Top 10 Anime That NEED Their Own Game

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Anime that need their own game are often based around a game-like world anyway, so it wouldn't be too hard!

Come on, Japan, these games would practically print money! Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the "Top 10 Anime That Need Their Own Game."

For this list, we’ll be looking at anime with great characters and interesting settings that would be perfect for a video game adaption.

Starting off strong with one action packed anime, Megalo Box augments the time-old sport of boxing by outfitting the fighters with exoskeleton technology. The basic premise of the show involves an underdog from the slums fighting his way through the rankings to make it into the coveted championship, fighting opponents each with their own unique piece of gear that gives them an advantage in a fight. Imagine a game similar to Nintendo’s ARMS, only a touch more gritty, where you can create your own character and customize a piece of gear to help you reach that title fight… should you choose to use any gear at all.

#9: "Amagi Brilliant Park" (2014)

A lot of games these days focus on action and violence, but remember when we had games like Roller Coaster Tycoon where you were in charge of creating a successful park with rides you could customize to your liking, for better or for worse? If only those could have a huge comeback… and with the style of Amagi Brilliant Park. You could play as Kanie as you struggle to make the park relevant with the aid of the wonderful cast of girls, and considering many of the employees are beings from another world, there could be potential for some fantastical attractions.

It goes without saying that anything where you control a giant mech would automatically make a great game. This anime offers a unique premise to compliment its action by setting the story aboard a giant spaceship that’s been created from the broken remains of Earth—which was destroyed by a race of aliens known as that Gauna. The Zone of the Enders series would be a perfect blueprint for this adaption as you can easily switch from blasting aliens with your long range cannon to decimating them face-to-face with the mech’s speciality lance. It would no doubt get your adrenaline going.

Anime that follow the “main character gets sucked into the game they’re playing” formula are always good picks for adaptions because the world and even some of the mechanics are already explored within the writing. However, that doesn’t mean you’d have to follow them exactly. While in the anime Overlord follows the design of an MMORPG, a better idea would be a strategy RPG game similar to that of the Fire Emblem series where you—as Ainz, order your loyal servants around the battlefield and crush the enemies with their overwhelming power. You could even try and recruit members from other factions to join your cause or perish.

Are you a fan of super-powered assassins? If so, then Darker Than Black would just be perfect for you. The story focuses on individuals known as “Contractors” who, thanks to the unnatural appearance of Gates, have developed special powers which they use to complete dangerous tasks for shadowy clients. The problem is that their powers require an obeisance after they’re activated. Think of a Hitman-styled game where you’re dropped into an open-ended level to take down a target, but each time you use your power, you receive some sort of negative effect. You would definitely need to strategize to get the job done.

How this series has not been turned into a game already, we don’t know. The whole premise centers around two characters representing humanity in a world where everything is decided through games. Chess, cards, word games, and even virtual reality shooters; nothing is left off the table. You could come up with any sort of game to play and it would work in this world, the amount of creativity at your fingertips is endless. As a player, you could choose which race to represent and take down all of your opponents in a variety of games, culminating in a final epic battle against the God of the world.

If you’ve seen this anime, then you know just how all insanely hilarious it is. As a comedy series, it references every genre you can think of and turns the absurdity up to eleven. So how could this possibly make a good video game? Well, how about something similar to the Warioware series where you are thrown into mini-games at a rapid pace, challenging both your reflexes and your quick thinking skills. It would no doubt be an absolute joy to go through popular anime-themed mini-games that have been enhanced by the Pop Team Epic own brand of crazy.

If there is one thing that makes Made in Abyss stand out from other series, it’s the amazing world where it takes place. A town that surrounds a giant hole known as the Abyss is cool enough already, but considering the fact that the Abyss is split into several different layers, each more interesting and deadly than the last, and you’ve got yourself an awesome adventure game in the making already. You could explore each layer for treasure while hiding from the fearsome foes that lurk there. As you climb the whistle ranks, more and more layers unlock for your character to explore. It would make for a thrilling adventure.

Now we know what you’re thinking, a game where the main character is all but invincible and can destroy anything with just one punch would get old pretty fast, but thankfully this series has more to offer. An action game centered on the S-Rank heroes such as Tatsumaki or Genos would be a much more interesting direction to go in as there’s a range of cool powers to play around with and there would actually be some tension when facing some of the tougher monsters. Add in some highly destructive environments and you’ve got yourself a serious contender for game of the year.

With the Red Dead series replicating the deadly Wild West era in such an amazingly immersive manner, wouldn’t it be cool to have a similarly styled game that’s set in early 1900s Japan? Golden Kamuy would be a perfect fit for that as it follows an ex-soldier who’s stumbled across a clue to a massive hidden stash of gold and now everyone from criminal organizations to former army buddies are out to get him. You could do missions taking on each rival faction, hunt and cook the local wildlife, all while exploring the serene Hokkaido landscape. Not to mention you’d have a knowledgeable Ainu companion in the form of Asirpa to accompany you through your journey.

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