be ready for action for a long, long time. Get ready for a remarkable collectible or desk accessory when you unpack this FunKo Pop! Marvel Deadpool figure.

Develop your collection with this Funko Pop! Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Groot Figure. Post him up on your desk for imaginative motivation and a pick-me-up, use him as a display on your car's dashboard to dance alongside you to your favorite song, or keep him in his box to maintain his mint condition. This dancing Groot vinyl Pop! figure will definitely enchant any admirer of the comic book-inspired blockbuster film. Best of all, this adorable bobble head doesn't need batteries to get down. Groot is perfect from the budding foliage on his lovable head to the bottom of his pint-sized pot.

Revel in the magic of Hogwarts with this Harry Potter Pop! vinyl figure. This Funko figure is an awesome capture of the boy wizard himself. Details include glasses, a scarf, and the Sword of Gryffindor. Bring a part of Hogwarts home! Add the "Chosen One" to your constantly growing Harry Potter collection and collect all the figures in the Funko Pop HP series.

This Pop! vinyl figure is perfect for fans of the classic 80s movie Gremlins and those who just love cute, furry creatures. This figure features a stunning sheen coating and all of Gizmo’s trademark colors are flawlessly placed. His tiny bulging eyes and rotating head are cool additions as well. There is nothing not to love about this adorable figure. Fortunately, this Gizmo is still darling even if you feed him after midnight... but try not to get him wet!

Do you love the How to Train Your Dragon movies? Of course you do, so why not build your FunKo collection with this FunKo Pop! Movies series How to Train Your Dragon 2 Toothless figure? This entertaining figure features the adorable dragon and resident of the Dragon’s Nest from the movie. It has an attractive design with a oversized head and piercing, soulless green eyes. His little tail, "broken" wing, and his little harness are great touches as well. This How to Train Your Dragon Toothless figure will make a fabulous present for fans of the movie.

This Funko Pop! Disney Series 2 Jack Skellington figure is an awesome likeness to popular character of Tim Burton’s classic movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. As one of the most popular characters in Disney's arsenal, this figure features a distinctive, stylized look, even for FunKo. Jack comes with a monster rectangular head topping a body draped in a dapper suit, signature to the character. This figure is durable, easy to display, well crafted, and tons of fun!

Sharknado—It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a shark! The Syfy channel's over-the-top made for TV movie blockbuster about sharks and tornadoes can at last be enjoyed in Pop! vinyl form! One of our favorite Funko figures, Sharknado is an entertaining conversation starter, featuring a shark in a tornado (in case you couldn't tell), to display on your desk or in your home. Made with vibrant colors and pointy, brash teeth, you won’t be disappointed with this Funko.

Make this Ariel Funko Pop! figure "part of your world." Bring home one of the most memorable Disney Princesses with this anime-inspired Funko Pop! Little Mermaid figure. This Funko can be used in water for those who want to have her in an authentic habitat. The figure features Ariel's signature pink bow, red hair, and teal tail flipper with big brown Funko style eyes. You can harmonize the Funko Pop! Little Mermaid with other Disney Princess royalty by collecting the whole Funko Disney Princess series.

Supehero fans unite! Get ready to be enthralled by this cool Funko Pop! figure from The Flash TV show, inspired by the comic book series. The level of detail Funko put into the suit is astonishing. In line with the show, this figure really stands out among the other figures in the Funko The Flash series. His suit is a skillful blend of two different shades of red, with gold detailing all around. His head is well sculpted to properly show off his face, mask, and eyes. Funko did an awesome job with this one, and it's a can’t miss for any fan of The Flash.

Perfect for "Die-Hard" Funko Pop! vinyl collectors is the Ant-Man figure. Ant-Man has always been a favorite hero because of his distinctiveness and courage. And with the recently released of the hit-movie, this figure makes for a great addition to keep your other Funko Avengers company. This figure is very well developed with spectacular details, including the ability to see his eyes through his helmet. We would definitely recommend that any collector or Funko Pop! fan check this one out.

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