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8 Disney Characters Who Went Against Their Parents

by Tone Breistrand 2 years ago in list

Sometimes the kids know better... and sometimes they really don’t

Disney’s Mulan

We all know that our parents give us advice to help and guide us, and that they have our best interests at heart. That doesn't always mean that they're right, or that we agree with their way of thinking. Living up to the expectations of your family isn't always easy either. Here's a list of ten Disney characters who went against what their parents wanted from them.

1. Pocahontas - Pocahontas (1995)

Pocahontas' dad had her future mapped out for her, and everything was taken care of. He'd found a good suitor for her and planned for them to get married. Pocahontas on the other hand felt that life had more in store for her than that, and wanted adventure rather than a set in stone safe future. She dared to take the risk for the unknown, which led to her making history. For Pocahontas, her father's safe path was the wrong one, and she needed to find her own.

2. Quasimodo - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996)

His whole life, Quasimodo was kept locked inside by Frollo, his guardian, who instilled in him to stay away from other people and keep himself hidden. He told him he was too ugly for the world, and that looking like that was a crime. When Quasimodo met Esmeralda and had to make the decision of whether to help her people or not, he went against Frollo and did everything he could to support the gypsies. He chose kindness and to believe in the good of the people, and he was greatly rewarded with his freedom.

3. Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet (2002)

After the space pirates raids and burns his mother's inn, Jim travels to Treasure Planet hoping to uncover the loot that's rumoured to be hidden there, in order to rebuild the inn. Of course, his mom doesn't agree with his idea and considers it unsafe, but Jim sets out on his journey anyway. It absolutely doesn't seem like the best or the safest idea, and he faces his fair share of danger on the way, but in the end he achieved his goals.

4. Mulan - Mulan (1998)

In accordance with tradition and in order to make her family happy, Mulan's next step in life is to get married. This isn't her own ambition by any means, and she's not exactly what's considered "wife material" by the standards where she lives. When her dad was ordered to take part in the war against the Huns, Mulan took his place and pretended to be a man. This was an extremely risky move as it’s a crime that faces the death penalty, but the decision she made changed the history of her country.

5. Kiara - The Lion King 2 (1998)

Simba didn't exactly encourage Kiara to get to know the Outsiders, even though they're from the same family. Of course, this ends with her falling in love with Kovu, who is on a mission for the Outsiders. The mission is nothing less than killing Simba. Against both their parents' wishes, Kiara and Kovu form a relationship and choose each other over the disagreements of their families. It’s a great way to show that you shouldn’t judge anyone based on your parents’ doubts about them.

6. Nemo - Finding Nemo

Nemo disobeys his fearful dad and swims out to touch the unknown boat, to look brave and cool in front of his friends. This leads to a trip across the ocean, which pushes his dad so far out of his comfort zone it changes him for life. Nemo learned the hard way that sometimes it’s better to listen to your parents, but he also learned that there’s nothing his dad won’t do for him, regardless of how much it scares him or how dangerous it is.

7. Merida - Brave

Merida strongly expresses her disgust with her country’s traditions when her parents throw a tournament where the winner will get her hand in marriage. To show that she’s not a price to be won, she herself takes part in the tournament, and ends up winning her own hand. She couldn’t have foreseen that the crazy consequenses for this, and I think her parents were left wishing they’d taken their daughters own wishes into consideration more.

8. Remy - Rattatouille

Remy is a rat who admires humans and their love for food. He loves to cook, but this hobby isn't welcomed by his conservative dad, who thinks rats should stick to their old ways. He told Remy repeatedly to stay away from the humans and to be more like a rat. Luckily Remy didn't let that stop him from following his dreams, and ended up working with real human chefs in a restaurant. He achieved what he always wanted, thanks to being strong enough to go his own way, rather than following his dad’s ambitions for him.

What we can take away from this is that you usually know best what the right path for you is, but your parent always have your best interests at heart, and only want to help.


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