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What Are the Best RPG Games of All Time?

by Gamera 3 months ago in rpg

Discover what RPGs to play.

RPG, or role-playing game, is a game in which players assume the roles of characters in a fictional setting. Players take responsibility for acting out these roles within a narrative, either through literal acting or through a process of structured decision-making regarding character development.

This fascinating world of RPGs contains so many subsections.

Single character modernized RPGs:

Witcher series, Elder Scrolls series, new Fallout games, Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect series, and more.

Action RPGs:

Diablo series, Path of Exile, Titan's Quest, Grim Dawn, and more.

Classic RPGs:

Baldur's Gate series, Icewind Dale, Planescape Torment, old Fallout games.

Japanese RPGs:

Final Fantasy series, Dragon Quest series, Ys series, Ni No Kuni series, and many more.

New classical RPGs:

Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin series, Tyranny, and more.

Massive Multiplayer Online RPGs:

World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, Final Fantasy XIV, and many more.

Depending on what kind of RPGs you want, we can recommend different good RPGs. Gamera delivers the latest news on RPGs to you as well as provides our collections for video game recommendations.

So, without further ado, let's take a look at the Best RPG List by Gamera:

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Studio: Bethesda Game Studios

Year: 2011

It may be half a decade old, but Skyrim remains one of the most vital RPGs out there because of its incredible mod scene. If you played this game back in 2011 and put it to bed, give it another go with some of the graphics and immersion mods. It's like playing Skyrim 1.5.

If you've not played it all, where have you been? This open-world fantasy epic makes it possible to spend hundreds of satisfying hours without even tackling the main story. Few games craft as rich a world as this, and there's enough content to play the game as a whole bunch of different characters without feeling like you're being funnelled into a single "hero" mold.

I won't spoil the main storyline, but let's just say it features more dragons than Game of Thrones, and you even get to wield some dragon power yourself. Purists may bang on about how Morrowind is the highlight of The Elder Scrolls series, but if I were to play one of the games on PC right now, Skyrim is the one I'd download from Steam.

2. Pillars of Eternity

Studio: Obsidian Entertainment

Year: 2015

This is what you get if you take the DNA of Balder's Gate and Planescape: Torment, but start making the game almost 20 years after those titles appeared. Pillars of Eternity is a classic isometric party-based RPG, a style that went out of fashion just after the turn of the millennium, but one that's good to have back.

Back in 2012, 'Project Pillars' earned Obsidian almost $4 million on Kickstarter. Pillars of Eternity is saturated with old-school role-playing flavor. It's the story of a blighted land, and playing it is no cakewalk. You'll need a strategy, as hack 'n' slash tactics don't work here. Combat is fluid rather than turn-based, but you can pause the action at any point to issue your party orders. If you played and loved Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale, you'll feel right at home.

3. Dark Souls III

Studio: FromSoftware

Year: 2016

Ready for punishment? Dark Souls III is the latest game in the series that wants to make you cry. This is a new kind of grind. It's not really about leveling up your character, but a sort of mind-grind where you need to learn environments and enemy attack patterns to survive.

It's like games from the old days, but those unflinching tangy bits are poured into a modern action role-player. Dark Souls III has the deepest RPG elements of the series to date too, even if I include Demon's Souls and Bloodborne.

As well as choosing a class, your weapons have class-related skills that are a key part of getting ahead in Dark Souls III. It's not just about carefully-timed thwacks anymore. This game requires a certain mood, but for all its grimness, it's frequently totally beautiful too.

4. The Witcher 3

Studio: CD Projekt RED

Year: 2015

If you're after a classic western RPG with a great story, look no further than The Witcher 3. This game has more quality storytelling in some of its fetch side quests than some others have in their main storylines.

You are Geralt, a gruff and grey-haired monster hunter chap, a sort of heroic land pirate type. This is a deep-dive adventure you'll want to set a few months aside for, a bit like Skyrim.

These two duke it out as favorite accessible beards and swords RPGs, but The Witcher 3 snags the writing and moody-faced adult themes awards. While comparing the two feels natural, Skyrim is a mostly first-person game where The Witcher 3 is third-person like the other Witcher titles. It's also not easy either. You've been warned.

5. Fallout 4

Studio: Bethesda Game Studios

Year: 2015

If you want an RPG but have had quite enough of all the swords and sorcery nonsense, Fallout 4 needs to be on your to-buy list. As any Fallout fan will know, the game is set in a nuclear apocalypse, where every puddle of water pumps radiation into your skin and even the cockroaches are deadly.

Well, if you're rubbish at the game anyway.

This time around, you wake up from cryostasis in one of the bunker Vaults to find your spouse killed and your son kidnapped. You have to find him(your son), even though he was taken 60 years before you wake up.

Throw in some great quest writing and the ability to design your own little towns, and you have a bit of a role-playing winner.

Hope you have tons of fun in the world of RPGs and with Gamera!



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