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A Review about Once Upon a Cow of CAMILO CRUZ

The title of this book really makes me laugh. I don't know what kind of sin it caused but from East to West they pulled it out as an example too haha. It took me a while to laugh before I started to turn on the first pages.

By Thao Thao TranPublished 4 years ago 3 min read
A Review about Once Upon a Cow of CAMILO CRUZ

The book begins with a fairly gentle fable. There was a very poor family, living in a slumped house less than fifteen square meters. Their life completely depends on the milk cow in the house. For many years, the whole family of eight people relied on milk for their living. And what they could not expect had come, one morning, some inhuman had killed their cow. If I were to fall into that situation, I would definitely be scared because the only livelihood left would be.

But there are risks in luck, thanks to the loss of the cow, they are forced to find another way to sustain their life. Then they remembered the back garden and started planting seeds. Thankfully, the garden not only provided them with enough food but also plenty to sell to others. It is from this moment that their lives officially change.

At least the cow in the story is still visible, there are "cows" that, according to the author, did not call or crawl four feet on the pasture. It is the "cow" of fear, prejudice and justification in our brains. It makes us forever poor on the edge of that cottage.

What I like about this book is that it is easy to understand. The author breaks down the issues yet. If in the frame of a book more than a hundred pages, I feel quite satisfied. The author makes each point so that we have a look at typical "cows". Life is all things, everyone has their own job. And the "cow" brings the seeds of undisciplining and dependence on each of us.

For example, far from missing an appointment due to a family affair, going to work, forgetting homework, being late due to illness, etc.We always have ways to blame the situation instead of accepting ourselves. Camilo Cruz author said that if you want to catch a "cow", you have to shape it first. We must take the time to seriously think about our problems. For example, why are we often late, because we don't focus on what we need to do first and focus on too many things. It was almost time for the appointment to frantically prepare to arrive at the destination. Then how can it be soon.

As we grow older, we rebel against our own. I can't do this, I can't do that. That was for Mr. A to do, I did not give a lecture because I was afraid of the crowd, I could not write because I was a technical person ...

Each time, instead of finding ways to improve, we blame the situation. Once you get used to it, you are ready to blame your mistakes on others. I really like a quote from billionaire Bill Gates: "Born in poverty is not your fault, but dying in poverty is certainly your fault."

When you surrender your responsibilities, no one will naturally question you. But do not think you will escape if you indulge "cow" like that. Gradually the punishment will come by losing the confidence of others, getting used to lies and undisciplined. Of course, no court will ever punish you for lying. Because the "cow" has given you a life sentence of poverty and fear.

Getting out of the safety circle is not easy but it does not mean impossible. Someone once said that being successful and wealthy are much more difficult than lying and enjoying. That is why the rich only account for a very small proportion of the total population structure, but they hold most of the world's assets.

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