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MG/P cc for Sims 4 pt 6

By Bianca WilsonPublished about a year ago Updated about a year ago 4 min read

This year, was a year of manifestation.

Can I call it that?

It's been too long so forgive me for my poor memory. This year, like always there's been a drought for male gothic cc. But female wise- it's been a most generous year. Custom Content creators have been good to us! A few creators have been deliberately making gothic cc, maybe someday they'll start paying some attention to male sims.

I wanted to dedicate this post mostly to a specific creator, but couldn't as there were simply too many goodies this year.


I said it once before but Trillyke is the go-to for goth cc. Their clothing is very versatile, in the sense that even if the style is more punk/urban-y it can still be used to pull off many goth looks. However this set is screaming goth/punk. So yeah.

I think the highlights of this collection would definitely be the pants (lately I've noticed a few creators making baggy/big pants and I'm here for it), leg garters and the "gloves", there's also a special accessory overlay that makes the shorts appear to have a skirt piece on. Love it.

There's more.

These shoes reminded me of Teen Titans and Winx Club... specifically Stella's boots. Am I the only one who feels tempted to go aroung collecting cc just to recreate certain winx club members? Y'all I have a problem.

Now thse shoes are... bulky. I underestimated the normal size of a sim's foot but I know bulky shoes were in back then. I'd just like to remind you the size of the shoe in the image and to not be that startled when you see it in game.


The perfect attire for punkish or gothic sims... We have a full leather set people!

Sadly... no clothing for males.


Sentate is always coming through with high-end and occasionally casual fashion. They never really disappoint.

I feel like their November collections were just 100% goth and giving (coughs* ignore the bright flower dress and check out the other swatches)/artistic sims.

When I saw this I knew I absolutely needed this in game. It did not disappoint. Sentate, thank you for existing.

I'm not sure if I showed off their May collection yet but here it is! Not exactly giving traditional goth 100% but it's usable, okay? Also goths always make things work using all sorts of clothing okay? Mix and match as you wish...


Whenever Simblreen comes around I'm never surprised anymore- clothing wise, no disrespect but it's always the same;

Witches, pirates, historical, zombies/murder, etc...

It doesn't bother me but if I can't even use the clothing piece for a look- it does. I don't like my clothing to have witchy patterns or symbols all over it since I want to use it for normal sims and gameplay- I don't even celebrate Halloween in real life. And I don't want something too tattered when I'm not playing a historical-themed save.

Cloud Cat surprised me/saved me. As always, they always come through with refreshing simplicity... Not that you can call this dress simple I just feel like it'd be nice to make gothic clothing on simblreen, not just Halloween costumes.

This dress? 100% perfection!

They followed up with some school uniforms, not just for girls but guys, from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

That's another thing too.

Not telling Cc creators how to do their jobs but since the normal Halloween characters get boring, they can always freshen things up by making anime/cartoon/ movie (or gothic clothes) inspired clothes instead- for example, okay you're making a witch- try reaching for witches from other movies/cartoons/shows.

I know Cloud Cat isn't the only one who does this and I know it's awfully obnoxious of me to make suggestions... but I'm just tired of seeing the same repetitive themes, especially in the same colors and pattern swatches, or maybe I just feel like other creators have the same color swatches sometimes? Cause I know some creators do share it...

Sometimes I'll just be scrolling through simblreen content oohing and aahing, admiring the work because it's beautiful but I'll never download it because it's not something I can see on my sims. Is it just me?

Cloud cat also released some more male cc, a scrumptious top for males.

Next up another October day release

I actually like the wings wanted to use them for a story to show the dual emotions in my main character.

Sixam CC

When it comes to gothic furniture, no one can ever disappoint me. The Wednesday bedroom hasn't been released yet, but it will soon. Feel free to check it out.

This was the october content.

I absolutely love gothic windows, they're perfect for churches and academyies! It's giving so much... shenanigans and storylines. Yas.


I thought this hair was perfect for a goth/scene sim or even just a normal one.

Daylife Sims

I don't think I need to comment on this.

I've never seen the movie but I really like this guy's hair.


Not only does miiko have hair for adults and children, she also has a face overlay inspired by Jinx as well as Jinx's eyeliner(darkness around eyes), regardless of whether or not you're a fan, I tried it on my regular sims and it makes them look pretty unique (<- The type of simmer who uses different face overlays to make everyone look different). They also released face overlays for children! And you know we never get much content like face overlays for kids so hallelujah.

Lady Simmer


Yes, you did not think wrong. This is Stormy and Darcy inspired cc. I've never screeched so loud in my life when I saw this. I never thought much about Stormy's hairstyle but it's perfect for sims with some melanin in them! *Chef's kiss* I never considered them goth as a kid but their clothing kinda fits the bill doesn't it?

That's all I have for now, may we meet again. Someday.

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