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5 Things I Love about Warrior Nun

A list of reasons to watch

By Spencer BarrettPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Welcome to the world behind closed doors in Europe, where a sect of religious sisters have been battling demons for centuries until a newcomer turns up.

You may have already read some other reviews about how Warrior Nun is dull, or about how the "Chosen One" (played by Alba Baptisa) is boring, but I've got plenty of holy ammo loaded to show you why you are wrong. While I agree that the whole "Chosen One" thing can be played out, a classic trope that generally adds little to the , It should not be the focal point of this series.

Here are Ten Reasons you should consider watching Warrior Nun.

Warning, Light spoilers.

1. Shotgun Mary

Yeah I said it, Shotgun Mary is one of my favorite characters to date in a show. This bad woman packs two shotguns, and we get to see her use them on more than one occasion. She dual wields, single shots, and uses it like a golf club to clock a people. She is intense, and purpose driven. walks her own path as much as someone of the religious faith could, but her morals are straight as a compass. has an interesting backstory, although they don't go into all the detail they could about it. Still, provides a nice tragic hook for this unconquerable heroine. Without a doubt, one of the best features of the show, but perhaps I'm biased from all the time with Gears of War.

(Speaking of, she would make a great character...)

2. Atmosphere and Iconography

Nothing speaks to setting a show like the atmosphere, and here is where I'll partially why the reviews above are wrong. This series flits back and forth from different emotions. It hits them all from flirtatious too cheeky to tense, and yes, at times it slows down the pace so you can actually get to know the characters. Ava feels not as a child on a joyride, but as a compelling character who although selfish has been a golden ticket and lease on life. She wants love and travel because everything is new to her. You get slow moments of terror, and tense quick fights because it runs the gamut. It's not everyone's cup of tea, if you expected to see awesome heroines fighting for 10 hours, then this is not for you.

Something that goes hand in hand with the Atmosphere is the religious and spiritual iconography. One would expect to see it considering the title of the show, but it's something I favor from already having knowledge of it. I love stories where religion is turned on its head and interpreted anew. We get to see new imaginations of angels and as well as what demons are or could be. The iconography fuels that imagination.

When we get to see demons (called Wraiths, which resemble red clouds with morphing faces in them) and the (an evil entity that actually takes physical form) we are allowed to feel a slow tension from their appearance, even Ava's fear, but not like the viewer is in control.

3. Flashbacks and Narration

I like Ava. I think that did a fantastic job, and the light narration of what she is thinking and feeling doesn't add depth to the show, but it does add breadth. It's not overdone, and does not come off as a gimmick. It's a consistent tone through the show and when the flashbacks are used to reveal a tragic flaw to explain why Ava is a certain way, the Narrative mindset allows us to step into that suspension much easier.

For one who has a harder time suspending their disbelief that they are a viewer of the action, rather than a participator in it ( through flashbacks and narration), the loss of control can be frustrating. For me, although not as vivid and rapid, it felt akin to Invisible Monsters, a novel by Chuck Palahniuk.

I think something to be about a version that possibly had no flashbacks or narration, but I enjoy that Warrior Nun has it.

4. Science

The interweaving of science and religion in the story feels The Da Vinci Code on the surface, but it adds some of the most depth to the show, and is something they will explore more in season 2 (I don't doubt they continue it.)

Jillian , played by Thekla plays a super scientist who is on the verge of some of quantum portal. her hope to open a doorway to heaven.

If that's not enough of a hook for you, I don't know what is.

5. It passes the Bechdel Test

This seems like a low bar, but still more common than you think for a series or movie not to pass this test, that should be simple enough.

The requirements are has to have at least two women in it,

who talk to each other,

about something other than a man.

Warrior Nun hits all those with an energy pulsed halo of power. The cast is almost entirely female with perhaps3 primary male roles in the whole thing.


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  • Melissa Armeda4 months ago

    Thank you for writing about this show! Love your highlights. Would love to hear your thoughts on Season 2!

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