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What hands can you have in Poker, and how they are Ranked?

Poker Hand Rankings

By PokerhighPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
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Poker-hand rankings are useful for determining in-game decisions since they categorize the power of the numerous hands that you can play.

All varieties of poker games are powered by a common poker-hand rankings system that classifies the levels of various types of poker hands so that players can choose the best hand.

According to the rules of poker online games, participants form sets of five playing cards called hands. Each hand has a rank, which is compared to the ranks of the other hands in the showdown to determine who takes home the prize. The highest-ranking hands win is used in high games like Texas Hold'em and Seven-Card Stud. The lowest-ranking hands win is used in low games like razz. Both the highest-ranking and lowest-ranking hands win in high-low split games, albeit the high and low hands are ranked differently.

Hand-ranking categories Highest to Lowest:

Royal Flush

What is a royal flush?

The royal flush is a poker hand that sits at the very top of the poker ladder. A form of straight flush with A-K-Q-J-10 — all in the same suit – is the strongest poker hand of all.

What does it beat?

A royal flush, as the highest poker hand, defeats any other hand your opponents might have.

Straight Flush

What is a straight flush?

A straight flush is five cards in a row that are all of the same suit. For instance, the numbers 9-8-7-6-5 are all in diamonds.

What does it beat?

Except for a higher straight flush, this beats all other poker hands.


What is four of a kind?

In poker, a four of a kind is simply four cards with the same value. So, if your five-card hand ends up with 7-7-7-7-4, congratulations, you've got 'quads'!

What does it beat?

This is frequently a winning poker hand, beating all except a straight or royal flush. If another player has a four-of-a-kind, the rank of the four cards determines the winner. J-J-J-J-4, for example, can beat A-7-7-7-7.

Full House

What is a full house?

A full house poker sequence hand consists of three of a kind with the same value plus two distinct values. A 'tens full of eights', for example, is 10-10-10-8-8.

Does a full house beat a straight?

A full house does indeed beat a poker straight. Four-of-a-kind, straight flush, or royal flush are the other hands that can beat a full house. The highest three of a type wins when two people have a full house. If the rank is the same, the hand is won by the person who has the highest matching pair.


What is a flush?

In poker, a flush is made up of five cards that are all from the same suit but not in the same order, for as A-K-8-7-3 in hearts.

Does a flush beat a full house?

A flush won't beat a full house, but it will beat a straight. In a match between two flushes, the hand with the highest card in the flush wins (e.g. A-10-7-4-3 of diamonds beats K-10-7-4-3 of diamonds).


What is poker straight?

You'll have a straight if you have five cards in a row that isn’t all of the same suit. For instance, 8-7-6-5-4 in several suits. A-K-Q-J-10 is the highest possible straight sequence.

What does it beat?

A poker straight always beats a three-of-a-kind, two-pair, or one-pair hand. A flush or better is unbeatable.


What is 3-of-a-kind?

A three of a kind, like its four-card cousin, is made up of three cards of the same rank — for example, your five-card hand comprises 8-8-8-5-2.

What does it beat?

While three of a kind isn't the best poker hand, it still beats two pairs, one pair, and a high card.

Two Pair

What are two pair?

Two pair is exactly what it sounds like — two pairs, each of which represents a distinct rank. Two pairs, for example, would be 8-8-5-5-3.

What does it beat?

Because two pairs are better than one, you'll easily defeat one pair.

One Pair

What is one pair?

Two cards of the same value, such as two kings in your hand, make up a pair.

What does it beat?

Only a high card or a low card pair can be defeated by a single pair. It could, however, be a winning poker hand if you bluff hard enough.

High Card

What is a high card?

The lowest possible hand is the high card, which is made up of five cards that do not produce any of the above.

What does it beat?

If you get a high card, you'll have to hope your opponents get it as well, because even a pair can beat it. When both of your opponents are missing a pair, the highest value card wins.


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