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10 of the Best Digimon Reimagined with X-Antibodies.

by Craig Arnott 9 months ago in list

With dozens to choose from here we will look at 10 of the best Digimon with updated looks thanks to X-Antibodies.

X-Antibodies are one of the coolest additions to the digital monsters

X-Antibodies are something only the most avid of Digimon fans will know about. Essentially it is a vaccine to protect Digimon from the X-Programme which was designed to wipe Digimon from existence. This programme was designed by the super programme King Drasil, as it struggled to cope with the vast amount of Digimon in the Digital World. To to protect the Digimon from erasure the X-Programme infused the Digimon with the X-Antibody. These new Digimon were first introduced in the 2005 movie, Digital Monster X-Evolution.

The film was only released in Japan, but in August 2020 it was live-streamed by Toei on their YouTube channel, although it did not have subtitles and was in Japanese. But this did expose X-Antibodies to more western fans and now they are discovery dozens of their favourite digital monsters who have now been upgraded by this new programme. The X-Antibody does not just alter the Digimon's physical appearance, but also increases their strength, defence and speed.

So with the Digimon holding the X-Anitbody increasing, let us look at 10 of the best newly powered-up Digital Monsters.


The trickster just got trickier

Impmon was first introduced during the franchise's third season, Digimon Tamers. This season saw the first shift in the character line-up and altered many mechanics used by its predecessors. The Impmon in the show is easily on the fans favourites list, so it was no surprise when he received an X-Antibody upgrade. Now sporting a long tattered red scarf and an eye patch, he even claims removing his eye patch will increase his powers. He has access to the powers of fire and ice and his attacks include;

  • Summon: Summons elementals of flame and ice.
  • Night of Fire: Attacks the opponent with flames of darkness.
  • Summon Chaser: Summons flame and ice elementals to chase the opponent persistently. It can be used not just for attacking, but for pranks as well.


The double-barrel wielding Belle got an devilish upgrade

The majority will have never heard of Bellestarmon as she has yet to appear in any Digimon fiction. She is effectively the female counterpart to Beelzemon and both do have an X-Antibody form. While Beelzemon is well-known to the western audiences and is a fan favourite around the world, Bellestarmon easily gets the better upgrade look. With her upgraded shotgun and large feathered purple wings, she looks like an angel out for revenge. She also has a large array of attacks at her disposal, which include;

  • Fly Bullet: Fires a "Fly Bullet" from the Rizoma de Loto that homes in on the enemy's vitals.
  • Double Claw: Stabs and tears through enemies with the knives stocked on the Rizoma de Loto.
  • Hurricane Screw Shot: Wildly fires the guns hidden in the heels of its boots with a keen Senpukyaku.
  • Fly Bullet: Segundo (Esp: Fly Bucket: Second): While the enemy's attention is diverted by the Fly Bullet, Beel Starmon robs the enemy of their sight with the jet-black feathers it shoots from its wings.
  • Distancia Cero (Esp: Zero Distance): Finishes the enemy off with a zero-distance shooting attack that the enemy cannot see.

Ophanimon & Falldown Mode

The angel queen is now at her ultimate state for both good and evil

Ophanimon has appeared in a couple of the series from the franchise and her 'Falldown Mode' form briefly appeared at the conclusion of the film "Digimon Adventure Tri. - Coexistence". Proving more popular than Serraphimon (her male counterpart), she was voted by fans to receive two X-Antibody forms. Both of the X-Forms have wheels, with Ophanimon X standing on hers and Ophanimon Falldown Mode X using them as weapons. Both are also extremely different, with Ophanimon being about grace and Falldown Mode X being about power. It is even said Falldown Mode X can destroy an entire army with one swing of her "Flame Hellscythe". Their attacks include;

  • Opaninmon X
  • Eden's Javelin: Radiates a beam of purifying light from its javelin.
  • Sefirot Crystal: Manifests ten crystals between its hands, in a Sefirot formation, and fires them.
  • Holy Material: Spins the Eden's Lance, generates a large number of magic circles around it and fires holy light, reducing evil enemies to ashes.
  • Ophanimon Falldown Mode X
  • Flame Hellscythe: Hunts down the opponent with its "Flame Hellscythe", which is shrouded in flames that serve as a weapon, then plunges the hunted soul into hell with hellfire.
  • Demon's Crystal: Performs a summoning technique that torments the opponent until they die.
  • Behead Slasher: A powerful slash from her "Flame Hellscythe" that can slice through anything.


With the power of the X-Antibody it looks like a divine Hō-ō of myths

Hououmon had a couple of minor appearances in the franchise, but in "Digimon Adventures Tri. - Loss", Sora's Piyomon/Biyomon finally reached her Mega Level. This allowed fans the chance to finally see this gigantic holy beast digimon in action. With the addition of the X-Antibody, it looks better than ever. Now equipped with 12 holy rings, it is so powerful even the strongest of the angel type digimon cannot stand against it in battle. The holy aura surrounding it is so powerful it even acts as a type of 'firewall' stopping a virus from attacking it. Its new holy powers include;

  • Starlight Explosion: Solemnly flaps its four wings, causing it to rain golden grains. It is said that those who suffer this technique have all of their wickedness purified. "Starlight Explosion" has become even more powerful due to the increase in its holy power.


The royal knight gets two X-Antibody upgrades

Another Digimon debuting in the third series of the franchise, Dukemon's importance in Digimon lore grew over time. He was made into one of the Royal Knights, charged with protecting the Digital World and serving King Drasil. Highly popular amongst fans resulted in not one, but two X-Antibody forms. The first being Dukemon X, where X-Antibodies were simply added to the original Dukemon's data. The second, MedievalDukemon was a version where the X-Antibody is part of its data coding. Both give different vibes and both look like knights who will fight until the end. Their attacks include;

  • Dukemon X
  • Royal Saber: Dispatches a strong blast of lightning from the Gram.
  • Final Elysion: Fires a beam which purifies everything from the Aegis.
  • Zeig Saber (Sieg Saber): Elongates the lance of light emitted from the Gram.
  • MedievalDukemon
  • Rage of Wyvern: Fires an attack from Dynas.
  • Final Crest: Creates a deadly crest that blast pure white energy


One of the seven deadly sins just got deadlier

One of the seven deadly sins, Laylamon represents lust and was one of the evil generals in Digimon Fusion. Willing to use seduction and beauty in her favour, she will stoop to any level to crush her enemies. But with the X-Antibodies, she is now even more deadly. With a younger body and more beautiful face, just clapping eyes on her makes you her puppet slave to control at her will. When she reaches her ultimate beauty her powers become that of a god and she becomes a goddess of death. Her attacks include;

  • Nazar Nail: Corrodes everything it touches.
  • Phantom Pain: Rots the opponent's body with a sigh of darkness. It is said that if one is struck by this curse, their data dissipates from the tips of their body and they suffer pain even in death.
  • Seventh Fascinate: Draws out power from the Crown of Lust to control others over a vast range. Digimon that have turned into its puppets have power drawn out beyond their limits, leading to their death after being controlled. Laylamon itself watches with pleasure as their lights shine and fade away in their last moments.


Magical source, mystic force! Oops, wrong show...

Sakuyamon was the first female Digimon to reach her Mega Level on a show. In the third series she captivated fans by her grace and beauty in battle. It was of little surprise fans voted for her to get an X-Antibody upgrade. With the X-Antibodies, she is now fully attuned to nature and is the master of the eastern Digital World's mystic arts. This great power gives her extraordinary insight and she uses the information she has gathered to strike her targets from the shadows. Her formidable powers include;

  • Kongoukai Mandara (金剛界曼荼羅? lit. "Diamond Realm Mandala"): Strikes the ground with the Kongou Shakujou, spreading a purifying barrier that exorcises evil spirits.
  • Izuna[2]: Attacks the opponent with the four kuda-gitsune carried on its waist.
  • Konohanasenki-Banshou (此ノ花戦姫万象? lit. "All Forms of the Plum Blossom Warrioress"): Turns all of the objects around it into countless shikigami, enveloping the enemy in a storm of flowers and annihilating them.
  • Uka-no-Mitama: Fuses its four kuda-gitsune, which possess power over each of the four elements respectively, into a single gigantic fox spirit, and summoning it.

Pegasusmon & Nerfertimon

The partners of the sky power-up

Okay, I admit it, I am cheating with two for the price of one. But this duo were a battling pair in the second series, Digimon Adventure 02, so I feel I can get away with it. Both remain arial masters, with Nefertimon X flying with grace and speed so it looks like bands of light through the sky and Pegasusmon X being able to reach the speed of light. With these forms, Hikari/Kari & T.K would not have needed new Digidestined to join them in their series. Their powers include;

  • Pegasusmon X
  • Rodeo Gallop: Unleashes a powerful blow with its hind legs.
  • Silver Blaze: Firing a holy beam from its brow.
  • Shooting Star: Creates the void of space inside both of its wings, and sends it out shooting stars.
  • Meteorizer: Exterminates evil enemies by charging from the skies at lightspeed.
  • Golden Square: Fires purifying beams from the crystals on its wings and forelegs.
  • Nefertimon X
  • Cartouche: Slaughters the enemy from all directions at a speed too quick for the eye to see.
  • Curse of Queen: Produces a red, high-temperature beam from the ornament on its brow.
  • Rosetta Stone: Summons a megalith with ancient inscriptions engraved in DigiCode to attack the enemy.


The dark knight (no not Batman) just went full on demonic

Axeknightmon was perhaps the highlight of the series Digimon Fusion. Being a truly manipulative and cunning villain, his power added to this and made him more imposing. So you wouldn't be surprised his X-Antibody form took his appearance to the next level. This new power has elevated his ambition to the point he now aims not only for the world, but even for a place among the Seven Great Demon Lords. Given how close normal Axeknightmon came to victory, this upgraded form would easily win. His attacks include;

  • Cruel Tornado: Crushes the opponent's limbs with a tornado created by its "Vortex-Spear".
  • Deadly Break Lost: Fuses its "Shoulder Blade" and spear together to form the "Cyclone Deathscythe", which it uses to split the opponent apart with a cross-slash.
  • Undead Soldier: Summons digi-souls he has defeated in battle to fight for him.

Angewomon & Ladydevimon

The good, the bad and the powered-up

Yes, I cheated again, but this pair represent the good and the bad of the Digital World. Yes, they are female counterparts to Angemon and Devimon, but that duo have not yet received X-Antibody upgrades. Being more popular among the fans, that honour went to the ladies. Both their X-Upgrades take their angelic and demonic forms to new divine and demonic levels. Ladydevimon X now has a familiar, like a true witch, which can paralyse anyone it's gaze fixes on. Angewomon X now possess multiple powers through the elements. Fire has the effect of driving away evil, the earth quickly sprouts and blooms, water purifies, and wind makes any Digimon it touches gentle. Their attacks are;

  • Angewomon X
  • Holy Arrow: Shoots a holy arrow made of thunder whose powerful lightning-strike is also known as "Heaven's Punishment".
  • Heaven's Charm: Crushes the opponent with a deadly cross of holy light which is packed with beauty and affection, and demonstrates its strongest efficacy against the evil powers of Digimon.
  • Grand Holy Arrow: Transfers power from surrounding elements and releases it as an arrow of lightning.
  • Ladydevimon X
  • Ende Brechen (Deu: End Break): Zerdrücken crushes the enemy's Digicore directly.
  • Gräme (Deu: Grieve): Destroys the enemy's body from within using its chain.
X-Antibody Digimon need more exposure!

As you have seen, X-Antibody Digimon look so cool and have some pretty amazing powers in contrast to their normal counterparts. It is a shame they have been so under-utilised in the franchise. However, the number of Digimon gaining X-Antibody forms is rising every year, so it is perhaps only a matter of time until they take centre stage once again. Maybe one day we will see a group of children chosen to save both the Digital World and real world with an X-Antibody twist for fans to enjoy.

Would you like a series of Digimon using X-Antibody form Digimon? Did you know about the X-Antibody before reading about it here? Which X-Antibody form is your favourite?

Craig Arnott
Craig Arnott
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