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PC Games That Should Go Mobile

Un/Popular Opinion

Mobile Gaming is becoming more popular. This has a lot to do with the newer generation of smartphones being able to handle high end games and apps. Not only that, but the mobile platform could revive some PC games that have been slowly dwindling in population despite it's graphics, story or all around feel. This would be beneficial for smaller named developers to get some sort of increase in traffic as well as revenue. Before we begin with the games that SHOULD be a mobile app, let's talk about a few that have already made the leap.

- Black Desert Online

-Call of Duty

- Perfect World






These are some of the more popular high end games that have made their move to a mobile app to keep their player base entertained and gain newer players who are strictly mobile players. Some of these are even cross platform. Meaning you can play on an app with friends who play on a PC or console. With that out of the way let me discuss a few games I feel would benefit from going mobile especially now.

-Runes of Magic: Free to play MMORPG with base races and classes as well as in store purchases.

-Allods: Free to play MMORPG with multiple classes/races, three factions, in store purchases

-Rift: Free to play MMORPG with two factions, base classes and races, housing, multiple side activities while leveling and questing, in store purchases

Wizard 101: MMORPG, play as a student wizard saving the magical realms, team up or solo fights, strategy and PvP available, in store purchases

-Blade & Soul: Free to play MMORPG with minimal skills, multiple factions, rich story and graphics, in store purchases

-Everquest 1 & EQ2: Free to play MMORPGBasic graphics and simple controls, easy interface, multiple races and classes, in store purchases

-Starcraft: MOBA with simple graphics, easy interface & controls.

-Overwatch: Team-based First person shooter, easy controls, rich graphics, in store purchases

Now I know many of you will say "These are almost all MMORPG's!" Yes, yes they are. Mostly because many other games that aren't an MMO or MOBA are already available as an app. The ones I have mentioned are games that have had good reviews, but dwindling player base over the years. They may not be good as a PC game, but revive them as a mobile and not only will it be easily accessed, but there is a larger player base with mobile. This includes novice or expert gamers alike. Having that diversity can help revive a game that would otherwise start to fall.

Introducing these games into mobile gaming can then make way for other such games to go do the same. Games like Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn or even World of Warcraft! Having that much access to games would be a huge success for all of these developers and publishers. Not only that, but most cell phone plans are unlimited and if connected to wifi there's no restrictions. There is one thing that needs to be said about a few of these games. Chances are you would need a higher end smartphone to play them. The app store will let you know if your phone is compatible. However, I did notice that while the Google Play store would not allow me to play Harry Potter: Wizards Unite when I went to the Samsung app store I was then able to download it to my phone and play. Just a little tip for those who may not know about it.

I sincerely hope that game developers are looking into this sort of opportunity. It's a win-win situation. The Devs get their player base and revenue up and the gamers are now able to access their games a lot easier while not at home or unable to access a PC. Let's just hope they make them cross platform so that we can keep having fun with our friends!

L. A. Davis
L. A. Davis
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