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Top 5 Blockchain Game Development Studios in India: 2023 Wizards

Blockchain Game Studio

By Kenny WilliamPublished 12 months ago 7 min read


Are you planning to rush into that big tech scalable gold mine of blockchain? And don’t have any idea how to hire a reliable company? Blockchain is making disruptive transformation so it’s not surprising people would want to invest in such a viable tech shift. By turning over the suite of mere probabilities to practical gains, it shifted the entire trajectory of the gaming industry.

Where security, digital asset ownership and real money wins in gaming is the main dig now for the gamers. It is high time to accept that Blockchain in gaming is catering to the users in every nook and cranny.

On the hindsight, the investment facet has been running atop when it comes to Blockchain games. The popularization of these Web3 games have escalated the investment pool at a quadruple rate. Well, for that the credit goes to the 'GameFi' wave that brought in the best synergy between the game heads and finance. A deadly duo. Now, Game-Fi basically signifies the correlation between games enthusiasts/ investors and finance, which in this day and age hosts an unbreakable bond.

Blockchain as a technology had a massive trailblazing pitch across the globe .But, do you know how this bond is growing by leaps and bounds? Well, it is all due to the favoring perks offered by the Game-Fi trend where unlocking business opportunities has been a no brainer. And, Blockchain in games is an even bigger hit which paved the way for play-to-earn games massively.

So, if you are looking forward to investing in this buzzing genre. You need to arm yourself up on what Blockchain games are and more specifically which Indian Blockchain gaming studio is deep in this genre to connect with?

What is Blockchain in Gaming? How is it exclusive?

Blockchain games are basically games set up with blockchain as an underlying technology. The scalp of these games is the core features of Blockchain Technology. Well, Blockchain as you would know is a decentralized, distributed ledger with cryptographical processes. It basically operates to ensure secured transactions and full-fledged digital record keeping.

However, with its mega breakthroughs like Cryptocurrencies. It has not ousted the gaming industry but has a massive chunk of picks and gains for them with Ethereum based cryptocurrencies.

The Exclusive Stellar Proffer- Blockchain Games are exclusive. It surfaces an enthralling gaming experience. Besides that, the best part is that these have distributed immutable ledger technology. Blockchain games accords not just the players but also the businesses. Now, what is that stellar gain? Well, in Blockchain games it is not just the players that have a cherry bite of the cake, but the business owners like you who get to have a bite through returns.

The Cryptocurrencies in the games are exchangeable for real money. And, that's not the end of the gaining trail. They own the in-game assets and can further buy, sell and trade for real-money.

Aspects to Consider

Can you imagine making an investment that gets you no returns? It’s a worse nightmare right? So, we pledged to render y’all a safe route of investment for Indian Blockchain game wizards. Picking the best 5 out of the number of other companies was quite a task. Mainly, there were a number of key factors that we took into consideration before shortlisting some of the top Blockchain game frontiers in India.

Well, without further ado, we will let you quickly run through the underlying factors that prompted the list-

  1. Market Presence & Recognition
  2. Experienced Studio Strength
  3. Tech Stack
  4. Approach and Methodologies
  5. Suite of Services Offered
  6. Feasibility & Reliability

Now that we have shared the factors taken into account by us for curating this list. Let's dive into the list.

Top 5 Indian Blockchain Game Development Companies

Well, we will share with you a list of top Blockchain Studios in India that you can count on. But before that, we will give you a quick run on how these listed Blockchain Gaming Studios have been shortlisted for you. In order for you to have a lucrative and viable investment and even snazzier ROI.

1. Yudiz Solutions Ltd.

Yudiz Solutions is a leading Blockchain Game development Company with over a decade of experience. It is a game development studio that excels at offering stellar game development services in multiple segments like Metaverse, 2D/3D Games, AR/VR and of course Blockchain for about 14+ years now is their forte. Acing its pioneering Blockchain-based games they launched like ‘BFK Warzone’. It was one of their best projects allowing them to be recognized by industry leaders as the ‘Best Blockchain Development Company’.

The company has been providing diverse gaming solutions and app development services by synergizing its ultimate hallmark. Yudiz specifically specializes in incorporating state-of-the-art and trending technologies with its in-house talent pool. It has had a diverse portfolio which rightly resonates with the recognition they secured as the Best Developer. From smart contracts encompassing the Blockchain services in multiple genres.

With Yudiz's impeccable cluster of in-house experts and creative roll out they have been acing the game development genre. It is not that just Blockchain Gaming is their niche, but Yudiz has been rolling out highly immersive and creatively stellar 2D and 3D games which also includes Play-to-Earn and RMG games. Well, if we get to the core, Yudiz has a core vision of offering the best scalable solutions at the most feasible rates for the clients. Ensuring decent intelligent solutions, cutting edge technologies and customization of the same at a fair rate, which again something exclusive to them.

Clutching its industry expert development practices and bringing the client's ideas to life is something which they uniquely offer. Ancillary to that, the unceasing client support even post release ensures reliability to the core. So, when it comes to gaining safe returns for your investment in the terms of services then Yudiz Solutions is a no brainer and your go to Stop.

2. Maticz

Maticz, holds considerable experience in panning out standard game development services and specifically in Blockchain games. It has secured a momentous market place and hosts collective Blockchain services.

Maticz has a humongous talent troupe which is one of the value-adding proficiencies when it comes to Blockchain in gaming. Feature-centric aspects like virtual game world, enticing in-game assets and utilizing Ethereum, BSC and certain other platforms to pan out such ultra enticing solutions. They ensure offering advanced solutions with the best tech stack.

Maticz Technologies is undoubtedly a hot pick if you are looking forward to investing and procure some superlative Blockchain Games.

3. BR SoftTech

A renowned Game Development Company based in Jaipur has a record of noteworthy and applaudable Blockchain solutions. BR Softech was founded in India and since then, it has been nailing the aspects of solutions in a myriad of genres.

This company has a full cycle of potent services being a leading P2E game development. Powered up with the latest frameworks and decent development processes BR SoftTech has been serving clients across the globe. They further have a suite of gaming services like Move to Earn, Play to Earn, Player to Player and Crypto Breeding games.

BR SoftTech is here to serve and match your game styles requirements and considerations with regards to Blockchain games. Your ultimate stop for a suite of Blockchain and related services.

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4. Solulab Technologies

Solulab Technologies is an esteemed company that has made the mark as a starring IT solution provider. The skilled and adept team that the company possess scales myriad Blockchain Development services in multiple genres. However, when it comes to Blockchain in Games, Solulab Technologies have a peculiar approach where it incorporates Private and Public Blockchain Technologies.

As a renowned company, it follows a standard multi-stage process of services when it comes to developing these games. Besides their Alpha, Beta and Release phases, there are a plethora of services. The expert team at Solulab Technologies pitches in unique facets for ideation, design, development and launch. Now this is something that enhances the bandwidth of perks for the clients.

Thus, when you are looking for a trustworthy, secure, affordable and multichannel company in this regard. Solulab Technologies is an end to your seek.

5. Juego Studios

You may know it as an exemplary gaming studio evolving since 2013 in India. Juego studios is one of the exemplary blockchain game development studios who holds a record of a mammoth of trailblazing releases. From leveraging trending and top-class technologies to incorporating divine and dynamic graphics Juego studios have an unique Performa.

Right from AR, VR, IoT to Blockchain games Juego Studios have a holistic experience and numerous popular roll outs which adds to their value-proposing services. Also, striking the right balance between panning out extensively creative, robust, secured and immutable in game transactions is something that comes naturally to this unrivaled gaming studio.

So if you have any plans on making an investment in this genre of Games. You can not go wrong with connecting to Juego Studios.

Wrapping Up

It is not a cakewalk to choose the right Blockchain Game Development Company for your ideas. And, specifically not when there are a plethora of such companies. More so, the most difficult factor is to pitch in the investment. But, here we are handing over to you a list of the best 5 of those companies based in India hoping this helps you invest in a smart manner.

Let's get this started and maximize your returns in the most safest manner.

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