'The Letter' Guide: Ashton x Rebecca

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Spoilers Ahead!

'The Letter' Guide: Ashton x Rebecca

The Ashton/Rebecca route in The Letter often gets a lot of criticism and hatred. It has jarring flaws which have made it difficult for some. But those who have also played the spin-off game, The Dairy, will also appreciate this pair despite Ashbella and Lubecca being a lot more popular. I personally prefer Ashton and Rebecca with other characters, but I do admit, I like the route quite a bit.

Ashton/Rebecca reminds me of the popular SasuSaku ship from Naruto. Rebecca's has very strong feelings for Ashton which can compare to Sakura's obsession with Sasuke back in their academy days. Rebecca and Sakura have pink hair and Ashton and Sasuke also have the same hair colour. Seeing Ashton and Rebecca hook up makes me think I’m watching a SasuSaku fanfic be brought to life.

I remember on my first play-through of the game where Rebecca confessed her feelings for Ashton only for him to die a few hours later at the hands of the mansion's curse.

The characters are the game's strongest selling point of the game. Yangyang Mobile take pride in their character-driven games and their second game Love Esquire's Kickstarter project has done exceptionally well.

That aside, I think the Ashton/Becca route can be harder than some of the other romance routes in my opinion, and since I've written a few pairing guides for this game, I thought I could try making a guide for all of them.

Isabella's Chapter

In Isabella's chapter, there's one choice that will help increase Rebecca's relationship with Ashton. If Isabella chose to stay for the movie, Rebecca's relationship with Ashton decreases, whilst if she decides to go home, Ashton's relationship with Rebecca will increase.

Hannah, Zachary, and Marianne's chapter don't change Ashton and Rebecca's relationship bar, so we'll go straight to Rebecca's chapter.

Rebecca's Chapter

Since Isabella has gone home, Becca's got Ashton all to herself. So at the cinema, Rebecca should ask Ashton, what about you?

The next questions that come up will depend on Isabella's fate at the end of the first chapter. If Isabella is alive, tell Ashton that you're sorry for all the trouble. If Isabella is dead, don't stop Ashton and pick try to tell him myself. If Isabella is in a coma, Ashton will take the investigation very seriously, so ask him how the investigation is going?

If Isabella is dead, there's a scene in the park with Ashton and Rebecca and will trigger a choice between I heard you know or I can't sleep. Pick the latter.

Decline Luke and Kylie's invitation for dinner. Pick I have other things to do. Then ask Ashton, tomorrow afternoon, do you have time?

If Isabella is still alive, she will still be warning people about the ghost and the letter. You will be given a choice to scorn Belle or to tell Ashton that you've also seen it. Pick the choice: Belle, you shouldn't be doing these things. This will lower Bella and Becca's relationship bar by one point though.

If Isabella is dead, choose to assist Ash and when prompted select: I can hear a "but."

If Isabella is in a coma, there are a few more choices in the hospital. Choose to go after Ash, and tell Ashton that she'll get through this. Before clicking she'll get through this, it's worth saving the game and choosing the other option, as if I recall correctly, this triggers the pull the plug achievement.

After the housewarming party, Becca isn't happy with Ashton. As he's been spying on Luke and scraping for information. Ask Ashton to care to explain your reasons?

At the end of Rebecca's chapter, chose to go out through the door, complete the QTE and head along to Ashton's chapter. Before doing that, it's worth saving the game to pick going up the stairs to see Rebecca's death scene. Since Rebecca's relationship with Ashton is very high, it will trigger Rebecca's confession to Ashton before jumping to her death.

Ashton's Chapter

At the beginning of the chapter insist it's confidential to Rebecca. This chapter will change drastically depending on who's alive and who's dead, but there will still be chances to boost Becca's relationship. If you've chosen every possible choice that boosts Ashton's relationship with Isabella, you'll also get the Paradigm Shift achievement.

If all the Luxbourne quartet is alive, they will meet up in Isabella's flat. When Rebecca comes in, ask her if she's alright. If Zachary is in prison, the scene will change drastically with Rebecca offering to speak to Luke. Tell her: don't be rash.

During Rebecca and Isabella's fight, side with Rebecca, then offer her a vague answer. Once this is all done, the kiss scenes between them outside will trigger.

Ashton's final choice is to either disarm Luke or beg him to listen. Save here. Disarm Luke to see the scene where Ashton sacrifices himself to save Becca. Chose to beg him to listen, play Luke's chapter and then enjoy the Ashbecca epilogue.

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