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5 Artists on Twitter to Help You Forget Being Scarred By Your Trending Topics

When Ignorance is cruelly snatched from you, some good old avoidance tactics can save your day!

5 Artists on Twitter to Help You Forget Being Scarred By Your Trending Topics
Photo by Julie Laiymani on Unsplash

January 3rd was a doozy on Twitter. I think I was stuck on the Big Three Horrors for . . . what must have been two and a half hours. It was one in the morning, I hadn't showered or eaten yet, and I wanted to sink into a pitch black well and never ascend again.

Luckily, being a child who grew with the internet, I learned quite early on how to aggressively push back the horrors we can be subjected to so often on social media sites. A few years ago my tried and true method was submerging myself into "RIP Vine" compilations on Youtube and using hysterical, grating laughter to scrub away the impurities of this mortal world.

Now I'm a more mature, sophisticated adult. I devour Art Twitter and the occasional bottle of Stella Rosa wine. It's just like walking through an art gallery, but without the inconvenience of people or leaving your home.

There are some accounts I focus on specifically. Ones I love so much, I follow the artists and try to retweet and such as best as I can. Some are photography accounts and others are hand drawn- the latter will be the focus of this list today. So here is my small list for some of the loveliest artists on Twitter, who can make my heart melt like butter on a stack of waffles, who can bring glitter and beauty to my day with their hard work!

1. Geneva

Geneva (@gdbeeart on Twitter) is a wonderful creator, and the first I followed for 2-d content. "Hanging Stars" was my introduction to her artwork and I haven't been able to stop going gaga over her beautiful work. Her crisp lines, vivid colors, and excellent character fashion choices are always a delight to look at, making her the bright light to look for in dark scrolling sessions. You can help support her by taking a gander at her store (on a short break but you can always get email notifications for when it reopens): here.


Céli (@pianta_) came to me via a retweet by Geneva and I am so glad. I don't often get to look through her work (it doesn't help that for some reason I have yet to follow her, but that's just me being click-shy I think?) but from what I've observed it's all very rich in color, with soft characters fully enjoying simple pleasures- the kind of stuff that makes you feel soft to look at too, which is something I really need more of. You know what, while I'm talking, I'm just gonna go follow them, excuse me . . .

You can help support Céli at her Ko-fi!

3. McMoo

Moo, or Lee (@Moosopp), has a lot of very cute drawings of very cute boys . . . but I just obsessively check back on his page for updates on Marcus (sunflower) and Cog (shiny heart) because they are sooooo fucking cuuuuuutttteeee. The comics can go back and forth between them as teenagers or adults together, but I love them for the very simple fact that reading about how sweet their love is for each other makes my heart go swoosh. They make it a point to state that their main focus is mlm or nblm, so if you're icky don't bother them.

You can support them by taking a look at their patreon, or their Ko-fi!

4. غادة

I'm very sorry to this artist for the wonky way her name is set up, but I can't seem to fix it on here so please forgive me for that! Still, this wonderful creator is (@Ghadaaax) on Twitter, and her art style is absolutely incredible. Her detailed drawings, the special attention given to those details to make them smooth and absolutely eye catching, is inspiring. I personally think she's one of the best artists to do curly hair on this site actually. The impeccable shading, the color schemes, the expressions of culture . . . ! I could go on and on, but instead . . . why don't you send her laudits via supporting her work on her art store here? The store is on a temporary break but I think it'll be worth it for you to have her on email notifications so you can grab this stuff as soon as possible!

5. Iren Horrors

I'm a simple spooky bitch. I see spooky things, I click.

Iren Horrors fulfills my gothic art cravings whenever they so happen to arise, and they sate them exquisitely. Their focus on gothic, Victorian, and supernatural works is such fun to wander through, and their line work is fantastic. There's something about how the color palette always looks so . . . delightfully muted and dim, no matter the colors chosen. Come get your fill of witchy vibes from Iren, and support their shop!

There we have it, short and neat and sweet. When all else fails to distract me from troubles on Twitter, these accounts are surefire hits. Just because there's only five accounts here, does NOT mean that there aren't so many more wonderful artists to look over and see. Sometimes it's great to look up certain hashtags for artists like #blacktober, #PortfolioDay, or something similar. What are some great art accounts you follow? I'd love to know and check them out too!

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