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15 Twitter Parody Accounts to Keep You Sane in 2017

by Tai Freligh 5 years ago in pop culture / satire / social media / list

(or at least laughing your way to the madhouse)

With all the craziness going on in our lives, sometimes we just need to take a break and lose ourselves in laughter. Thankfully there are plenty of comedians out there on Twitter, parodying everybody from real life people like Chuck Norris and Betty White to fictional folks like Willy Wonka and The Godamn Batman. There are also brands getting the satirical sword and career-types like academics and authors. Here are our picks for the fifteen best Twitter parody accounts out there to follow to make your life better, or at least funnier for a little while.

1.Not Mark Zuckerberg

The controversial Facebook CEO has been the subject of social media backlash for a while now, but this Twitter account takes great relish in commenting on recent trending topics like fake news and the perennial privacy of personal data issue. The bio describes the account as, “My story is everyone’s story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy makes social network, girl and 1 billion others join social network.” A recent tweet said, “I will give you cretins every button under the sun except the one you want.” This was referencing Zuckerberg’s longstanding resistance to a “dislike” button. While the account hasn’t tweeted since December, there are almost 23,000 followers and over 500 tweets to savor.

2. Chuck Norris Facts

The man, the myth, the legend. Martial artist Chuck Norris may have had his peak acting career in the 80s starring alongside people like Bruce Lee and Louis Gossett, Jr., before playing Cordell Walker, Texas Ranger on CBS in the 90s. Around 2005, an internet meme was started which associated ridiculous feats of strength with the actor, like “Chuck Norris is not afraid of the dark, the dark is afraid of Chuck Norris.” This Twitter parody account was started in 2009 and has over 270,000 followers. With almost 5,000 tweets and regular updates, this account is a guaranteed chuckle.

3. Condescending Wonka

Willy Wonka, that pernicious purveyor of sweet treats from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, comes to life on the internet as a sarcastic commentator on everything from relationships to memes. The bio contains this gem, “Oh, you have swag? I bet that looks great on a resume.” While the account has not tweeted since August of last year, it has almost 500,000 followers and over 7,000 tweets to read through, with the occasional ad. Here’s a classic tweet from Condescending Wonka, “my idea of flirting is being as sarcastic as possible and seeing if you can handle it.”

4. Bored Elon Musk

Elon Musk, the inventor of the Tesla motor vehicle, the SpaceX rocket ship and more, is somewhat of an eccentric in real life. This Twitter parody account imagines what kind of thoughts the inventor might have during his down time. Some gems include this tweet, “Eye tracking blog platform that does not allow comments to be posted until entire article is read”, and this one, “News app that connects to a blood pressure monitor and adjusts your feed accordingly”. This account is immensely popular, with almost a million followers. While there are only about 1,000 tweets, the account tweets on a pretty regular basis.

5. Pharell’s Hat

Artist Pharell Williams may be best known for his breakout hit, “Happy”, but for a time, what he wore on his head was more popular than he was. Sporting a ridiculously tall hat in public inspired this Twitter parody account for Pharell’s hat, sharing photos of other people wearing similar hats or making comments about the ubiquitous hat, like “My mom just said @Pharrell reminds her of smokey the bear hahahaha”. The account infrequently tweets these days, even questioning its own relevancy with this tweet from January of 2016, “am I relevant rn?”. The parody account has just over 16,000 followers and last tweeted on February 12th, but there are a backlog of tweets to look at and get a good chuckle over.

6. Jesus Christ

The Twitter account for the Fake Jesus has 436,000 followers and regularly tweets about the news of the day, including the 2017 Oscars where he agreed with host Jimmy Kimmel’s assessment of actor Matt Damon, “If there is anything I agree with @jimmykimmel on, it's fuck Matt Damon.” Tweets have covered everything from the travel ban, “I'd come back sooner, but even I can't get through customs now”, to notable celebrity deaths like Gene Wilder “Gene just turned in his golden ticket, so we all did tequila shots. Because candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.” With 5,000+ tweets, you’ve got your work cut out for you.

7. The Batman

The angry and violent Batman is ripe for parody and this Twitter account serves it up with the right touch of hostility. At 433,000 followers, the account is a popular one despite not tweeting regularly and not having tweeted since a single tweet in January of 2016. The Batman V Superman movie from Warner Brothers was fodder for many tweets, like this one about Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor, “Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor head looks perfect… for me to crack against a wall." For a second, I thought Supes looked pretty badass. Then I saw Batman.” My favorite tweet was one about Batman Day, “It's Batman Day. Which is just like Christmas but with more brooding and Santa Claus breaks your legs for intel. #BatmanDay”. Despite the lack of regular tweeting, there are almost 1,300 tweets to scroll through and get a laugh out of.

8. Sad Paul Giamatti

This parody account for actor Paul Giamatti (Sideways, Cosmopolis) is one of the smaller ones at just over 8,000 followers, but it tweets regularly about being down and out, eating fast food and acting like a drunk. Tweets like, “buying groceries at the dollar store” or “Making eye contact with pigeons through the McDonalds window” are pretty typical. With about 950 tweets, you can scan through this one fairly quickly, get a chuckle and move on.

9. Rogue TED Talks Staff

This account is a parody of Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine blogger and journalism school professor. The bio alone is worth the price of admission- “Hyperglocal thinkfluencer and unthinker. Cofounder @ Mogadishu//ReinvENT unconference. CEO Mogadishu Capital Partners LLC. Not @DrJeffJarvis or @JeffJarvis”. The account makes snarky comments on tech stories, like one announcing the purchase of Pocket by Mozilla, with tweets like this, “Exciting! Can't wait for them to sunset the product, so fresh innovation can erupt in its place” or “40 Self-Promoters Under 40." With almost 23,000 followers this account is not huge, but what it lacks in followers, it makes up for in tweets…50,000 to be exact. So, spend some time, a lot of time, perusing five years worth of tweets.

10. tldrwikipedia

Wikipedia, condensed for your pleasure. These one-word snarky tweets are absolutely hilarious and spot-on. A pinned tweet goes meta as it describes a pinned tweet as “a pinned tweet is a tweet that is slightly less shitty than all of your others.” Tweets like these are spot on. The account has just under 24,000 followers and hasn’t tweeted in a year, but there are 380 quality tweets to savor repeatedly.

11. Shit Academics Say

If you’re looking for a super active and humorous account, Shit Academics Say is for you. With more than 237,000 followers, the account is very popular. They describe themselves as a social experiment. With almost 4,000 tweets to sift through on everything from academic speak, student/teacher relationships, and research papers, to brutally funny Google searches with real life results that finish the sentence on things like, “why do academics,” you’ll be entertained for quite some time.

12. Sarcastic Rover

Another super popular and super active parody account, Sarcastic Rover describes itself as “doing science on the red planet”. There are science jokes aplenty, as well as political humor. Take this gem of a tweet that is pinned to the top of the account- “REMINDER: Fleeing to Mars is not an option. You will die here. Stay put and fix your dumb planet. Do not come to Mars.” Dishing out saucy tweets to its audience of almost 310,000 followers, the account has managed to rack up almost 8,000 tweets.

13. Guy In Your MFA

Making fun of angst-ridden, self-promoting authors, this account is “repped” by Dana Schwartz (who also “reps” other parody Twitter accounts). Tweets are spot on and pretty funny, even more funny if you are an aspiring writer and have had thoughts like the ones mocked by this account. Take this tweet for instance, “Girls writing about themselves are a dime a dozen. Try being unique like me, a white 24 year old guy writing about life in New York City.” Other gems include this one, “Yeah, my mattress is on the floor. I guess I’m just too busy writing on scraps of paper and quoting proust to care about things like beds.” At 85,000 followers, the account is healthy and active, with more than 2,200 tweets to enjoy.

14. Elizabeth Windsor

“Queen of everywhere you’d want to visit.” This parody account for the Queen is filled with quips about British life as well as plenty of political barbs at everyone from David Cameron and Jeremy Corbyn to Donald Trump. Plenty of discussion around gin and pancakes like this sweet missive, “A day without gin is like...actually scrap that. One has no idea. #GinOClock”. Others focus on news of the day, like the Oscars fail for Best Picture. The account tweeted this out in response, “Text from David Cameron: “Any chance the Brexit decision envelope was handed to you by the same people who run the Oscars?”. With over a million followers this satirical account may be the biggest parody account out there and with close to 10,000 tweets to read through, you’ll waste hours of your life scrolling back through this one.

15. Fake AP Stylebook

At over 325,000 followers, this is a popular parody account with over 2,000 tweets under its belt. It is also a very active account describing itself as “Style tips for proper writing.” The account makes fun of the AP Stylebook, one of the mainstays of journalists when it comes to proper formatting on stories. A recent tweet made fun of whether or not a holiday should be capitalized and where to put apostrophes, “Like we did columbus day a few years back, just start quietly lowercasing pre’sidents day.” Another twitter missive gave advice on using active voice in a sentence, “Use active voice. “The living now envy the dead,” not “the dead are now envied by the living.”

Tai Freligh is a writer based in Huntington Beach, CA and can be found tweeting away @TaiFreligh.

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I write about entertainment and pop culture. My favorite movies are superhero or comic book movies...same with TV shows. I'm based in Huntington Beach, CA, but have been known to jaunt into L.A. Exclusive interviews are my jam.

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