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window is unfinished

window is unfinished

By john kuglerPublished 4 months ago 3 min read

While the emperor was talking to the prime minister, Aladdin took the time to go downstairs, and went to the room of Princess Badinu Budoru to tell her the news of the emperor's coming. When he came back to the Emperor, the emperor asked him:

"My child, why is the window of this pavilion partially unfinished?"

"Your Majesty, my Lord, in view of the impending marriage, I have been too busy to find a skilled craftsman, and some of the work has been left unfinished."

"Where this window is unfinished, I intend to use my skilled craftsmen to finish it." The emperor made a wish.

"God will honor your Majesty for ever."

The emperor was determined to finish the unfinished work on the window with all his might. So it was arranged at once, that the men below should assemble and select at once a group of skilled craftsmen, open the palace stores, provide all the materials needed, and finish the window in the shortest time possible.

Princess Badinu Budoru came to meet the emperor, and came up to him with a smile on her face. When the emperor saw her smiling, he embraced her and kissed her on the forehead. He led his men and followed the princess down to the dining-room. The emperor sat at the head which had been set for him, accompanied by the princess Badinu Budoru and Aladdin with his horse, and the courtiers, the grand princes, the lords, and the heads of the chamberlain sat in the seats which had been set for them, and dined together.

When the emperor tasted something, he felt that it was more fragrant and delicious than he had ever tasted in his life. He was full of admiration for the sophistication of cooking and the luxury of dinnerware. During the dinner, eighty singing girls lined up in front of the guests to play music. The beautiful music, which touched the heartstrings of the people, made them feel very comfortable, they could not help but enjoy, appetite.

The emperor, unable to restrain his surging emotions, sighed heartily: "I feel in my heart that all this is far beyond the power of ordinary Kings and great Persians."

The emperor and his subordinates ate and drank freely and enjoyed the delicious food until they had eaten and washed their hands, and then they went to the drawing-room to rest, chat and taste various fruits. In the midst of all this, the Emperor suddenly remembered the progress of the work on the window, and got up to inspect it for himself. He went up to the top, to the craftsman, and found little progress.

It was not easy to ask for a quick finish, he thought. And their skills, compared with the original engineering skills, are too weak.

Not long after the Emperor had left the Pavilion, the craftsmen came to report that all the precious stones in the little storehouse had been brought to their use, but they were far short of what was needed. On hearing this, the emperor ordered that the largest storehouse in the palace be opened, and that the precious stones from it should be supplied to the artisan's needs, and that if that were not enough, Aladdin's share of the precious stones could be used as well.

The craftsmen carefully took all the stones from the palace and worked hard, but before the work was half done, the stones ran out again.

In order to fulfill his promise, the emperor had no choice but to order the expropriation of the private gems of his chancellors and courtiers. Although the emperor's orders were obeyed, the quantity of gems was still far from enough.


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