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'13 Reasons' Recap Part 3

by Lena Bailey about a month ago in review

Oh My God

'13 Reasons' Recap Part 3

Justin is on the streets for five months and addicted to drugs. He's also been in touch with Jess. He hides out in Clay's room as Clay, Sheri, and Tony hatch a plan to detox him from drugs. While Tony and Clay are at school, Justin asks Sheri to get him drugs. Sheri says no and practices a form of tough love. Justin and Clay hatch a plan to take down Bryce. Justin listens to the tapes. He also looks at one of the pictures that was found in Clay's locker but knows nothing. He leaves Clay's house but shows up at school. He tries to talk to Jessica and she rejects him. He then faints when he tries to stand up to Bryce. Tony and Clay remove him from the school. Justin was at Clay's home when someone broke in and Clay's dad caught him. Clay's mom told the other lawyers that Justin was found so that he could testify. Justin also talks with Clay about how Hannah was always the girl he thought she was. The slut rumors weren't true.

Tony is on probation for beating up some guy. He is using boxing as a way out of probation. Tony tries to get out of the plan to detox Justin but continues to help. Justin goes outside with Tony when they get spotted by a car full of kids who go to school with them. Tony may have seen the guy he was beating up in the gym because he left pretty quick after seeing some older guy.

We see a fire outside of Marcus's bedroom window and someone running away. He also was the one testifying and doing the voice over for episode 4. Marcus lied about his interaction with Hannah making it sound like Hannah liked Bryce and used Marcus to get to him. Bryce gets mad at Marcus but Marcus said he was trying to paint a picture that makes Bryce not look like a rapist. In one of the flashbacks, Courtney called Marcus out on his actions. The Bakers' lawyer even told Mrs. Baker that Marcus may try to make himself look as good as possible. We see him head to the parking lot with a bag there and Tyler and his new friend looking on. The bag explodes pink stuff all over Marcus' face and we also see that "hypocrite" is written on the back of his car.

The first person we see testify is Tyler. Clay is there but leaves because he thinks Tyler is lying. Tyler was calling people out on their crap. Tyler may get transferred to another school because his dad thinks there's not much for him at the school besides Alex. Tyler voices his frustration about Marcus' testimony on Bryce and his friend reveals a plan to do something (maybe shoot up the school) and Tyler agrees. Tyler thinks even though Marcus lied, Bryce will still be king. After the Marcus prank, Tyler asks his friend if has he ever shot a gun before. He then teaches the friend to shoot a gun and is caught by a passer-by, and he later lies to his mom about it. But then his dad took Tyler and his friend to the shooting range. Tyler and his friend hacked Zach's iCloud and found some video the friend wants to share.

Ryan (the kid who published Hannah's poem) is fifth to testify. He lies just like everyone. Tyler gets upset over the lies and his new friends give him a way to mess with Ryan. He actually started to tell to the truth at some point in his testimony. He gets stood up and joins Tony and his boyfriend.

Chloe meets Bryce's parents, which went well. She lies to Bryce's mom about her bruises. She also tries to set Jess up with guys but Jess yells at her for it.

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