Top 5 Worst Gaming Companies

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Allegedly in the Modern Era of Gaming

With the recent announcement from Monolith productions that they are removing micro transactions from their game Shadow of War, a prelude to the famous Lord of the Rings franchise, it made me happy. Too often do gamers see massive corporations use unhealthy tactics to elicit money from their customers. Most infamously through the use of micro transactions, where this caught the eyes of many politicians turning this into an international incident not seen since the days of Mortal Kombat. So from good news, let’s reflect on some of the companies that refuse to do the right thing, and how they alienate their customers.

Fraudulent, Greedy, Corrupt; words gamers would use to describe Ubisoft as it has eroded their relationship with its customers. Any trailer or commercial from Ubisoft is met with disdain, as many of its products come presented, pre-rendered, and touched up. The actual base game given to customers is nothing like what their customers anticipated. Many have criticized Ubisoft over their desire to make a game look so great that it often forgets the very product they are promoting. With unfinished games pushed out before they are ready, products, glitches that have personally given me nightmares, and PC assimilation fails, it’s amazing that recently Ubisoft has taken actions to better repair their image. Though I, and possibly many others, are not holding our breath about Ubisoft's recent change of attitude to be permanent.

Capcom is a beloved company from the old days that has been making mistake after mistake. With Capcom vs Marvel: Infinite not coming to EVO 2018, it shocked many, including myself. It seemed sad that such a new game became such a dead game with dwindling numbers. Add that Mega Man will never be truly followed up with Keji Inafune leaving Capcom, and his legacy left to horrible reviews for Mega Man 1-6, the only redeemable trait Capcom has left is that Resident Evil VII Biohazard was a great game that I and so many truly enjoyed. Maybe one day they will make a grandiose comeback.

Oh boy, me and Konami have a long and distasteful history. I love a lot of their products (maybe too many), but Konami seems to have a malicious nature about themselves in recent time. Metal Gear Survive was without a doubt one of Konami's biggest commercial failures—probably in their entire history. Firing Hideo Kojima was an absolute mistake and they have suffered dearly for stopping his creative works, including the newest Silent Hill game. Add to that they have a card game known as Yugioh, which they have continuously abused its player base, to the point they create such hashtags such as #freemyniggastratos in reference to their ban lists. Konmai seems to be making too many mistakes in the hopes of making the quickest dollar they can get their hands on. A corporation that needs to change its tactics soon.

Activision is known for its flagship franchise known as Call of Duty. And I own every Call of Duty game ever published and played every single one of them, but god damn it do I hate it! It's to a point where it's a copy and paste formula from last year's game. It has become so redundant that I truly believe a small team actually works on this game and sells the game unfinished just so they can sell the rest of the game as downloadable content, then picking every single penny they can fence off their games through microtransactions for borderline broken weapons. Simply put, Activision is actively seeking out your money through every way imaginable. To make matters worse is how many different IP (intellectual properties) they own; including the Destiny franchise and their Bungie controversies, Overwatch with bizzare heroes, Spyro the dragon, who we all loved but died with Insomniac, and the Crash franchise where they literally sold add-ons for the game that was supposed to be a remaster! Breaking this down; they want your money and they just might not be above stealing it.

You know you are the worst gaming company when you literally cause an international incident over allegations of illegal gambling. To simply the issue, EA owns the Star Wars Battlefront franchise and turned it into a Star Wars themed Casino game down to the core. It's awful—so terrible that lawmakers across the globe were investigating Electronic Arts for their use of micro transactions and contemplating if this is a new form of gambling not only for Battlefront, but its famous FIFA series for similar issues. And the sins do not end there; EA has a long history of buying out companies to simply rip apart what’s valuable and leave nothing left. This includes Respawn Entertainment for the Titanfall series, Visceral games for their horror games, and any other company that works with Electronic Arts. If you do work with EA, be sure to lose your job in the end.

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