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The Old and The New

by Johann Hollar 4 months ago in combat

Characters to be added to Street Fighter

Since the series came out in 1987, the Street Fighter series has been the highest grossing fighting series of all time.

For those of you have played the latest the installment of the series, you may have noticed some characters absent from the game, while some that haven't made an appearance in the series made brief appearances while playing certain characters story modes.

Here are some of them that haven't been used and should return to the series.


The Stage 4 Final Fight boss, Stage 5 Final Fight 2 boss, and badass paramilitary leader who was inspired by the Colonel from Hokuto No Ken, did not appear in the fifth installment of the series. Why did they not add him?

Was he off on another expedition to create his own version of Outer Heaven? It would certainly make sense due to his absence.


The British Boxer/Socialite who is Balrog's rival is also absent from the current installment of Street Fighter.

He could be grooming proteges into carrying on his teachings on being both gentlemen and boxers. He could also be traveling the world either to maintain his status as a boxer or because he loves flowers, some kind of international floral thing.


Another Final Fight character that has been put into the world of Street Fighter.

The ninja himself made his debut in Street Fighter Alpha and last appeared in Street Fighter IV. Why he was not a playable character in the recent installment I know not why.

Perhaps he asked for his fiancee to take the next step in their relationship and become his wife and are on their honeymoon? Could he be doing some secret, yet cool ninja stuff? or is he training new disciples who are not lazy as Ibuki?


First appearing as the Stage 2 boss of Final Fight and making his first Street Fighter appearance in Street Fighter Alpha 2, this Japanophile and self-taught martial artist/wrestler made an appearance in Street Fighter IV, but not in recent installment of the series as a playable character.

So what is this former Mad Gear member/ringleader up to besides appearing in the Metro City stage of *Street Fighter V?

Is he once more trying to revive the Mad Gear Gang? Has he found employment as a mascot for a Japanese company promoting something Japanese? or has he become a world-renowned expert on Sushi cooking or Ukiyo-e art?


New Characters to Add

Mike Haggar

The former mayor of Metro City making his first appearance in the Final Fight series, had also appeared in Saturday Night Slam Masters and has since made various cameo appearances throughout the Street Fighter series, but he has never been a playable character in the series.

Don't many of you think it's time for him to become a playable character in the most popular Capcom series ever?

Roxy (seen right)

The palette swap of Poison and fellow-former Mad Gear member was a cameo in Abigail and Poison story lines of Street Fighter V, but other than that she is not a playable character.

If she were included in the series as a playable character, she of course would be different. Unlike Poison she would have a baseball bat for a weapon and she would be wearing a red vest with a lacy white band around her left leg.


The final boss of Final Fight 3 could be considered from a perspective the anti-Rolento.

Instead of trying to create an Outer Heaven based society with his mercenary experience, he created the Skull Cross Gang to take over Metro City's criminal underworld after the Mad Gear Gang's fall.

He has not made an appearance in any of the Street Fighter games after Final Fight 3, so why not add the anti-Rolento to the series?

He can fire blue flame from his palms that is similar to Guy. Instead of grenades like Rolento he would throw knives. He has a riding crop as weapon, but Poison had that as a weapon in the previous installment of Street Fighter, so he should be equipped with a pair of combat knives or some other military based close-quarters weapon.

Your thoughts?

Johann Hollar
Johann Hollar
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