7 Disney Shows That You Probably Forgot About

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Disney's history had several incredible shows that have apparently been forgotten about.

7 Disney Shows That You Probably Forgot About

The term "Old Disney" has popped up from time to time on Tumblr, and it's usually in reference to shows from the early '00s. Shows like Lizzie McGuire, Even Stevens and The Suite Life of Zach and Cody are often thought of as classic Disney shows. Now, granted these shows are 'old' compared to the current generation of Disney shows, but there was a time in Disney's history that predates actors like Hillary Duff, Shia Lebeouf, Aly Michalka and Dylan and Cole Sprouse. That time in Disney's history had several incredible shows that have apparently been forgotten about.

Disney, historically has had shows on various networks, and seeing at how massive of a conglomerate it is, that's not surprising. There were dozens of shows that were produced by Walt Disney Television going back as far as 1983 when it was formed in the first place. Over the years, they've re-branded and re-tooled the television division, but all of these shows fall under Walt Disney's massive umbrella. Here are 7 shows that you may have forgotten about.

'Eerie, Indiana'

Marshall Teller's family moved to the bizarre town of Eerie, Indiana. Soon Marshall (Omri Katz) discovers urban legends and creepy mysteries that he and his new friend Simon have to solve. Eerie, Indiana gained a bit of a cult following after running in syndication on The Disney Channel and aired on Fox Kids eventually gaining a spin-off Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension in '98. Originally the show aired on Disney Channel and only had 1 season. (1991-1992)

'The Famous Jett Jackson'

Jett Jackson wanted a normal life, even though he was a famous teen action star in the fictional show Silverstone. Jett (the late Lee Thompson Young) convinced the show's production company to move the filming to his hometown of Wilsted, North Carolina so that he could live with his father and great grandmother. While in his hometown he finds himself in several sticky situations that requires his friends to help him get out of. Several young guest stars appeared on screen including: Hayden Christensen, Britney Spears and even Destiny's Child as well as bringing in veteran star Eartha Kitt. Originally aired on Disney Channel and had 3 seasons. (1998-2001)

'Flash Forward'

Not to be confused with Flashforward, ABC's sci-fi show, Flash Forward tells the story of two best friends, Tucker (Ben Foster) and Rebecca (Jewel Staite), as they narrate their middle-school lives as compared to when they were little kids. Flash Forward focuses on each of the characters and how they interact with the world around them and the adventures that can be had as an Eighth grader. Originally aired as a preview on ABC, before moving to Disney Channel for 1 total season. (1995-1997)

'Brotherly Love'

The show follows the lives and interactions of three brothers; Joe, Matt and Andy (Joey, Matthew and Andrew Lawrence respectively). We meet the three bothers after their father has passed away, and they are all reconnected at that point as Joe, Matt and Andy are only half-brothers. Originally airing on NBC before shifting to the WB (now The CW), Brotherly Love lasted for 3 seasons. (1995-1997)

'So Weird'

So Weird was probably the creepiest Disney show I remember watching when I was growing up. It's basically a kids version of Supernatural or The X-Files. The show followed Fiona Phillips (Cara DeLizia) as she toured with her rock star mom. Fiona, in her cross country travels encountered several paranormal situations including alien invasions, time warps, ghosts, angels and even Bigfoot. All of these events she posts on her website called So Weird. Originally aired on Disney Channel and lasted for 3 seasons. (1999-2001)

'Smart Guy'

T.J. Henderson (Tahj Mowry) is a child genius, who moves from being a fourth grade student to being in the 10th grade and starts attending the same high school as his older brother and sister, Yvette and Marcus. The show revolves around the misadventures of T.J. as he learns to adjust to life with older, although not necessarily wiser peers. Typically, T.J. must deal with being a kid genius while also seeking acceptance while his brother faces similar teenage problems and is a proverbial underachiever. Originally aired on The WB for 3 seasons. (1997-1999)

'The Jersey'

Four friends discover a mystical football jersey that transports them into the bodies of professional athlete. Nick, Morgan, Coleman and Elliot (Michael Galeota, Courtnee Draper, Jermaine Williams and Theo Greenly respectively) each take their turns putting the jersey on and feeling as though they were any of the many athletes shown from: Michael Andretti, Donovan McNabb, Sergei Federov, Eddie George, Tony Hawk, Laila Ali, Peyton Manning, Shannon Sharpe, Sabrina Bryan, Junior Seau, Byron Dafoe and many more. Originally aired on Disney Channel with 3 full seasons. (1999-2004)

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