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The Rise of Youtube's New Minecraft Monarch: Dream

by MissRedScarlett 2 years ago in celebrities
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Explaining how Minecraft Youtuber Dream's popularity skyrocketed within a short period of time.

Credits: Zyphon

After Minecraft's launch in 2009, gamers have been hopping onto the bandwagon playing it. Ever since then, Minecraft has been gaining popularity in the gaming industry as well as becoming a massive success worldwide. Big gaming YouTubers even promoted it by uploading videos of themselves playing the game, specifically Pewdiepie, Jacksepticeye, along with Markiplier.

Over time, the traction of Minecraft had decreased. As a result, fewer and fewer people had shown their interest in the game. As of now with Minecraft's 1.16 "Nether Update", the game has once again reclaimed its great renown. Alongside several of its new content creators on the YouTube platform.

In the midst of these gamers, there is Dream, a popular Minecraft YouTuber. Expect, he is unique as one and only. An average YouTuber takes at least 3.6 years to gain 1 million subscribers, together with no less than 241 videos. However, it was all false in Dream's case. He has proved that gaining 2 million from 1k within a year is, in fact, possible.

Who is Dream?

A residence of Florida, Clay, better known as Dream or DreamWasTaken online, is born on August 12, 1999. He is a distinguished Minecraft YouTuber and Speedrunner in the community for his eminent skills in speedrunning, coding as well as PVP. Pioneering various ideas for creating Minecraft challenge videos with his companions. Dream is often complimented for his talent and is trumpeted as the greatest by fans. Occasionally partnering with other Big Minecraft YouTubers such as fruitberries, IlluminaHD along with MrBeast. The man himself also has beaten the Minecraft Speedrun World Record three times in conjunction with conquering Minecraft Championship 6 to 9.


Dream is formally known as DreamTraps in which he joined YouTube on the 8th of February 2014. His oldest most well-known video which is titled "1000 subs" which he uploaded on July 13th in the same year. Dream uploads new videos to his 1000 subscribers which he has lingered with for quite some time, before completely abandoning his YouTube channel. Until, Dream introduced a video titled "this cursed Minecraft video will trigger you...", which he uploaded on the 5th of July 2019. Immediately, the man himself gained instant recognition along with his Pewdiepie Minecraft seed search series. Even so, they are incompatible with the success and popularity he received in his Minecraft Manhunt series that he founded.

A YouTube Intellect

Gathering Viewers

Now you might be thinking, Impossible! How did he become extremely famous within a year? According to Zyphon's video, Dream posted a tweet about him studying the algorithm of YouTube for a while. Therefore, in order to enrich his brand, he privatizes both unpopular videos as well as old ones. Basically stating that he is removing videos that make new viewers assume him as a horrible content creator. Shortly after taking measures, his view count started to rise in early July 2019. Dream also leeched off PewDiePie's well-known 2019 Minecraft series together with creating a series regarding the search of PewDiePie's Minecraft seed. At last, he successfully accumulated a large number of audience.

Maintaining his popularity

YouTubers usually fall into a trap where one or two of their videos will go viral. Hence, their duration of fame will slowly start to fade. Nonetheless, Dream managed to find the key to solving this problem to conserve his vogue. In Dream's case, he progressed to another topic and take every chance to discuss something to attract more people. One of the many topics is Minecraft Java. Although it was not related to PewDiePie or big trends, the video still is linked to an issue people question. As the views from his cursed Minecraft video was increasing, he made several follow up videos connected to the trend. Moreover, Dream's Minecraft mystery videos developed into his ongoing series Minecraft Unsolved.

His YouTube Videos

If you watch one of Dream's videos, he instantly explains the premise of the video to the viewers in which invokes a sense of curiosity to the audience. Additionally, he jogs the audience's memory by utilizing his YouTube analytics to remind them that they have not subscribed. With his iconic "According to YouTube statistics, only a small percentage of people are actually subscribed..." quote, he respectively convinces his viewers without beseeching them to subscribe to his channel plus telling them to subscribe if they are entertained by the video. Besides, Dream is a mastermind of editing his videos by employing the perfect music to express the emotions or intensity of the scene. For intense, during his Minecraft Speedrunner Vs 4 Hunters video, he avails oneself of his superb editing by using tremendously intense music throughout the fight with the 4 hunters while desperately struggling to slaughter the ender dragon.

A Talented Minecraftian

As I mentioned before in my previous statement, Dream is a natural in speedrunning, coding along with PVP. His YouTube channel consists of challenge videos which in particular are coded by him and his friends to convert into bizarre conditions. What is more, is that the man himself is able to cope with speedrunning to the end of Minecraft while battling with a maximum of 4 veteran Minecraftians in his latest Minecraft Manhunt video. Not to mention that he won the Minecraft speedrun world record 3 times. He may be defeated by Technoblade in a duel, but Dream is quite talented in 1.16 PVP as he confirmed this by challenging 25 Minecraft YouTubers to a duel and won 150 times.


There is no doubt that the majority of Dream's videos are about him and friends tackling difficult challenges. Even so, Dream sometimes partners with other well-known Minecraft YouTubers. A prime example is taking up challenges with MrBeast multiple times in his gaming channel. MrBeast also organizes events for Dream such as his duel with Technoblade along with dueling against 1000 people into the bargain. For that particular reason, Dream gained massive traction thanks to MrBeast himself. Another example is his "Minecraft Speedrunner Vs PRO" video in which he challenges pro speedrunner IlluminaHD to a Minecraft Manhunt speedrun in a video.


Of course, how can Dream be popular without joining Minecraft events? After all, the purpose of people participating in an event is to boost their popularity. Dream's most notable participation is engaging with Minecraft Championship which is running by Noxcrew. Elaborating further, he along with his buddies took part in Minecraft Championship 4 times. Probably the utmost iconic moment for Dream in the event is when he was teamed up with his rival Technoblade as well as winning Minecraft Championship with him. Besides that, Dream played a part in Minecraft Ultimate Hunger Games held by Pikaclicks. He only joined the first season of the competition teaming up with his close friend GeorgeNotFound.

Minecraft Server

When Dream is not uploading videos to his YouTube channel, he is busy streaming on his Twitch channel yet messing about on his Minecraft SMP server Dream SMP. Plenty of Minecraft Streamers and YouTubers get-together to play in the server during their live-streams, mainly on Twitch. Members of the server include the Dream Team, L'manberg, a few of Dream's boon companions, together with Karl Jacobs, a friend and acquaintance of MrBeast. The server has not led anyone down when it comes to drama, since the feud between Dream and YouTuber TommyInnit evolved into an all-out battle for the Dream Team against L'manberg in which particularly led to the birth of the Dream SMP war. The admiration for Dream ballooned thanks to the animation YouTuber SAD-ist animation video on the Dream SMP war. Finally, yet importantly, the now occurring rebellion for TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot against Jschlatt is escalating further thanks to the announcement that Fortnite YouTuber Ninja might join the server.


Dream's unstoppable growth certainly has a massive impact on both the Minecraft community as well as YouTube itself. Currently standing firm with an army of over 10 million subscribers, Dream's triumph has been fulfilled due to his mastermind, dedication, and hard work. In addition, his views milestones doubtlessly have soared around 800 million views ever since. His brilliance in Minecraft has earned veneration from fans, critics, celebrities, and last but not least, the community itself, including me.

A Letter

Dear Dream,

If you are reading this, I am at a loss for words. I do not know what to write in this letter. All I want to say is that you had changed my life for the better. Before I met you, I view influencers as entitled, arrogant individuals. Therefore, my brain was filled with negativity, hatred, and despair. Despite being a teenager, I live in a hectic lifestyle in which my time in school and tuition has completely packed my schedule. I also have very little time for entertainment and joy so the pressure is hitting on me dreadfully. Moreover, I easily worry about the littlest details or unimportant matters due to some bad experiences. As a result, I always feel unhappy and view life as something meaningless. But I also put my effort into finding happiness. For me, writing, drawing, and anime are escape pals.

It was not until during the pandemic that I stumbled across your Minecraft Unsolved video. I was impressed by how much effort was put into the video so I started watching your videos. The wholesome, hilarious moments from you GeorgeNotFound and Sapnap always managed to put a smile on my face even when I felt depressed, especially your wheezing laughter. When I want to watch a YouTube video, the Dream Team, L'manberg, and other Minecraft YouTubers were instantly recall to my mind, but you the first one. The hard work you put into your videos motivated me to do well in my studies and chase my goals. Although these are the reasons why I admired you, everything was incompatible with the a6d scandal.

In spite of a6d's faults, you stood by his side because you wanted to lend a hand to him. This proved my judgments wrong on influencers being horrible, you and many others are teaching us that a friend in need is a friend indeed. All of did not take a vengeful, extreme perspective when handling the scandal. Thanks to this, my admiration for you increased because never in my life had I met someone as understanding as you.

Therefore, I almost burst into tears when you finally reached 10 million. Your success, triumphs, veneration are deserved and I wish your journey as YouTube's new Minecraft Monarch will be prosperous, victorious, and formidable. Once again, I as a fan want to thank you for your dorky, positive energy along with your humbleness. Wishing you all the best.

Sincerely from a fan,



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