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A human beyond the ordinary

By Dalmy AlvesPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Have you ever wondered which opponent Batman couldn't beat?

Well, even though DC has shown us a few times where Batman has been defeated, we've always seen him defeat foes with powers far beyond him being just a human, but an unusual human.

Batman disciplined himself to sleep only 3 hours, what about his physical skills? They are beyond a human, if Batman was a Marvel character I would say he took the Super Soldier serum.

And what made him so famous and feared even though he was only human and mortal?

He is the most prepared man in the world, there is no way to catch him off guard, in case something happens he has prepared a contingency plan for the entire Justice League, he has a plan to beat all the superheroes and villains, he is home to study and has an incredible intelligence, this is one of the most brilliant minds in the entire DC Comics universe.

He took years and years of training to be who he is, despite everything he knows how to kill emotions, not let them interfere in anything, he doesn't get too involved, even though we have also seen moments of sentimental fragility, especially when it comes to Damian Wayne and Catwoman with whom he had a love relationship.

Even Ras Al Gul himself admires the greatness of Batman so much that he offered him his place in his community of assassins, making him his heir to the throne, believing that Batman is the only one who can succeed him, incredible isn't it? Batman is an unusual human, not even Green Arrow comes close to his feet, even though he has the perfect aim that makes many believe he is a meta-human for his abilities but I dare say Batman is above him.

And I couldn't fail to mention Kal El, Clark Kent the Superman, Batman even Kryptonite has if something messes with the head of the Man of Steel, is there a man more prepared than him? Even the Batmans from other realities are very prepared, the Joker is always a stone in Bruce Wayne's shoe and he never eliminates him.

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In another reality Batman exceeded his moral code which never takes a life, ended up killing the Joker and succumbed to madness, it was something that the Joker believed that not even Batman would be able to overcome after crossing this line, and we saw what happened, he became the worst villain of the DC Comics Universe, the Batman who laughs that became a threat to all alternate realities of the DC Multiverse.

Even a cosmic entity he's become, we're talking about a version of Batman who no matter how much he's lost his mental sanity, is the most prepared of them all.

As a fan of DC Comics Batman deserves all this prestige and honour because there is a backstory to his whole story, how he lost his parents, how he grew up and trained to be who he is, exaggerations exist and this we cannot deny but he deserves it yes because as much as there are more powerful heroes it is the character of his character that captivates fans, There is no way to think of DC comics and not think of Batman, he is one of the first characters that come to mind thanks to everything he is, being a human, to readers he gives the feeling of being able to do whatever he wants just train hard, yes he is symbolic of hard training as well as Rock Lee is in the universe of Naruto.


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