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10 Best Comedies on Amazon Prime

Want to stream movies that will have you laughing your ass off? These are the best comedies on Amazon Prime to stream right now!

By Penny NewtonPublished 6 years ago 7 min read

Comedy is easily the all-time best genre in the world of film. Everyone loves to laugh, who doesn't? These types of movies pulls you away from reality and gets you laughing your stress out. And there are so many awesome comedy films out there that you haven't seen yet. It's also pretty impossible to pick a favorite when there are new and funnier comedies releasing every year. If you ask me, spending nights on the weekend eating junk food and watching comedy films are definitely my kind of nights.

What better way to watch comedy films back to back than streaming them on Amazon Prime? Being a Prime member comes with so many benefits, and this includes streaming movies. There's a wide selection of comedies you can simply stream and watch instantly. So, if you're looking for comedies to watch while spending the night cuddling in bed with a bag of chips, then consider any of these comedies on Amazon Prime to make you cry from laughter.

If you’ve never watched Superbad, you’re missing out on one of the funniest comedies on Amazon Prime. Before high school seniors graduate, they usually want to do something crazy and completely out of their comfort zone. They basically want to party, just like the majority of graduating high schoolers before going into college—and that’s what Superbad is basically about.

High school seniors Seth and Evan want to throw a graduation party that involves a ton of booze and sleeping with girls. Because of how low their reputation is, it can be tough for nerdy high schoolers. And they believe the only way to be part of the "cooler" crowd is by throwing an awesome graduation party. However, through separation anxiety and two really bored police officers coming into the picture, this can make their mission a tough one.

It’s so many journalists’ dreams to explore diverse locations around the world. To experience different lifestyles and bring back stories to share with the country. But as for cable news producer Kim Barker, she explores a different lifestyle in Afghanistan in Whiskey Tango Foxtrot.

Barker takes on a daring new assignment that involves her going out into Kabul, Afghanistan. While she’s too comfortable in her lifestyle in America, she finds herself right in the middle of an out-of-control war zone. Luckily for her, she runs into Tanya Vanderpoel, a fellow journalist, who takes the shellshocked reporter with her. Through war and even nighttime partying, Barker finally finds the key to becoming a successful correspondent.

After being fired from his job, Jimmy Logan finds his one-armed brother Clyde and sister Mellie and teams up with them to succeed in one plan—to steal money. They’re not robbing a bank or a local grocery store, but robbing money from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in North Carolina. They’re also going to need special help from one expert, Joe Bang.

When Logan helps get Bang out of prison, he guides them to breaking into the track’s underground system. But then complications arise when a total mix-up forces the crew to pull off the heist during a NASCAR race. In the midst, they’re also trying to dodge a restless FBI agent from getting to them. Logan Lucky recently came out and it’s without a doubt among the best comedies on Amazon Prime to watch now.

For a comedy/horror film, this one is probably more on the comedy side. While What We Do in the Shadows is seen as one of the funniest comedies on Amazon Prime, it’s also a bit eerie in a way. And if you’re a vampire fan, I highly suggest checking out this film!

What We Do in the Shadows is about vampire housemates Viago, Deacon, and Vladislav who discover that modern life has them struggling with daily tasks and other human activities. This involves paying the rent, dealing with flatmate conflicts, and even attempting to get into nightclubs. So, how do old-fashioned vampires deal with daily activities? You’ll laugh your butt off when watching this film.

Among the best comedies on Amazon Prime, you'll probably die from laughter when watching Dirty Grandpa. It’s certainly nerve-racking if your marriage is one week away, especially if your father-in-law is your boss. And lawyer Jason Kelly knows the feeling exactly. With his marriage just a week away with his boss’s controlling daughter, he's put on the fast track to gain a partnership at his firm.

But then his grandfather Dick somehow tricks Jason into driving him to Daytona Beach in Florida. The bad-mouthed old man is looking to spend time at the beach during spring break with wild frat parties. Even though Jason is worried about the wedding, Dick attempts to show his grandson how to fully live life.

I cannot express how amazing, bizarre, and creative this movie is, but it’s seen as one of the best comedies on Amazon Prime ever. What would your reaction be if you were stranded on an island and found a dead body washed up on shore? What if I told you that that dead body can do so many things… and talk?

Yes, the Swiss Army Man! It revolves around young Hank, who’s deserted on an island, and has zero hope of surviving. In an attempt to commit suicide by hanging himself, he discovers a man washed up on shore. But… the man is dead. However, using the body to his advantage, Hank somehow ends up back into the mainland but discovers that he’s lost in the wilderness. But no worries, he’s got his talking corpse named Manny to be brought along in the adventure! Swiss Army Man is also among the top five weird, yet heartwarming films ever.

Hilarious, unique, and overall brilliant, The Lobster is truly a fascinating film that even slightly resembles to the Beauty and the Beast in a way... from my view. The Lobster revolves around David, who was recently dumped by his wife. And for David, he lives in a society where single people have until 45 days to find love. However, after the 45 days are up and the person hasn’t discovered true love… they turn into the animal of their choice and is released into the woods.

While David is staying at a hotel in order to search for a new lover, he decides to make a risky escape and leave this world. He also ends up joining a group of rebels known as The Loners, which is a group of single people who were rejected by romance. But then David meets a stranger who suddenly has unexpected feelings with him.

They couldn’t have picked a more iconic duo than Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson in Anger Management. Among the best comedies on Amazon Prime, this one’s an all-time classic that will always be hilarious. Anger Management is about Dave Buznik (Sandler) who’s a mild-mannered man with no hints of anger issues. But after a quarrel on an airplane, he’s suggested anger management therapy with therapist Dr. Buddy Rydell (Nicholson).

While Dr. Rydell is attempting to cure Buznik of his anger issues, Dr. Rydell himself can use some anger management therapy… The two try to find ways to help Buznik’s anger and hopefully Dr. Rydell’s, as well. Anger Management is a fantastic movie that will probably make you rewatch it more than once, because of how hysterical it is.

Among the funniest and heartwarming comedies on Amazon Prime to stream, The Big Sick is an amazing movie that’s touching and brings laughter to anyone watching. The film is based on a Pakistani comedian, Kumail, who meets an American graduate student, Emily, at one of his stand-up shows. Everything goes great while dating and their relationship basically grows.

However, the only thing Kumail is worried about is his traditional Muslim parents and their thoughts on his girlfriend. Suddenly, Emily falls ill that ends up leaving her in a coma. Throughout her illness, Kumail discovers himself creating a bondage with Emily’s parents who are deeply worried for their daughter’s life.

Lastly, from the best comedies on Amazon Prime to watch right now, is The Love Guru. If you love the Austin Powers trilogy, than I suggest giving this film a shot. It comes with the same humor, and we can all admit that Mike Myers starring in any movie is comedy gold.

The Love Guru is about a self-help guru named Pitka who focuses his life on bringing the love back between troubled couples. Born in America, but raised in India, Pitka is requested back into America to help a brokenhearted hockey player get back together with his wife. And helping him would also help his team win the Stanley Cup. Pitka will do everything in his power and knowledge to get the two back together again.


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