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Astonishing The God, The Hunger Games Books Summary

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon about a month ago in literature
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Astonishing The God, The Hunger Games Books Summary
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The invisible journey from man to man. Journey and search for money all over the world. Journey to extraordinary and strange places. Miracles as ordinary events or magic. An invisible man.

In this modern fairy tale, Ben O'Keefe draws a man's extraordinary and enchanting path to find out why he is invisible. Like other myths or legends, he also faced dangers, the temptations of the flesh, and the advice of spiritual guides along the way. The question remains in the mind of the tent, why did he disappear?

Many literary critics have analyzed the novel "Astonishing the Gods" as deceptively simple. Precisely because it questions a world of uninterrupted questions, a world hungry for results, for the right answers.

The journey of the invisible man into the world of images amazes the reader about the questionable depth of the world of images, a world like ours where visual reality is so powerful and yet so deceptive.

The invisible character has no name and no real physical shape, so he can be anyone: the author has mastered the art of creating a world of ethereal words and images, where the landmarks of our world fade to make way for the unspoken. Truth and unseen reality.

O'Keefe's fictional character about the classical quest discovers that their identity is something other than his expectations. Not results, search, roads, processes. Not an answer, but the process of asking. Not what was expected, surprise. Because what we find in O'Keefe's book is something beyond words and images… and we never intentionally look for such ephemerality.

By Anastasia Zhenina on Unsplash

The Hunger Games Book

"The Hunger Games" is a 2008 dystopian novel by American author Susan Collins. The novel is written by 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen. He lives in the future and they are the post-apocalyptic race of Panem in North America. Capital wants to take political control over other nations and they are residents of a very developed metropolis.

The main story of the book is that The Hunger Games is an annual event where a boy and a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 are selected by lottery. And is broadcast on television to compete for death. The book has received rave reviews from literary critics and writers.

The book was well-received for its plot and character development. While writing The Hunger Games, Collins drew on Greek mythology, Roman gladiatorial games, and contemporary reality television for thematic content.

The novel won many awards and won the California Young Reader Medal. Also in 2008, Publishers Weekly named it "Best Book of the Year."

The Hunger Games was first published in hardcover on September 14, 2008. It was then published in the form of a paperback, an audiobook, and an ebook. The book had an initial print run of about 200,000 pieces by 2010 and sold about 600,000 pieces that year.

The book, The Hunger Games, has been translated into about 27 languages ​​since its publication and has been published in about 37 regions. A film adaptation directed by Gary Ross and co-written and co-produced by Collins himself was released in 2012.

The book Hunger Games has won many awards and honors. The book was named Book of the Year in 2008 by Publishers Weekly. The Docs New York Times named 2008 a significant children's book.

In 2009, the book won the Golden Post Award in the Young Adult Fiction category. Along with fantasy and science, a fiction-based book was The Hunger Games.

In 2008, Cybil won the Graveyard Bull Award. The School Library Journal named Dal's best book in 2008 and named it the Editor's Choice in 2008. The book won the California Young Reader Medal in 2011.

Not only that but also in the 2012 edition of Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine, The Hunger Games was listed as the 33rd best book for children with the "Most Exciting Finish" award. The novel The Hunger Games is one of the 5 best-selling Kindle books of all time.


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