Top 10 Biggest 'Fortnite' Map Changes

The biggest 'Fortnite' map changes kept the game fresh and made us eager to explore... while keeping our eyes and ears open for enemies.

This is one map that never stays the same! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Biggest Fortnite Map Changes."

For this list, we’re taking a look at the various locations that have made their way into Fortnite, from the mystic and mysterious to the fun and wondrous.

#10: The Soccer Stadium

It was about time the world’s most popular sport had a presence in the world’s most popular game. In addition to a few outfits, an emote, and a pickaxe, Fortnite added in a massive soccer stadium in honor of the World Cup, located north of Pleasant Park. Of course, no soccer stadium is complete without functioning goal posts and a soccer ball to play a few games with friends. Well, assuming you don't let an enemy ambush you guys…

Alongside another specific entry on this list, Lucky Landing was one of the earliest locations to be added to the map. And, wow, the place is gorgeous! Lucky Landing is, basically, Fortnite’s own little Chinatown, complete with the giant cherry blossom tree in the middle and a sizable Temple to the east. There aren’t many players that will try to land over there as the town is located at the southernmost end of the map. More often than not, you'll have to go out of your way if you're looking to raid for weapons.

#8: Moisty Mire Movie Set

Season four came with a large assortment of surprises, and one of them was a drastic change to Moisty Mire. Before the change, Moisty Mire was merely a swampy landscape with a treehouse and a wooden crab statue. However, it appears that some filmmakers wanted to make their movie here, but left all of their stuff out. Players could find a few green screen rooms, a set containing a wrecked helicopter, and multiple cameras to dance in front of.

When season five started, did anyone else feel like something was amiss? Well, it was because our farmland, Anarchy Acres, had been replaced. Taking over was the luxurious country club known as Lazy Links, and it has become quite the hot spot for players to drop in. Hey, when a place like this has a high chance of spawning golf carts, where else are we going to go? Plus, this place has a freakin’ golf course! You know what, you can all fight to be the last player standing. We’ll be working on our putting and tee shots in the storm.

#6: Tomato Temple

Tomato Town was such a lovely little plaza. Where else can you blast your opponents outside of a pizzeria, taco shack, AND a convenience store? Recently, the town has undergone some drastic changes. The new location, Tomato Temple, sees a major redesign in the town’s layout, featuring cave drawings, Tomatohead lanterns, and, of course, a temple with Tomatohead’s… head on the top. While we’re not quite sure what gave birth to this cult or tribe of Tomatohead fanatics, but it’s pretty funny to see a pizza mascot be celebrated as some kind of god.

Even for a game like Fortnite, the last location we wouldn’t expect to see would be a drive-in movie theater. Risky Reels was added at the start of season four, and while the layout seems simple, it can be tricky to traverse. There’s only a couple of buildings to search, both of them sitting right by the perimeter of the area. So, it might be incredibly risky—no pun intended—to cut across the parking lot. Yet, in the rare occasion that you’re the only one in Risky Reels, you can sit back enjoy a screening of Blockbuster Challenge winner. Just keep an ear out for footsteps.

#4: The Superhero Mansion & The Supervillain Lair

Season four came with a lot of major updates. Given how the theme of the season was “superheroes,” it wouldn't be right without putting in a superhero mansion and a supervillain lair on the map. While neither of these locations would be given an official name, that wouldn’t stop players from exploring every corner and learning about the hidden story of the season. Both locations will offer a variety of areas where you can ambush your opponents. The best part between the two is that the supervillain lair would be a part of the biggest event in Fortnite—the missile launch.

When it comes to a location like Tilted Towers, you’re one of two players; either you hate it because of how quickly you can die, or you love it because of the intricate, metropolitan layout. Whichever side of the coin you’re on, you can’t deny its popularity. No matter if you’re playing Solo, Duos, or Squads, you can bet your bottom dollar that a good chunk of your opponents will be landing at Tilted Towers... or somewhere in that general vicinity. So, you better watch your six!

#2: Dusty Divot

Towards the end of season three, players spotted a comet in the sky, and many believed it was heading straight for Tilted Towers. Much to our surprise, the comet decimated Dusty Depot, turning the area into a giant crater as well as creating a few craters across the map. Players could explore a small government facility, but the area would become a treacherous “No Man's Land” due to its wide, open spaces. In the center of it was a large meteor, which would eventually release the Visitor. These days, Dusty Divot has been overtaken by Mother Nature but continues to serve as a memorial for season four’s events.

At the start of Season Five, we were expecting the rifts to make a drastic change to the map, but we weren’t expecting an entire corner to be redesigned! Moisty Mire was no longer a location, and in its place was a massive desert. In this new biome, players could explore a remodeled racetrack, a truck stop, and a new town called Paradise Palms. This would also be the start of the mysterious events involving the Purple Cube. We’ll forever miss Moisty Mire, but it’ll be interesting see what else this desert has in store for us.

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