The Murkoff Connection Part II

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'Outlast: Whistleblower.' Spoiler Alerts

The Murkoff Connection Part II

Welcome back everyone. It is time to continue the Murkoff Connection series. In the last article I discussed the basic rundown of Outlast. Now it is time to continue by tying in the events of Whistleblower to the events of its predecessor. Then I'll be finishing this crazy race off with the connection between these two games and Outlast II. It is time to re-enter the amazing craziness of the Murkoff Connection.

In Outlast: Whistleblower you play as the character Waylon Park who is a software engineer working FOR the Murkoff Corporation. After having several experiences with helping to program software for "Project Walrider", Waylon sees the cruelty and torture that happens to Billy, he then decides to try and have the Murkoff Laboratory shut down.

If you read the first article in this series, you may have guessed it. Waylon Park was the one who sent Miles Upshur the letter asking to expose the corruption within Murkoff—the letter that calls Miles to the madness that is Mount Massive Asylum and creates problems for Waylon. After Waylon’s boss, Jeremy Blaire, finds out about this, he and the rest of the people behind "Project Walrider" decide to take advantage of this opportunity.

He does this by deciding that Miles Upshur, the poor journalist who was contacted, will be the new host for “Project Walrider”. He then decides that he is going to punish Waylon by dressing him up as one of the patients of Mount Massive, leaving him to fend for himself.

Only a few hours after Waylon sends out his email does Miles arrive which of course starts the chaos in Outlast. This is very apparent while playing the game because while playing you see many of the same events happening, these events are the connection between Outlast and Outlast: Whistleblower. Here are the three most obvious examples.

1: The Priest’s Writings

“Down the drain.”

During Outlast, you follow the instructions of a crazy priest (named Father Martin) who keeps you from escaping Mount Massive Asylum in the very beginning. He leaves note like this for you throughout the game. This one happens to be pretty iconic and Waylon Park stumbles across it as well, except Waylon sees it while Father Martin is putting it up. This could mean that there is a possibility that Miles and Waylon could have been in the same place at the same time later on. It does at least tells us that they were both heading in the same direction and Miles might not have been far behind. During the time Father Martin was putting this up and Waylon Park passes by it, Miles was probably in that little padded cell.

2: The Burning Building

While walking across an abandoned hallway, you (Waylon) look out a window and see this burning building. If you played the first game you may remember an objective where you have to put out a fire. This happens to be where you saw Father Martin. It seems to be that you are either in or almost in the church building because you start seeing pictures of priests. Also, where else would FATHER Martin be other than in the church? And on top of that it is the only time in the game that any of the buildings were on fire.

3: Seeing the Dead Doctor

In Outlast you are chased by yet another crazy guy, Doctor Richard Trager who cuts off two of your fingers, and takes up a lot of your time. When escaping, Miles Upshur takes the elevator and Trager attempts to stop you and he gets caught in the elevator resulting in his death. In Whistleblower, Waylon comes through and sees the people working for Murkoff examining the scene and discussing it.

Now that the connections have been shown, there is one more and that is at the very end of the game.

A Hopeful End

After more difficulty and a couple more near-death experiences, Waylon Park finally gets out of the asylum. You hobble out of the front doors and straight to Miles Upshur's car. You get in the car and then the screen goes black. the game takes you to a cut scene of Waylon talking to another man who is telling him that if he leaks the footage from inside of Mount Massive Asylum then he could be threatened, but it would shut them down. Then the game ends the same way it began, with sending an email to a reporter to shut down Murkoff. All of this is incredibly mind blowing, of course.

This ending is hopeful because we know that he releases the video that will get Murkoff torn down. Everyone believed it, loved the series, and then all of a sudden Red Barrels has another one to throw at us. "But why? WAYLON, SHUT THEM DOWN!!!" That's a question that will be answered in the next one. So make sure to stay tuned for the final chapter!

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Kaelyn Dibble
Kaelyn Dibble
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