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Top 10 Most Popular Video Games in 2018

Here is my list of top 10 most popular video games in 2018.

By Michael ReynosoPublished 5 years ago 5 min read

Welcome, Gamers!!

I hope you all are enjoying your day playing video games!!

As 2018 comes to a close, we look back at some of the most popular video games ever played.

Today, we are counting down the top 10 most popular video games in 2018, which will rank the most popular video games of the year.

So, without further ado, let’s jump right into the most popular video games list!

10. 'Grand Theft Auto 5'

The 10th most popular video game in 2018 is Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 5. This open world, do whatever you want game, was released in 2013. The game has still over 83,000 active players on PC, which is insane.

The majority of its players are still playing on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Even though the game is five years old, most of the games on this list are are older than Grand Theft Auto 5.

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9. 'Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege'

The ninth most popular video game in 2018 is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The game was released in 2015. In the last 24 hours, the estimated active players who played this game is over 120,000 on PC alone, which is close to its all-time peak of 132,000. This is crazy! This means that Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is the most popular ever.

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8. 'Overwatch'

The eighth most popular video game in 2018 is Overwatch. The game was released by Blizzard Entertainment in 2016. The amount of active players who played Overwatch is around 35 million.

This game is also a huge driving force for Blizzard’s continued growth and popularity each year. What's more? Overwatch only continues to entertain players worldwide with their competitive games.

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7. 'Hearthstone'

Coming at number seven is another game from Blizzard Entertainment called Hearthstone. This game was released in 2013. Hearthstone is a card game based on the World of Warcraft war.

Hearthstone is the first on this list that has a free-to-play feature. But trust me, it’s not the last.

Free-to-play games have been the most popular features in today’s market, which is a slam dunk.

Plus, you don’t have to pay for them, which is even better.

At least not until the game sucks you in and you end up spending tons of money. Believe me, I fell for the trap and end up paying a lot of money. After experiencing this situation, I learned the importance of spending money and knowing how to spend without being trigger happy.

Recently, Hearthstone broke its active player usage record in late 2017 during its last expansion. In addition, this game has over 71 million users, which is mind boggling.

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6. 'Counter Strike: Global Offensive'

The sixth most popular video game in 2018 is a first-person shooter with a very competitive gaming edge, called Counter Strike: Global Offensive. This game was released in 2012 and is the second most popular game ever on Steam.

During the first week, the game has a daily active player usage of over 600,000 strong. The gameplay alone will allow you to become a soldier from within.

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5. 'Dragon Ball Fighter Z'

Coming in at number five is the action-packed fighting game we have ever seen, called Dragon Ball Fighter Z. From epic finishing moves, to amazing transformations, and team chemistry, this groundbreaking game gave us a lot to be thankful for. The game was released by Bandai Namco Entertainment in January 2018. Dragon Ball Fighter Z became the fastest selling Dragon Ball game a week after its release, which is very impressive.

In addition, the sales of this game reached second behind Monster Hunter: World in Japan with over 68,000 in its first week. In October, the game sold over 3.5 million copies worldwide, making Dragon Ball Fighter Z the best fighting game in 2018.

The reason why I love this game is because of its art design and animation fitting well with the fighting mechanics. Each Dragon Ball character possess great fighting abilities, which makes them fun to use and play.

The team battle itself brings out the best in this game.

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4. 'Player Unknown's: Battleground'

The fourth most popular video game in 2018 is Player Unknown’s: Battleground. The game was released in 2017. PUBG is a Battle Royale arena, in case you guys didn't know.

There are hundreds of active players who participates in a battle zone and only one survive. PUBG is the most popular game currently on Steam. In addition, this game currently has 2.7 million active players.

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3. 'Minecraft'

The third most popular game in 2018 is Minecraft. I know you guys have played this game countless times in your home or at your friends house. This indie game, which was developed by Notch in 2009, has exploded worldwide ever since its release.

As of January 21, 2018, Minecraft still has over 74 million active players, which is very impressive.

This game includes PC, mobile, and console. I personally don’t see this game coming down any time soon.


Because there will always be tons of kids who want to play with blocks.

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2. 'League of Legends'

The second most popular game in 2018 right now is Riot Games League of Legends. This game still maintains some of the highest active players worldwide.

With over 81 million players and counting, this game is still consistently the most viewed game on Twitch.

League of Legends also has arguably the most popular competitive gaming experience ever.

1. 'Fortnite'

The most popular video game in 2018 right now is by Epic Games: Fortnite. Released in late 2017, Fortnite recently broke video game records, peaking at almost 4 million active players.

That is unheard of.

Fortnite is also a Battle Royale game where you players enter the playing field, but only one survive. This game has been challenging League of Legends as the most popular streamed game on Twitch and YouTube.

What makes this game a lot of fun is the battle royale that makes the game extremely accessible to a massive audience.

Fortnite is by far the most addictive video game every to be played in any device.

I don't think Fortnite will ever fall down.

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There you have it, folks.

These are the top 10 most popular video games in 2018. There is another honorable mention that didn’t make this list and it’s World of Warcraft... the game was released in 2010, but still has a pretty active player base.

Thank you all for reading!

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