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Tower of Fantasy's Gacha isn't better then Genshin Impact's. It's far far worse.

by Jarrod Morrow 4 months ago in mobile
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The lower number of Tower of Fantasy's built in pity system distracts from the true cost of your characters.

Tower of Fantasy, the latest Gacha based game seems to have a better form of pity system then Genshin Impact as the game gives you a guarenteed SSR character once you've used 80 pulls with a chance to get SSR's between that but it won't reset the pity. By comparison Genshin Impact only gives you a 5-star (the equivalent of the SSR) after 90 pulls and it will reset the pity each time you get a 5 star regardless. So it seems like ToF totally has Genshin Impact beat... but, is that really the case?

In reality the answer is far more complex as there are several different factors to take into account. First, there are three different types of Character Gacha, Gold Nuclei, Black Nuclei and Red Nuclei. While there are two other Gacha's we're going to ignore those for the sake of equivalency as those are more equivalent to the "equipment gacha" of Genshin Impact.

The Black Nuclei is the most common resource you'll get but lacks a pity system entirely so we can easily take that out of the equation entirely as there is nothing to compare it to.

The Gold Nuclei is *not* the same as the Character Banner in Genshin Impact and is closer to the standard Banner in it instead. In this case the reset that Genshin has would at least on the surface appear to be a detriment to the Gacha when matched up against Tower. As each time you get a 5 star you go right back to 0. However, there is always a 1/90 chance that you will get the 5 star even at lowest settings so the end result is each pull has at least a 1.11% chance that gradually rises each time you roll the Gacha. Tower on the other hand has a .75% chance with it eventually going to a 2% chance if including the pity. So with a bad string of luck you may find yourself all the way at 80 until you get the first SSR. Genshin may have the same bad luck but, it's a lot harder to have that bad luck when you have an ever increasing chance to achieve the roll.

Finally there's the Red Nuclei. This is more the equivalent of the character banner for Genshin. Once again there's the standard 80 until you hit pity but, this time you only have a 50% chance of getting the featured character and if you miss it you will still only have a 50% chance getting it next time too. At the same time however you can purchase the SSR after 120 pulls outright. You may be able to get the SSR earlier as it's at the same .75% chance to get on a single pull but, it's competing with all other SSR's currently available. Which at the time of writing this, is 9 others.

Genshin on the other hand when you hit the SSR it's a 50/50 chance of getting the Banner character and a 100% chance if you missed it the last time. Furthermore all calculations for the banner itself are "permanent" so they do not reset between each banner. As Tower of Fantasy has yet to produce a second character banner this can't be compared yet but, due to another aspect of their Red Nuclei banner (which will be explained later) there is a possiblity that it will reset. In the end Tower of Fantasy gives you the guaranteed 100% chance after 120 rolls while Genshin requires 180 which makes Tower of Fantasy the clear winner if you have absolutely abysmal luck... at least on the surface.

Now comes the deception laid by Tower of Fantasy. When you get a SSR character in ToF they are not in fact a "complete kit" in fact you are only getting their "DPS" aspect of the character. If the character is a Healer or a Tank you need to pull them a second time to get access to the ability that actually makes them a healer or a tank. In the case of Nemesis, the current character on the banner, since she is in fact supposed to be a healer character this means you need to get her at least one more time after getting her the first time in order to make her do her designated role. This means that in essence you need at least 120 pulls (if you win the 50 50) or as many as 240 rolls (if you lose the 50 50 every time) to get her to a playable state.

Compare that to Genshin where while the successive pulls for the character suppliment and make a character stronger it is not necessary in order to make the character do it's assigned role. A healer still has the ability to heal, a tank character can still tank damage. This means that when you get that 5 star character you can immedieately gear them and level them to put them in your team and they will do just fine in their assigned position. It's at this point that Genshin pulls way ahead of Tower of Fantasy in terms of fairness. But, there's still one last trap laying in wait for the players of Tower of Fantasy.

Remember how I stated that after 120 pulls you are able to purchase the character outright? Well that actually has to be *on* that banner exactly. After the character banner has ended any of the currency accumulated during that banner is then changed into currency for the Gold Nuclei banner instead. The currency of the Gold Nuclei banner can be used to purchase any duplicate for character's you own..... except for the limited banner character. That means that your currency gets downgraded after every banner unless you get enough of it to purchase the duplicate outright.

Furthermore, this leads into my suspicion that the character banner will also reset after the event is over so any "excess" rolls are in fact wasted as they will no longer contribute to the next banner's pity. If this is the case then you have to pull 80 times every time in order to get the most out of your money. At this point there is no longer a need for further comparison as ToF's clearly lost.

ToF's claim of a better and more reasonable pity system looks great at first glance but, when you get down into the weeds and crunch the numbers they clearly tell a far different story.


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Jarrod Morrow

I am an avid RPG/Strategy game player who watches crypto. Currently playing Genshin Impact, Tower of Fantasy and Fate Grand/Order. I mostly play Indie games rather then the triple A major publishers.

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