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Things You Need to Know to Get Better at Continental Rummy

by Muskan Lamba about a month ago in product review

Continental rummy is a popular rummy variant known for its seven different deals or hands that make up one game. It is played with two 52 card decks along with two jokers per deck.

Continental rummy is also referred to as Double-deck and Continental rummy. Also, this is a progressive partnership Rummy card game that is related to Rubino. It is regarded as the forerunner of the entire family of rummy games utilising two-pack of rummy cards as one. It has the name derived from the fact that it is played across entire continental Europe, particularly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, where it is called Žolíky. Continental rummy was once famous as the afternoon game of women before it lost to Canasta in the 1950s.

Goals of Continental Rummy

The idea about playing Continental rummy is to be the player who has the lowest penalty points after they have played all seven hands. Every player draws one card, followed by the high card deals, and the continuing deals are passed to the left. Correspondingly, two 52-card decks are utilised along with two Jokers per deck. The number of decks utilized and the base of the two are highlighted by dividing the number of people playing by two and rounding up when required. For instance,

4 players use 2 decks

5 players use 3 decks

6 players use 3 decks

7 players use 4 decks

8 players use 4 decks

In continental rummy, every player is dealt 12 cards. Once the cards have been dealt, the rest stockpile is set on the table. Here, Jokers and Aces are considered wild. Once a card is drawn, one card is required to be discarded. However, the next player on the line can draw either the top card or the first stock card from the top, but then the player needs to discard it too. Those who want to improve playing the rummy game of Continental variant should remember this all the time.

A set comprises three or more cards of similar face value, such as three queens, three aces, or three sevens. A run comprises of four or more cards of the same suit in order. When there is an Ace in the run, it can act as either low or high card, yet not on similar runs. One should remember that no run should contain more than 13 cards.


Seven various deals or hands constitute one game. Every hand comprises a combination of sets and runs. There is a unique opening need for every individual with seven hands. The beginning hand needs a player to open, go down with two sets. Minimum six cards are required in order to open the first hand that continues like seven hands for the second hand, etcetera. It needs to be remembered that every following hand needs an extra card for opening till the seventh hand requires twelve cards to open. All the player moves to the next hand irrespective of whether they are able to go down at the time of the previous hand.

After a player has gone down by meeting that specific hand's needs, the player may not create any new sets or runs.

product review
Muskan Lamba
Muskan Lamba
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