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Top Three Minecraft Parkour Servers

by Stephanie Edwards 4 months ago in list

Minecraft parkour ideas are really taking off, with lots of new and exciting courses arriving on the scene. Enjoy parkour the safe way- on a Minecraft parkour server

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Parkour is a sport that’s both impressive and dangerous. Athletes that participate in this sport must be in peak physical shape with excellent reflexes. Even with precautions, parkour atheletes will still be subject to dangerous conditions. After all, the sport is built on using infrastructure in a way that it wasn’t intended to be used.

However, parkour is unquestionably fun- to watch and to compete in. Is there a safer alternative? You bet. People are recreating parkour in Minecraft. Minecraft parkour servers are now popping up all over the world.

By participating in parkour virtually, rather than physically, you’ll get to enjoy the fun without risking life or limb. Minecraft parkour courses are still challenging, of course, and you can certainly ‘die’ in the game. However, your life – and limbs- will be safe and sound at home while you play.

There are plenty of Minecraft parkour servers available, but we’ve chosen to focus on three in particular: JumpCraft, SnapCraft, and Mineverse. Read on to learn more about these Minecraft parkour servers.


Minecraft’s versatility definitely shines on the JumpCraft server. JumpCraft is just as fun as its name implies. It’s currently the largest Minecraft parkour server with over 250 courses. With a rank up system, challenge parkour, sky parkour, and more, there’s plenty to do. This server has a few basic rules that help keep things friendly- such as ‘respect other players,’ ‘no hacking’ and ‘no asking for items.’ These rules help to keep things flowing while you’re putting your skills to the test on one of their many courses.


SnapCraft is one of Minecraft’s more unique servers, claiming to add an MMORPG twist to the traditional Minecraft experience. SnapCraft also counts itself as a Minecraft parkour server. In addition to parkour courses, this server also offers factions with TNT mechanics, SkyBlock, PVP maps, creative mode, and a zombie survival game. There’s plenty to do on this server, so don’t miss out.


Mineverse is one of the most established servers in the Minecraft community. Its history dates back to 2013. Over three million players have joined the server at one time or another. The admins are committed to the server and are passionate about creating a good experience for the userbase.

In addition to being a Minecraft parkour server, Mineverse also offers PVP, Skyblock, creative mode, survival mode, an infection mechanic, a unique game called BedWars, and an area named Space Prison. Mineverse also boasts a detailed wiki with instructions on how to craft every item on the server. If you’re looking for a fun and established server, you definitely want to give this one a try.


Parkour is one of the most impressive, and most dangerous, sports in the world. Parkour athletes must be in peak physical shape to do courses and compete. Even then, they’re subject to dangerous conditions- the entire sport is run on obstacles that just weren’t built for how parkour uses them.

However, parkour is undeniably fun. So, what’s a safe alternative to parkour in real life? Well, a Minecraft parkour server, of course. In a Minecraft parkour server, you can have fun running virtual courses. They’re still punishing when you mess up- including ‘dying’ in the game when you fall- but they’re perfectly safe, especially compared to real life parkour servers.

There are tons of Minecraft parkour servers available, but our top three are JumpCraft, SnapCraft, and Mineverse. JumpCraft focuses specifically on parkour and is the largest of all parkour servers, with over 250 courses. However, SnapCraft and Mineverse offer more than just parkour – such as PVP and creative mode. If you’re looking for the best Minecraft parkour server, give one of these three servers a try.

Stephanie Edwards
Stephanie Edwards
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