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8 Disney Characters Who Just Went With the Flow

by Tone Breistrand 8 months ago in list

They really accepted the weird things that happened to them

Jane from Disney's Tarzan

We know when we watch Disney movies that the stories are gonna be unrealistic, but sometimes the characters get their lives turned upside down and just carry on. It's funny when this happens in worlds that are otherwise quite realistic, and the character just accepts whatever the strange turn to their story is, and just go with the flow and go on with their lives. Here are eight Disney characters who took their twists and turns in their stride (spoiler alert).

Snow White - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

After living her whole life as a servant to the Evil Queen, who eventually tried to have her killed, Snow White escapes into the woods. She discovers a house where seven dwarfs live together, and decides to settle down with them and be their housewife. She's an incredibly easy-going person, and seems quite content with her new life.

Geppetto - Pinocchio (1940)

Geppetto is a kind and humble wood carver. After wishing upon a star for a son, the Blue Fairy grants life to Pinocchio, a wooden puppet Geppetto had made earlier. After a short initial shock, Geppetto is beyond himself with joy and excitement, and accepts Pinocchio as his real son without a doubt.

Hercules - Hercules (1997)

After growing up and living with humans his whole life, feeling like he doesn't belong, his parents finally tell him that his adopted. Hercules sets out to find out who he is, and discovers that he's actually the son of Zeus and Hera, and was born on Mount Olympus. Zeus tells him that he needs to prove himself a true hero to become a god and be allowed back to Mount Olympus. Accepting this is a surprisingly quick process for him, and he immediately focuses all his efforts on training.

Pacha - Kuzco's New Groove (2000)

Just a regular happy villager, Pacha expect nothing out of the ordinary to happen when he goes to meet with Emperor Kuzco after being summoned. Receiving the news that Kuzco wants to destroy his village to build a summer house, he's devastated, but the cherry on top is finding Kuzco, turned into a talking llama, on his cart when he gets home. Pacha's quite quick to believe that it is in fact the emperor, and decides to help him.

Lewis Robinson - Meet the Robinsons (2007)

The orphaned Lewis Robinson has his whole life worked towards one goal: to be adopted by a family. When his attempts to find his birth mom leads to him meeting Wilbur, who introduces himself as a time cop from the future, he is taken 30 years forward in time. As an inventor, Lewis immediately falls in love in this version of the world, and has no problems accepting that time travel is possible.

Gus - Cinderella (1950)

When Gus, or Octavius, as his real name is, is found in a trap in Lady Tremaine's house, he's understandably petrified. Cinderella gives him a name and clothes to wear, and Jaq immediately takes him under his wing to help him settle into his new life as part of the family. Gus spends no time getting adjusted, and right away accepts that it's now normal for animals to wear clothes and hang out with a human.

Jane Porter - Tarzan (1999)

Jane is eager for knowledge and interested in exploring, but I don't think she was quite ready for what they'd find during their research. She however handles discovering Tarzan, a human living among gorillas, quite well, and finds great joy in teaching him about her part of the world. She even manages to develop feelings for him, showing what an open-minded characters she really is.

Aladdin - Aladdin (1992)

Although Aladdin's life has indeed been eventful, it takes quite a turn when he in the same day finds both a magic carpet and a lamp containing a genie. He quickly realises their worth, and sees how they can both make his life a lot easier. He is immediately introduced to both their powers, and has no trouble adjusting to his new life with two helpers.

Those were eight Disney characters who handled sudden and unexpected changes in their life quite well. I'm not sure I'd do as well as them!


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Tone Breistrand
Tone Breistrand
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