'Back to the Future' - A Movie Review

by Marielle Sabbag 8 months ago in review

Whenever 'Back to the Future' is on television, I am immediately hooked.

'Back to the Future' - A Movie Review

Great Scott! We have to go back to the past to fix the future!

Back to the Future hit theaters in 1985. Marty and his scientist pal, Doc Brown, discover the power of time travel. Traveling back in time to 1955, Marty accidentally messes up his parents from their first meeting. Now, Marty must fix everything before a catastrophe erupts future events.

Whenever Back to the Future is on television, I am immediately hooked. This film is an adventurous, zany, and well-acted 80’s classic. I love stories about time travel. Not only does Back to the Future supply audiences with an incredible story, but also an important moral about being thankful for your family.

Michael J. Fox smashed his role as the teenage music-loving, free-spirited and agile Marty McFly. His hilarious reactions to realizing that he has time-traveled to the 50s, meeting his parents as teenagers, and just about every little quirk about Marty was brilliantly brought out in Fox’s performance.

Christopher Lloyd as the zany genius scientist Doc Brown has left a mark on history for his bulging eyes and stupendous comedic timing. Lloyd had the opportunity to play both his 80s self and 50s self. My favorite scene involves Doc doing everything he can to make the time-machine experiment work in the dramatic climax of the film.

Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd make the best duo in movie history. Their friendship is an example that no matter the age, you can make a friendship with anyone. They had great on-screen chemistry, most specifically when they are testing out the time machine for the first time in the mall parking lot.

Crispin Glover and Lea Thompson were terrific as Marty’s parents, both in the future and past. Now, that Marty messed up the meeting of his parents, his mother has feelings for him, trying to lure him in. Thompson was great, growing out of a shy young woman to taken chances in fighting battles.

Glover especially was outstanding as the nerdy and passive George McFly, easily stealing the show. If Marty never went back to the future, he would never have had this opportunity to see his parents in a different light. His interactions with George in the 50s era were endearing.

I don’t ever want to cross paths with Biff Tannen who was performed so graciously by Thomas F. Wilson. He put his acting abilities to the test to create a genuine bully who harasses his peers.

Back to the Future would not be what is without a fantastic cast of actors. To name a few supporting actors, Claudia Wells, James Tolkan, Wendie Jo Sperber, Harry Waters Jr., and the first film appearance by Billy Zane before starring as Cal Hockley in Titanic!

The time-machine DeLorean went through quite a set of dramatic changes over filming. Originally, the time machine would have been a refrigerator! The special effects for Back to the Future are outstanding for its time. The climax of the film is one of my most favorite endings that literally goes out with a bang!

The story is one of the most important aspects of the film combined with the well-detailed special effects. The music theme is a noteworthy ear-worm that gives the film the dramatic flair that it needs.

Aside from one plot hole that raises questions, The Back to the Future trilogy created an incredible mark in the world of cinema. The film was not easy to make according to behind the scenes stories. I believe that Back to the Future is an important film because we can’t take what we have for granted. Make your life worth living with your friends and family that you have.

Marielle Sabbag
Marielle Sabbag
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