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10 Reasons Why People Love Iron Man

by Morgan E. Westling 3 years ago in superheroes
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Whether it be his sarcasm, his sense of humor, his intelligence, or his relatability, there are many reasons why people love Iron Man.

When the Iron Man character was originally created, Stan Lee intended for the billionaire playboy to be one that everybody hated. His unpredictable nature and sarcasm were supposed to be something that fans abhorred, and his virtues were not (and still kind of aren't) necessarily in line with other heroes' at his inception.

As any fan of the superhero genre will tell you though, Tony Stark, the man within the Iron Man suit, is a fan favorite within the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) today. Whether it be because Robert Downey Jr. just so happened to be the right (iron) man for the job, or because the character gives moviegoers somebody they can relate to, it seems that, from the original Iron Man to Avengers: Infinity War, there are a number of reasons why people love Iron Man.

One of the reasons why people love Iron Man so much is because he is one of the few members of the Avengers who has no superpowers. This makes him incredibly unique when it comes to superheroes in general. While Stan Lee’s famous quote says, “With power comes great responsibility,” what it should say is, “With no power, comes even more responsibility.” Iron Man has a lot of pressure on him to save lives when he can’t depend on any superhuman capabilities. All he can depend on is his Iron Man suit to help him fly, his strength through battles that ordinary people wouldn't be able to handle, and a fearless nature when facing the many who would try to harm him, his loved ones, or the world at large.

Tony Stark’s personality is another reason why people love Iron Man so much. He is sarcastic and arrogant, but it’s entertaining to watch him bicker with the other Avengers. This personality shows through in many of the various roles Robert Downey Jr. has played on the big screen, and this persona adds a level of drama that people can appreciate when going to the movies. While sarcastic and arrogant aren’t normally considered positive traits, Iron Man makes these qualities endearing. In fact, he is extremely well-received by the ladies.

Being the owner and CEO of Stark Industries, it’s clear that Tony Stark is extremely intelligent. He created the Iron Man suit of armor under extreme duress, which was no small achievement. His intelligence adds a cool element to his personality, and is a huge asset to the Avengers team as they fight to save the world. This intelligence shines through so much, that regardless of his arrogance or sarcasm, he is a very valuable part of the team.

While each of the Avengers has a slight sense of humor, Iron Man is by far one of the funniest of the bunch. His dry sense of humor makes him lovable by fans near and far, even if his teammates don’t appreciate his jokes nearly as much as viewers do. Again, the sarcasm and arrogance that tie into his humor are what makes the humor that much stronger, and moviegoers can only appreciate what it does for Marvel as a whole.

People love Iron Man because he is one of the most relatable superheroes. Though he is rich and successful, he is an average human being with everyday struggles. He has panic attacks and relationship issues just like everyone else, and we get to see this side of him occasionally in the movies. We also get to see his relationship with Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which shows immense character growth from the beginning of his time on the silver screen.

As mentioned previously, ladies, in particular, love Iron Man. He is handsome, successful, very rich, and a superhero. What’s not to love, right? Not to mention, once the women get past his sarcasm, he is a very good guy with a lot of caring qualities. If he didn't have that basic human instinct, how valuable of a superhero would he actually be?

All of the reasons why people love Iron Man tie directly into what kind of character he was originally created to be, despite what was originally meant for him as a character. Ladies love him because he’s rich and successful, but he’s also rich and successful because he’s intelligent. Though Tony Stark may not have superpowers that are in the same vein as Scarlet Witch or Thor, the fact that he is rich and successful makes him stand out among other Avengers. He owns Stark industries, which is the home base for the Avengers and provides for a lot of the resources the team needs to be successful. Because of the funding that Iron Man provides, the Avengers are able to do what they need to do in order to save the world.

Iron Man’s suit of armor is one of the coolest parts of Iron Man, and it is definitely one of the reasons why people love him. In every movie, his suit seems to have more and more capabilities, and the top Iron Man armors will blow your mind. So even though Tony Stark doesn’t have any superpowers of his own to speak of, he is still one of the strongest Avengers too. This suit allows him to fly, blast opponents with a massive force from his hand, and makes him pretty much invincible to attacks on his person.

Despite his often humorous and arrogant personality, Iron Man is definitely one of the most loyal and caring of the Avengers. Though it only shows in glimpses when he is alone with Pepper Potts or a member of the team, he stands strong with his teammates and never backs down regardless of what success will take. He takes care of Peter Parker like his own son, and puts his personal differences aside to fight evil with the Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and others, despite the fallout from Captain America: Civil War.

Ultimately, the main reason why people love Iron Man (and the Avengers as a whole) is that he is unstoppable. With his teammates by his side, his incredible will, and the help of his suit, Iron Man can defeat anyone who stands in his way. He puts his life on the line whenever it is needed for the greater good of the free world. This is what superheroes and the Marvel universe are all about—standing together and fighting against evil in order to help others. People trust Iron Man to always stand by that, and that is why Iron Man is the best Avenger.


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