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An Evening of Musical Mastery: Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley Live at The Regent Theatre

Attending this electrifying rehearsal concert was a privilege that I will never forget.

By Marielle SabbagPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

‘Love me, please, just a little harder. Together we can make it.’ - Yvonne Elliman

For the first time, The Regent Theatre opened its doors to a rehearsal showing of Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley before their big opening night. This exclusive rehearsal exhibited behind-the-scenes tales and refined their historic reunion concert on March 28.

The Regent Theatre’s inaugural rehearsal concert featuring the iconic voices of Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley was a musical extravaganza. As I settled into my seat for my first Regent Theatre experience, excitement mingled throughout the audience.

Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley, stars of the iconic film Jesus Christ Superstar (1973) reunite to sing a repertoire of classic songs. A friendship that’s lasted fifty years, the pair have undeniable chemistry, joking around and checking in with one another between songs.

I highly recommend that you research their stories before attending the concert. Elliman rose to fame with her soulful vocals and breakout role as Mary Magdalene in the original Jesus Christ Superstar. Similarly, Neeley’s portrayal of Jesus Christ in the same production captivated audiences with his powerful voice and commanding stage presence.

The evening’s repertoire comprises songs, ‘Love Me,’ ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart,’ and hits from Superstar, and Saturday Night Fever. Seven musicians joined Elliman and Neeley with spectacular music.

What truly set this concert apart was that it was the Regent Theatre’s first time allowing audiences to catch an exclusive glimpse into the rehearsal process. While watching the rehearsal, I was intrigued by how Elliman or Neeley patiently spoke with their fellow musicians. They reviewed several techniques to end a song the way they perceived it.

Yvonne Elliman, Ted Neeley, and musicians performing at the Dress Rehearsal for their upcoming concert

During the evening, the singers share anecdotes and reflections on their musical journeys, highlighting the importance of patience and practice in their pursuits. Slideshows are set up, flashing audiences back to when the performers started their singing careers.

One particularly poignant moment came during the performance of ‘Love is All There Is’ from the Robert Altman film “A Perfect Couple” (1979). Accompanied by a slideshow of images celebrating love in all forms, the music is a powerful reminder of the connective power of music and its ability to evoke emotions within us. This song is dedicated to the memory of Norman Jewison, the director of Jesus Christ Superstar (1973).

I don’t go to concerts often, but witnessing this soulful rehearsal has encouraged me to attend more. I have a newfound love for these songs, especially after witnessing the audience’s reaction. Audience reaction is one of my favorite parts. A woman sitting in front of me started the wave and cheered on the stars. Music brings people together.

After the show, a group remarked on how moved they were and even teared up. You never know how someone connects to a show, song, or singer. These moments solidified the evening for me, showcasing the appeal of the music and the undeniable chemistry between the performers.

The Regent Theatre provided the perfect backdrop with its intimate ambiance and superb acoustics, enhancing the overall experience. The technical aspects should not go unnoticed. Technicians create a rocking sound design and lighting effects with striking coloring. Fair warning, there are strobe lights during one set if that affects anyone.

Yvonne Elliman and Ted Neeley’s concert is on Thursday, March 28 at 8 pm at The Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. Attending this electrifying rehearsal concert was a privilege that I will never forget. Audiences are lucky to experience this concert in an unforgettable evening of music and memories. Have the best time at the theater and get up and dance.

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