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I love movies, music, sci-fi, writing, and art. I'm a certified graphic designer and love to be creative as much as humanly possible. ⨺

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The 10 Scariest 'Are You Afraid Of The Dark?' Tales
3 days ago
Nickelodeon was a much different channel back in the 90s. Millennials like me who grew up in the decade no doubt remember the abundance of awesome television game shows, comedy shows, and shows aimed ...
Why 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' Is The Best Musical You've Probably Never Seen
5 days ago
Very rarely do we see the words "horror" and "musical" in the same sentence, but it's not something that has never happened before. After all, we've had hits such as The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Swe...
Let's Face It: 'Clue' Is the Funniest Movie You've Probably Never Seen
5 days ago
Audiences were first introduced to a film adaptation of the classic Parker Brothers murder-mystery game, Clue, back in 1985. Despite having a cast of comedic stars such as Tim Curry, Madeline Kahn, an...
'Star Wars' Is Totally a Girl Thing and It's Not Tough to See Why
6 days ago
It's a given that when the topic of anything "nerdy" comes up, the standard image that most people think of is that weird guy in the basement drinking unholy amounts of Mountain Dew and watching Star ...
The Scariest Thing About Modern Horror Is That It Stigmatizes Disabilities and Mental Illness
6 days ago
There is really no denying that the "grotesque" has always been an important aspect of the horror genre. In both TV and film, creators have played on our superficiality as a culture. Seeing a deformit...
10 Moments Janis Ian Was the Hero We Deserved
8 days ago
High school is that stressful place almost everyone has been to. While some seemed to find enjoyment out of it, a majority of us couldn't wait to walk out of the doors and never return. Someone who sh...