10 Moments Janis Ian Was the Hero We Deserved

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'Mean Girls' Wouldn't Be 'Mean Girls' Without Janis

10 Moments Janis Ian Was the Hero We Deserved

High school is that stressful place almost everyone has been to. While some seemed to find enjoyment out of it, a majority of us couldn't wait to walk out of the doors and never return. Someone who shared our desire to get out, but managed to have a little bit of fun in the process was Mean Girls' own Janis Ian.

Any fan of Mean Girls knows that Janis is that character who is devious, vindictive, and just as mean as anyone else at North Shore. The main difference is she is fully aware of it, and by all means has a good reason to be just the way she is. In addition to practically sabotaging the entire junior school year for Regina, Gretchen, Karen, and Cady, she managed to open everyone's eyes to exactly what was going on in girl world, and instantly became our hero for doing it.

Here are Janis' top 10 moments that show she was not only the hero of the entire school, but also the hero we deserved!

10. When she had so much hatred for Regina that she couldn't put it into words

"Regina George is flawless!"

But is she, really? After Cady meets Regina George, Janis pulled out all the stops, and told it how it really was. She shined a light on Regina's backstabbing and shady demeanor with no hesitation, and that was just the tip of the iceberg.

9. When she gave Kevin G a chance

"Can I help you?"

The introduction of Kevin G was quite hilarious in its own right, seeing how he's first introduced to Cady as the "math enthusiast / badass MC," but he reveals to Gretchen that he only dates women of color. Who knew Janis was who he was really into?

We see Kevin sort of pop into Janis' life, and in the end you see that she is open enough to letting him in, despite his nerdiness, and somewhat awkward rapper persona. She teaches us with this subtle action that the most unlikely thing might just be your key to happiness.

8. When she convinced Cady to spy for the greater good

We all have to admit that Janis has a point. It's easy to observe something, and say to yourself or to a friend, "man that is really wrong." But how many of us have the guts to actually do something about it? You can argue that convincing the new girl on the block to go undercover and spy on Regina to find ways to sabotage her life might have been just as evil, but in the end it did expose the truth. What should be taken from this is that Janis wasn't afraid to be that catalyst, and I think we can all respect that in some way.

7. When she went to the Spring Fling with Damian in matching tuxedos

Janis is one of those rare characters that knows exactly who she is, and doesn't make apologies for it. Despite being nominated for queen, she slicked her hair back and sported an androgynous look complete with a men's purple tuxedo and sneakers.

The moral of the tuxedo: You just go ahead, and have fun being you.

6. When she told Cady the truth

Any high school alum, or any female in the world, knows that just because someone is smiling to your face doesn't mean that they aren't stabbing you in the back. Although she was initially pushed into "The Plastics" by Janis, Cady didn't quite realize who she had become until she was called out on it by her true mean girl mentor. The basic mantra of a "plastic" girl is thinking everyone loves you, and everyone wants to be you, and even though someone might say something mean, they're just jealous.

Well, Janis put a stop to that real quick, and we all should want to give her a high-five for it. It's just a shame that she didn't do it sooner.

5. The fact that she has no verbal filter whatsoever

"What is that smell?"

Throughout Cady's transformation we had Janis giving feedback, and making snarky remarks the entire time, but that didn't come with any sugar coating. When it came down to Cady using some of Regina's perfume, she smelled like a "baby prostitute." When the subject of Regina seeming nice came up, she was a scum sucking road whore.

The list of insults just goes on and on and they never stop being great.

4. When she discovered how to crack Gretchen Wieners

Who knew candy canes could do so much damage. The evil plan to destroy The Plastics seemed to be failing, and the group was about to give up. After all, it had been a month, and all they'd done is make Regina's face smell like a foot. It wasn't until Christmas that Janis thought outside the box, and devised a new plan to get inside the head of Regina's top resource and ally, Gretchen Wieners. After all, how do you destroy an evil dictator? You cut off her resources.

"Say crack again."

3. When she found a way to destroy Regina's hot body

What better way to destroy someone's dream of losing three pounds than to trick them into eating Swedish nutrition bars that help you gain weight.

When Damian discovers the Kalteen bars at Cady's house, Janis quickly adopts the plan to trick Regina into thinking they're foreign weight loss bars, and that in order for them to work you have to eliminate the pounds and eat more carbs. It was dirty, sneaky, and just plain perfect. It's also a great way to make sweatpants the only thing that fits you.

2. When she told the entire grade that destroying Regina George was her idea

We learned early on why Regina had ruined Janis' life. The eighth grade rumor that Janis was a lesbian obsessed with Regina derailed Janis' path towards becoming "plastic," which arguably wasn't such a bad thing in the end. However, after the Burn Book was made public, and the administration called for a junior girls meeting, it was then that Janis chose to expose both herself and Cady to Regina and her minions, Gretchen and Karen.

It's not her fault that the rest of the school's hatred for Regina turned Janis into more of a hero than a villain. After all, Regina did sort of deserve it, and Janis finally got her revenge.

1. When she forgave Cady for becoming Plastic

"Then, I guess we're okay."

It might not have been the best apology acceptance, but it got the job done right. Janis shows us her devotion once again to her real friends, and can appreciate when someone is apologizing and meaning what they say. After all, actions speak louder than words, and Cady taking blame for the entire Burn Book and sharing her Spring Fling crown with others was a pretty big action to show your remorse.

What was your favorite moment from Janis Ian? Leave a comment! Just remember, all of this is only okay when I say it.

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