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5 Family Movies to Watch this Christmas

Deck the Halls with Laughter

By Abdullah MasoodPublished 7 years ago 3 min read

So Christmas is coming around and now is probably the perfect time to watch a couple of those good old movies on the tv with your family or folks. This is a list of my favourite movies to watch over the holidays and since they are family friendly, you'll roll over with laughter as you watch these. Some are on Netflix, some on DVD or VOD, but nearly everyone of them is a fun treat to watch...

1) Home Alone


The original that started a 5 movie franchise, Home Alone is a classic for the ages, starting when young Kevin McCallister left all alone in his rather fancy house by his family on Christmas eve while Harry and Marv, a couple of rather dumb burglars try to break in and steal everything. It is quite a funny venture and very few comedies these days have total non-PC character which this one had back in the day. Some of the gags may seem a little stale with the times as technology and values are rather dated but still a movie to watch.

2) National Lampoon's A Christmas Vacation


One of my favorites actually. Clark Griswold is your typical family man that wants a proper vacation at home with his family on Christmas like he used to as a kid. He also wants a nice bonus for an entirely unselfish venture because that's how he is, round the block nice guy. But these plans get thrown to the sharks as he must deal with everyone of his relatives showing up and making his house their permanent vacation hotel. You'll laugh, you'll cry, as you see this hilarious family deal with their problems. It is actually film 3 of the National Lampoon series, but in my opinion one of the very best. Chevy Chase is truly remarkable as an actor in this and take my word for it, you'll not regret purchasing this. It's now out on blu-ray as well...

3) Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas


I always make sure to include a film specifically for children in these lists, but adults will also love this timeless classic. Dr. Seuss is the master of storytelling with classics such as the cat in the hat, and this is no different. There were several modifications to bring this to a feature length format in the film from the book, most notably the main character, Cindy Lou Who. Starring in the title role is Jim Carrey, who has become a household name in the field of comedy and is currently making a return on Netflix and the world of showbiz. The people in Whoville are opposed by the Scrooge like character of the Grinch, who has truly been wronged by those very same people and is wronged again, until the work of a young girl brings back the joy of Christmas to his life. It is truly a touching tale and one you would be remiss to miss....

4) Merry Christmas Mr. Bean


Ok this is a bit of cheating on my part. But how could a list of Christmas comedies be complete without the famous British sitcom character? Rowan Atkinson stars in this Christmas special episode of the famous tv series. Mr. Bean spends a day with Irma, decorates his house and even sets up stocking for Teddy and the mouse that lives in his house. His interactions with regular Christmas shoppers and rituals is fun and especially with Irma, who expects something special this Christmas day and is hilariously surprised. You need to watch this twenty five minute episode this Christmas.

5) Elf


Last but not least is Elf. This is one that is on HBO all the time near Christmas and why shouldn't it be? Elf stars Will Ferrell in the role of Buddy. A human abandoned for adoption, Buddy is adopted by Papa Elf in the North Pole. Growing up as a human is not easy though, he is soon too large for the workshop. But that's not the reason he leaves, he soon finds out his father is on the naughty list. Determined to bring him to the light, he goes off on a wacky adventures full of hijinks in the city of New York. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have a large, innocent elf in a modern day metropolis, well this is the movie for you.

So what do you think? As you sip eggnog and sit on the couch in front of the fire this day, do enjoy these wonderful tales of magic and delight...


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