Video Games That Are Basically Movies Pt. 1

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Does not include spoilers!

Video Games That Are Basically Movies Pt. 1
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Life Is Strange:

For a game with awkward dialogue, it makes up for in story! You play as Max Caulfield, a shy, high school senior who has a passion for photography. When she witnesses the murder of her old best friend, Chloe Price, Max finds out that she can rewind time! The game is all about the butterfly effect, that actions have consequences. as you progress through the story, the choices you make can control the outcome of what will happen next! However, the game also gives you chances to stop and enjoy the world around you. The game's dreamlike design and beautiful music can really make you feel immersed in the world! I highly recommend that everyone tries to play this series at least once!

Detroit: Become Human:

Similar to Life Is Strange, this game also has a action has consequence aspect to it. However, Detroit: Become Human is a game that brings up the question, what does it mean to be human? The game also brings up topics of racism and free will. You play as three different androids. Connor, a criminal negotiator sent to defuse situations and learn information, Markus, a defective android who later becomes the leader of a movement to give androids rights, and Kara, a once housemaid turned caretaker protecting a little girl from her abusive father. Each android tells a different story in this futuristic sci-fi game, each of them with a powerful message behind them. Detroit: Become Human is emotionally thrilling, entertaining, as well as pleasing to the eye!

The Last Of Us:

If you're anything like me, you probably think there aren't any new stories to tell when it comes to zombies. However, The Last Of Us games feel fresh and impactful. Even though the second game was met with controversy, I still think that the game was bold and creative! You play as Joel, three years after a plague has turned people into flesh eating monsters. He is tasked with smuggling a young girl, Ellie, across the country. During their journey, they encounter many dangers including different types zombies, gangs, and even cannibals! The beauty of this game circles around it's fascinating story, incredible gameplay, and its life like world. Definitely worth a try!

Red Dead Redemption 2:

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be in the old west? With the Red Dead Redemption series, you don't have to wonder anymore. While the first game is not too far off, I would say that the second game focuses on the theatrics more than the first. You play as Arthur Morgan, an outlaw who runs with the Van Der Linde Gang in a time where the age of outlaws are coming to an end. There isn't much to say about this game without giving away spoilers. This wide open world game is full of many stories to tell along with spectacular sights to see! While not as thought provoking as the others I've mentioned, it still has moments of gut wrenching, emotional moments. Red Dead Redemption is a series that I think everyone can enjoy!

kingdom hearts:

Fans of both Disney and Final Fantasy can weirdly unite in the Kingdom Hearts series. This one also happens to be a personal favorite of mine as well. The Kingdom Hearts series is one that shouldn't work but somehow finds a way to be fun and at times very cheesy while maintaining a very serious overall story. Ask any Kingdom Hearts fan to explain the story to you and watch them inhale as they try to simplify this very strange and complex series. To try and simplify as best I can, on one hand you travel to different worlds that are various Disney films and Final Fantasy games, fighting evil enemies including the villain of the movies! On the other, you play as characters to stop the plans of the evil Xehanort! No matter what kind of game you're looking for, whether it's a fun and silly fighting game or a serious, interactive story, Kingdom Hearts is the game for you! The soundtrack alone can make you sit in a room alone and just enjoy the life around you!

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