5 Disney Plot Holes I Just Can't Explain

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Nothing's perfect, including magical stories

5 Disney Plot Holes I Just Can't Explain
Aurora from Sleeping Beauty

As a creative myself, it's quite easy for me to overlook plot holes and make excuses for them. Let's be real, it's not easy to create a whole different world perfectly, without missing something. It also annoys me when people complain about things that are unrealistic or people making stupid decisions. These worlds are already unrealistic, and we all do dumb things now and then, give them a break. For me, plot holes are things that don't make sense, even in the world that the story's set in. So when I talk about plot holes, it's because I find them interesting to think about, not because they bother me so much they decrease my enjoyment of the movies. Here are the five plot holes I'd like to discuss today. Oh, and of course...spoiler alert!

Aladdin - He was already a prince

To win the affection of Jasmine, Aladdin wishes for the Genie to make him a prince. The Genie puts on a grand parade, gives Aladdin a fancy outfit and sings a whole song about him being a prince... but when Aladdin eventually wants to marry Jasmine, it turns out he can't do it because he's not a prince. This might be the plot hole that confuses me the most, as I don't understand how the movie suddenly disregards what happened earlier. He clearly wished for Genie to turn him into a prince, and it counted as one of his precious wishes. So why was he not a prince?

Tangled - Mother Gothel should've known better

This movie is infamous for its many plot holes, so it's an obvious feature on this list. It's still an amazing movie, don't get me wrong. The plot hole I'll mention today is the fact that Mother Gothel only takes Rapunzel to stay in a tower in the forest outside of the kingdom of Corona, instead of seeking safety in a distant land. Staying this close to the king and queen, who you know will search tirelessly for their daughter, really doesn't make sense, especially considering Mother Gothel is a smart lady. As she also tells Rapunzel her real birthday, it makes it easy for her to pick up on the clue of the "floating lights" that appear on her birthday each year. Mother Gothel would've made things a lot easier for herself if she had taken Rapunzel far away from Corona.

Sleeping Beauty - All they had to do was wait one more day

When Maleficent puts the curse on Aurora to prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel on her 16th birthday and die, the three fairies take her to stay in a cottage, safe from spinning wheels and from Maleficent. They keep her there her whole life, up until the day of her 16th birthday. They then let her return to the castle and her parents. This, as we know, leads to the curse coming true. I never understood why the fairies took Aurora back to her parents the day of her 16th birthday. They had waited for so long, literally her whole life, so why not wait one more day till the curse was broken and it was safe to return? Returning on the day it was supposed to happen made those 16 years staying in hiding a waste, as the accident took place anyway.

The Lion King - Scar expects too much from the hyenas

It's clear from the first moment we see Scar interact with the hyenas that he doesn't think they're particularly bright or skilled. This makes it confusing when he, as part of his plan to take over Pride Rock, orders them to kill Simba as he runs away after Mufasa died. The hyenas, to no surprise, fail to carry out the act, as Simba gets away and they can't be bothered to follow him. This whole time, Scar trusts that Simba is dead. When he eventually returns as an adult to take back Pride Rock, Scar is surprised to see him, like it never crossed his mind that the hyenas could have failed. It's surprising that he puts trust in them to preform beyond their capabilities for something as important as that.

Snow White - No stranger danger

After everything Snow White has been through, she should know how to read a situation well enough to know that the old hag that came to her house was sketchy as anything. Her animal friends even try to warn her when the lady hands her an apple, but she still takes a bite out of it and gets poisoned. Who in their right mind would eat something that a scary lady oozing with bad vibes comes to your house and randomly gives you? Snow White really should've learned that she can't put her trust in just anyone.

Those were five plot holes that boggle my mind! What Disney plot hole is one you just can't get over?


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