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10 Movie Posters with Overly Photoshopped Actresses

You won't believe how much they photoshopped Melissa McCarthy. Check out some of these ridiculous movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses.

By Penny NewtonPublished 5 years ago 7 min read

The photoshops these days are getting more and more ridiculous. At first, it all started from photoshopping models in ads to make them appear slimmer with the perfect facial structure. They wanted to create the perfect figures and so many women would yearn to have an appearance like those. And the sad part is that the majority of the models never looked like themselves in any of the ads and photoshoots. Because they would be photoshopped to look perfect! To this day I still question why photoshop exists and why its used to "correct" a nose, waist, lips, and everything else.

But who knew they would use intense photoshopping for movie posters? Sure, I get it, it make the posters look more appealing. But why photoshop the characters on the poster? More importantly, the actresses. It looks like they're trying to "perfect" their appearance to the point where the actress doesn't even look like herself anymore. Honestly if I was photoshopped, I'd be so offended. They'd correct people's "flaws" and make them more attractive. So stupid. Here are the ridiculous movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses that we can't even stand to look at for more than a second.

'Guardians Of The Galaxy'—Zoe Saldana

Zoe Saldana is already a stunning woman, but in the Guardians Of The Galaxy film poster, she actually doesn't even look like herself. Despite all of the green makeup and the pinkish-purple hair, you tell me, would you have thought that the actress on the left was Zoe? I wouldn't have.

It's clear that they slimmed her waist, enhanced her breasts and... what is that purple eyeshadow? I don't see her wearing purple eyeshadow in the image on the right. Overall, this poster is very exaggerated, and it doesn't even matter if the film is a fantasy; we want realistic posters!

'Elektra'—Jennifer Garner

Did you think that that's Jennifer Garner? Nope. From the crazy movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses, this is one of the more absurd posters I've ever seen. For starters, look at the skin tone difference. It's like she was drenched in orange juice. What was the point of changing her skin tone? I thought her skin was perfectly fine, but no, I guess orange is the way to go.

And then there are her breasts. Completely defined, enhanced, and overall, bigger. Her face is something that I seriously cannot distinguish. The shape of her eyes are drastically different from her natural eyes and perhaps even placed closer together... What have they done to you, Jennifer?

'Suicide Squad'—Cara Delevingne

Oh gosh, they made Cara Delevingne look even filthier than her actual appearance in Suicide Squad. In the poster, she looks grimy, dirty, and just plain gross. I get it, that's how she's kinda supposed to look like in the film, but they really exaggerated it on the poster. She looks like a fuckin' monster compared to the photo on the right.

Even as a monster, they still tried to make her look more presentable. And it's always enhancing the breasts. Even being photoshopped in photoshoots and ads, Cara is still being photoshopped in movie posters. We might even never see the real Cara Delevingne...

'Watchmen'—Malin Åkerman

No, that's not even her. I refuse to believe that the Watchmen poster is featuring Malin Åkerman. It really can't be, because the woman on the left looks absolutely nothing like the woman on the right. The comparison? Their outfits. Nothing more.

Like I've been saying consistently so far, they're always photoshopping the breasts. And from the ridiculous movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses, they're always playing around with the actresses' breasts... why? It's not just that, but they also slimmed her figure and even her arms.

'The Heat'—Melissa McCarthy

Oh... my gosh. This is definitely, without a doubt, the worst photoshop I've seen in my life. Yes people, this is an actual poster. Now this I can confidently say that the person on the right is not Melissa McCarthy. You can Google it, it's a fuckin' poster and they did photoshop her to look like that!

I swear, I don't even know where to start! Where are her facial features? Where is the real color of her eyes? Why does she look blurred the fuck out? Who every photoshopped her on this poster deserves to be fired immediately. Actually, I want to personally meet the person who photoshopped her and criticize them until they can physically feel the cursing and the judgment coming out of my mouth. Melissa, you deserve so much more better than this.

'King Arthur'—Keira Knightley

Oh look, another breast enhancement. Surprise, surprise. Among the absurd movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses out there, this one is easily up there. But this is probably one of the more obvious breast enlargements that I've seen. Nothing is worse than seeing the person behind the photoshopping make your boobs bigger.

But it looks like they adjusted her face a little, too. What was wrong with Keira Knightley's face before? Was it not good enough for the movie poster? I guess it wasn't since they touched it and adjusted it a bit for the King Arthur poster.

'Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life'—Angelina Jolie

Yes, they messed with Angelina Jolie's body when creating the film poster for Lara Croft Tomb Raider. But just how slim did her waist have to be? Or how big did her breasts have to be in order to make the poster? Slimmer and bigger, I suppose.

But they really made her look like a cartoon character in the poster. Yes, Lara Croft is actually a video game character, but this is a movie, not a video game. Angelina is supposed to look realistic and not a video game character. If they wanted the movie to be a cartoon, they could have done it, but it's not.

'Terminator Genisys'—Emilia Clarke

How dare you photoshop Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen! The Queen of the Andals! The Mother of Dragons! The Breaker of Chains! Okay, I'm done. But I sure as hell know that that's not Emilia Clarke on the left the slightest bit.

They made her waist super slim! I mean, insanely slim. And from the crazy movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses, this movie poster is not realistic at all. They made the upper part of her body way bigger than the lower. Overall, her body doesn't look balanced out.

'Cinderella'—June Foray

Why is her dress a completely different shade of blue? No wait, more importantly, why is the poster showing a totally different shade of blue? Perhaps the person behind the photoshopping decided to change it and believed that it was fine. But it's not, because it's not the same shade of blue.

And it looks like they photoshopped the structure of her face, too. I can't recognize June Foray on the poster at all. But wait, did they enhance her breasts?... Yes, they did. It looks like you always have to enlarge the breasts in every photoshop. You know, to make the actresses look more attractive and perfect.

'Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix'—Emma Watson

Finally from the ridiculous movie posters with overly photoshopped actresses there is is this gem—the Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix poster. Can you see why Emma Watson looks different from real life and the poster? Oh, I know! Her face! They slimmed the shit out of her face, making her barely look like herself.

And it's not just slimming her face, but enhancing her features in the most unrealistic way. They changed her eyes, fixed her eyebrows, and her hair looks more kept together. Guess she was a mess before the photoshop, right? Emma is as gorgeous as she truly is, and if you're photoshopping her, then that's straight up insulting her.

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