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Wolfenstein: Youngblood Review.

The best 80’s B Movie is a game…and free on Xbox game pass.

By Adrian A. Pedrin V.Published 4 years ago 3 min read

Non-Spoiler Read.

“This is an amazing B movie story. It has all the famous 80’s Futuristic B movie cliches. I’m loving it.” Those words constantly popped into my mind as I played Wolfenstein: Youngblood.

This game is a first-person shooter action RPG. You level up, you have perks for abilities and you level up your guns, near the end you get a pretty cool upgrade for your suit.

I only played about 5 minutes of the first Wolfenstein from a few years ago and I just didn’t get into it. Why did I download Youngblood? Probably the cover art and I’m pretty sure I saw you could level up. (that to me is my kryptonite).

After the disappearance of BJ Blazkowicz (the Original Wolfenstein badass) BJ’s twin daughters Jess and Soph take it upon themselves to find their father since the FBI can’t find him. All this happens in an alternate reality in 1980 Paris.

Pretty basic stuff, I won’t go into spoiler details but if you are a fan of 80’s movie you can probably smell the plot twist a mile away. I sure did, but that didn’t ruin the game at all or the fun I had playing it.

I was a huge fan of the architecture in Bioshock infinite (best game ever?). Wolfstein: Youngblood had that same effect on me with the architecture. It’s a cool world to play in and I love exploring all of it. By the end of the game you get familiar with most of it as its kind of open world but it's divided in segments of the map that you can travel via the Metro.

What’s so fun about it?

Well, to start the guns are fun as hell, especially since you can upgrade them to different stats and play styles. Half of the guns are considered normal guns and the other half are considered experimental ways to kill nazis. That not all, there are a few perks you can activate that are just stupidly fun like the perk that you can run into an enemy and knock him down, unload an uzi magazine (my favorite gun) and run-up to the next bad guy. repeat as needed.

You can take the sneaky route or the guns a blazing route. I didn’t even bother with the sneaky route and that what I normally take on games like Fallout or Skyrim. Sneaky route is not as fun as going in crazy and getting your sister to help you out if you are downed.

The best thing about the game is that the more you use a gun the better it gets. When you get an X amount of kills you get a 3-4% boost in damage, maybe that why endgame I was still rocking the uzi gun to absolutely shred enemies. As far as I can tell there is no limit on the damage bonus, pair this up with the overall damage bonus you get with customizing your guns and an extra 10% damage if you customize it with a certain type of mod…it gets pretty darn crazy.

Time to beat.

Approximately the game can be completed in about 15-20 hours, but I'm just talking about the main storyline, I deviated with a few side missions to get my level up and earn extra XP so it might be closer to 15 hours. Not a huge time investment as other games and for me, it was just right.

In Conclusion.

It’s a fun game where you get to level up, improve your weapons and your abilities, there’s tons of nazis to kill and tons of quest and side quest to complete. Be sure to check it out on the Xbox game pass.

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