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What keeps GTA5 going as the most played games in 2020?

Replayability is KING

By Giorgi MikhelidzePublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Some things never get old, they say. This can be very much true about certain games, that have been part of the childhood of literally every single millennial. With the development of technologies and the introduction of computers as well as instruction, often video games, people got addicted to them. Perhaps due to the fact that video games were new and everyone wanted to experience some extra feelings while playing in front of the screens and watching different animations and graphics.

After some time, simple video games were switched with more complex and strategic video games. Those included Need For Speed, and one of the most popular games all over the world, which perhaps has broken some records back in that time, GTA. This was not an ordinary game, but the beginning of the whole gaming era.

Indeed video games have been especially popular in the 2000s and 2010s. This was still a very early period for technological innovations and not many people could afford tech gadgets at their homes. Though, those who could afford had a lot of pleasure and entertainment chances with different video games.

Children would visit their friends at home in order to try new video games. And the guy with the PC was always one of the most popular guys. Back at that time, there were no professional gaming championships, and the number of gamers was relatively low. It was one of the best entertaining activities, which was limited in time, as parents would set certain restrictions on playing video games for a long time.

GTA era

GTA is definitely one of the games, which has its own era. Every millennial remembers the streets, the soundtracks, and the characters of the game. Even after many years, it is still one of the main topics of discussion, and people who find out that they were playing the same GTA version at the same time, often find the common language.

The game was very entertaining. There were a lot of bugs and it was definitely not fast enough to play smoothly, but it was something very special and something very innovative at that time. There even were special codes, invented which would trigger certain calls to actions in the game. Those codes were then secretly shared among the friends, as they were conspiracy theories and government secrets.

The best experience of playing GTA was that it was the first major game, with many different options to choose from and with many different elements. Looking at the game from the current and modern perspective the graphics of the game were definitely poor, and the quality of the game was not the best, but the feelings and the energy were exceptional.

There can be few game names that have a similar game craze as GTA. it was not only one of the most popular games but also one of the most played games, knowing no gender and knowing no limit. It had its own era which was fully supported by people of all ages. This was one of the best starts for the modern gaming trend and one of the best beginnings for the gaming era.

Modern GTA

Once you understand why you always want to play, be it Xbox, FIFA, or Call of Duty it is also worth to mention, that GTA5 is among the games which are still very popular in 2020. There are some things that never get out of style and GTA5 is one of them. While the graphics of the game are definitely improved and sophisticated, the concept of the game is left the same.

With some modern touches and some technological improvements, GTA 5 remains one of the most popular games. There are some reasons for that. Besides the fact that it is a really interesting game, with many things and cases to explore, it is also the call of childhood. In the game, there are a lot of tasks and cases which need to be fulfilled in order to proceed to the new levels. While fulfilling the tasks you might draw your own strategy by simply walking down the streets, ching clothes in the shops, and driving fast cars.

The concept of the game, including the codes for different calls to actions remains the same, and the love of childhood remains the same as well. It is very hard to persist in something that has been loved and done frequently by you in childhood. If there are not many people who are GTA5 constant players, it is still one of the most played games, as we all want to recall some childhood memories once in a while.

Moreover, it is very interesting to track the huge progress of the game and of the developers who work on this game. It is very important not to stagnate but to move forward, which is very much accomplished by these guys. The GTA might become a trend again sometime in the future, but before that, it stays as a memory.


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