102 Drawing Prompts

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102 Drawing Prompts

Thinking of new things to paint or draw is hard, so let me do the thinking for you! Here are 102 prompts to draw something interesting and thought-provoking. You might even draw something that speaks to your inner being and ignites your passion for artistry once again.

Although, likely, this is a fun thing to do with friends to see what kind of weird and wacky drawings you all come up with.

1. How would a child describe war ?

2. What does your depression look like?

3. What does your anxiety look like?

4. What does your OCD look like?

5. How does your body feel when you’re happy

6. Draw the image of the lack of inspiration

7. Create the ultimate stick figure

8. Look to your left, draw the first thing you see

9. Fill a swimming pool up with something besides water

10. The medicine you take literally fights the viruses and bacteria

11. Draw the inside of a dog’s mind

12. Draw the inside of a cat’s mind

13. Draw a piece of toast

14. Draw an ice cube

15. Draw a melting wax figure

16. Draw a rainbow using only black and white

17. Visualize what your favorite song looks like

18. Instead of your reflection, looking in a mirror shows how you feel inside

19. Draw a flaming waterfall

20. Draw a wall of pain

21. That’s not a moon, it’s a…

22. How many weird objects can you put in the room of a hoarder?

23. One day, we’ll all travel by this invention instead of cars, trains, or planes

24. Anthropomorphize your favorite 5 numbers

25. Draw what your brain looks like in your mind

26. Draw the color yellow without using green, orange, red, or yellow.

27. A new underwater species was just discovered. Draw what it looks like

28. A new insect was just discovered. Draw what it looks like

29. Draw your hometown mascot as if it were in a horror movie

30. Draw your favorite movie monster as a baby

31. Instead of destroying the city, the giant lizard…

32. How does television really work? It can’t just be electronics.

33. Draw a bicycle.

34. Take the first two animals that come to your mind and combine them into one.

35. Look to your right, take the third item you see and combine it with a sponge.

36. There are cities that live on flower petals. What do they look like?

37. Draw the path of your life up to the present day. What obstacles are on the path?

38. Draw the saddest person in the world using only 1 figure and 1 object. No backgrounds.

39. Draw a kung fu master using only numbers

40. Draw letters of the English alphabet as playground equipment

41. Where does your mind go when you sleep?

42. Anthropomorphize your sadness, anger, guilt, fear, and joy

43. What would it look like if the character on the page had her own pencil that could draw from the other side?

44. Draw the phrase “I read everything.”

45. Draw a picture of your favorite cartoon character without using anything related to the character.

46. How does an ant express her anger?

47. Draw the dimension of consciousness

48. A French samurai walks into an Irish Pub on a Tuesday only to run into his old friend the ginger apple pirate

49. What does lying look like?

50. Reinvent the wheel

51. Draw a Disney Princess in an R-rated movie

52. Switch 2 characters with each other. One from a fantasy world and the other from sci-fi.

53. Draw the feeling of being alone inside a crowd

54. What would your family look like if their inner selves matched their outer selves?

55. Hell Froze over

56. What doe sit look like when you take on more than you can handle?

57. What’s chasing you through the Labyrinth?

58. Draw a Nature Bell

59. What would it look like if Pigs had a dinner party?

60. Draw the scene of a public park upside down

61. The Greeks and Romans had their gods. What would they look like in the modern day?

62. Draw a White Knight battling against an Internet Troll

63. Draw the island of your personality

64. Re-design the soda bottle

65. What happens between the panels of a comic book?

66. Draw a cyborg turtle

67. What do animals see when humans take them from the wild?

68. Draw a group of people where one of them is definitely the main character

69. Draw the bottom of the ocean

70. What does the smell of a good meal look like?

71. Draw what a blind person envisions when they go to concert

72. Draw a better version of a magic wand

73. Death is coming for you and it looks like…

74. Life is coming for you and it looks like…

75. What does the world look like to a newborn baby?

76. What would humans look like if we evolved from birds instead of primates?

77. Draw the visualization of your long-term memory

78. Draw a young artist facing her toughest foe yet, a critic.

79. A mug becomes a superhero

80. Draw the phrase “Drifting through an indifferent universe.”

81. What does safety look like to you?

82. Close your eyes and draw on the page for 30 seconds. Then open your eyes and finish the artwork

83. Draw some of your favorite superheroes as if their names were literal

84. Take one of your old pieces and re-make it in a completely different art style

85. Draw what the digital world looks like. Are the signals like roads? Or maybe signals get passed like a game of telephone.

86. Draw total relaxation

87. Draw total concentration

88. What does a social Labyrinth look like?

89. Draw you and your favorite animal together if you were the same size

90. Draw a disaster with an unexpected ending

91. What would the dominant species on Venus look like?

92. Draw how you saw your parents as a child vs. how you see them now

93. Draw the ultimate chair

94. Draw an ancient warrior who uses his words instead of a sword to do battle

95. Design an original cartoon character. Take an object or animal, draw some cute face and maybe some limbs on it, exaggerate its most recognizable features, and put your character in a wacky situation!

96. Draw an underwater city

97. Draw “A man named Alex standing on a cliff next to his sister, his girlfriend, and an ogre while contemplating the meaning of life” as vaguely as possible

98. Take one of the drawings you’ve made from this list and draw it reversed

99. Draw what love feels like from a dog’s perspective

100. Draw a basic image of either a figure or object by using negative space to form the image.

101. Draw your self-image

102. Draw what boredom feels like

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